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About Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly river, it is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India. Though home to major cricketing venues and franchises, Kolkata differs from other Indian cities by giving importance to association football and other sports. ------ Source : Wikipedia

About Mozilla Community Kolkata

We are a bunch of enthusiastic mozillians, innovators, thinkers, developers, photographers, FSAs and many more.We are one of the fastest growing Mozilla community in India. We are a community who wants to spread the mission of Mozilla and its awareness. We want to spread the newly built Firefox OS. A proud part of the Mozilla India Community, Mozilla and the open web, we aim to spread Open Web ideologies and create Mozilla presence in and around the City Of Joy. We Host several open source events and contribute to spread awareness about the open source, FOSS and open web is what we love. We believe: “Many World One Community – The Key Success to Mozilla Mission”. Join us to be a part of this awesome community.


We believe in Mozilla's goal to keep the open web. That's why we are fighting for this. We have project mentors who helps on boarding of newbies.We have special structure of community recognition which always encourage contributors to contribute more. We are very active in social media also. Also we are trying to build one of the best regional community in the world. Yeah!!! WE ARE ON THE WAY............

Are you totally NEW ? Want to join us!!

Hi, we always love to meet new people. Then help you to join our awesome community!

Please write down one email at . Please don't forget to add below points

  • Write down your name
  • If you are student, then please add college name, your branch etc.
  • What do you love to do?
  • Please indicate if you have any open source contribution
  • Also please mention what is your favorite area [coding,testing,documenting,localization etc]
  • If you are interested to get notification of mozilla, mozilla india and mozilla kolkata activities, then please mention it.

Yes then we would help you at our best. Once you mention that you are interested to get notification of our activities, we put your email to our database. So you will be notified in our every activities.

Contact and Communication

Project Mentor

Please check out our mentor list here who will help you to get on board.

Community Recognition

We always love to do recognition. We believe that Recognition is currency of contributors. So We have decided that in every month we will feature one community members based on his contribution among others. Also we issue one cool open badge to that contributor for his performance. Sometime we may provide exciting gift also. We value our contributors.

Quick Contact

  • FSA/Promotion/Hosting Event & Meetup/PR/Marketing/ Event Logistics -- Contact : Biraj Karmakar Email
  • Want to contribute in Mozilla! Need help -- Contact :
   * Swarnava Sengupta Email
   * Debapriya Bhattacharya  Email
   * Ayan Choudhury   Email
   * Sumantro Mukherjee   Email
   * Srijib Roy   Email
   * Avik Pal Email

Online On-boarding Call and Community Meeting

Online Community Meeting

Our community members do lots of activities in a month. So we need to track all this things. That's why we have arranged one online community meeting . Also there we can meet to each other. We may fix our next month goal. Obviously we can share our thoughts also help each other to make better community"

  • Time and Date: 9.00 - 9.30 PM IST / Last Tuesday of every month
  • Place : Hangout link would be shared in social media. Stay tuned!

Meeting notes

  • No meeting notes

Online On-boarding Call

Every month we meet new interested people. They want to contribute in mozilla. Generally we give reference links regarding their questions. But sometimes they need more help. That's why we have decided to introduce an Online On-boarding Call where we will give live demonstrations, live Q/A round eta. We are focusing to build a strong contributor base in Kolkata as well as in India. Sometimes we are planning to arrange guest lecture also.

  • Time and Date: 9.00 - 9.30 PM IST / Last Friday of every month
  • Place : Hangout link would be shared in social media. Stay tuned!

Meeting notes

  • No meeting notes

FSA Clubs


Will be updated soon

Hosted Events (July'14 to July'15)

Upcoming events

You can join us in our upcoming events here

Event blog post and pictures by Community Members and FSA

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