Indoensia Security Conference 2012

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Indonesia Security Conference 2012


The event will start on 2012/06/09 08:00:00 AM till 2012/06/10 03:00:00 PM.


Makassar, Indonesia, APAC


This event is owned by Belutz


It is estimated that 100-500 people will be at the event.


Indonesia Security Conference (IDSECCONF) is an annual conference held by IDSECCONF Committee and Ministry of Communication and ICT of The Republic of Indonesia. The conference is about the latest update about ICT security and there also will be a "Capture the Flag" games.

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Budget ticket : 752595
Swag ticket : 752592


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  • Attend the seminar to get updates on ICT Security to be share to other Indonesia ReMo
  • Giving swags and door prize
  • Make relationship with security community in Indonesia
  • Mozilla booth


  • Andi Darmawan