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Open Innovation Toolkit


The Open Innovation Toolkit is a community sourced set of best practices and principles to incorporate human-centered design into your product development process.

It is designed to empower product developers at Mozilla with a set of tried and true methods for facilitating innovation.

The toolkit is an open collection of easy-to-use, self-serve techniques, concepts and methods that provide structure and direction in complex open system development.

The Toolkit: What is it?

It is an interactive, always evolving, hub for those practitioners to share best practices and experiences in the community; and in the open, together develop best practices.

An invitation to innovate together

The open innovation toolkit is a collection of workshops and methods that support open source practitioners to build better ideas and products. The toolkit is an community sourced, open collection of easy-to-use, self-serve techniques and methods that incorporates human-centered design into your product development process.

Mozilla has first hand experience with the challenges of running user-centered methods in distributed networks and we realise, we don’t have all the answers. This toolkit is an invitation to the wider open innovation and open source communities to help collaborate our way to a better model that works for our organisation by sharing our experiences and best practices.


The toolkit is a open source collection of methods, you can add changes, join the discussion or just contact us here: Contact Open Innovation

Train the trainer

The Open Innovation Team has a “train the trainer” program for Mozilla employees. Our goal is to enable and empower other Mozillians to deploy the methods introduced in the toolkit. However we know that is it is sometimes more expedient or preferable to have experienced facilitators run a particular session -- in this case the Open Innovation Team will happily support the team directly.

Request a Facilitator

Who is it for?

Toolkit process.png

The target user is open source and open innovation practitioners who want to introduce human-centered design into their product development, using well-known methods from design thinking, innovation and lean start-up in open, distributed networks.

Specifically, we are focusing on Mozillians involved in an early stage ideation project or someone who wants to be so involved. Over time we want the resource to be attractive to innovators who want to work on open innovation or with Mozilla in any form.

The Innovation Toolkit currently focuses on the earlier part of product development around insight gathering, ideation, and prototype & test.

Success of this project

This is a beta project and as such still in testing. We've identified some goals we think it needs to live up to in the first 6 months of it's live state. Please chime in, we always welcome input.

A successful toolkit is a toolkit that is used. So the success of publishing the toolkit is measured by:

  • # of initiatives that do use any of the toolkit (both internally and externally).
  • Drives conversation externally referring to Mozilla's unique way of innovating in the open.
  • # of blog post submitted outside of the innovation team on experiences with the toolkit and co-creating towards the content.