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Meeting Details

Talking Points

Previous Action Items

  • [Gordon, Jeff] Edit wiki explanation of the actual GSoC project. (It's opaque about what the goal actually is for the end product.DEADLINE: Friday Feb 14)
  • [Mekki] Investigate grants from CIRA & help CRTL/CREDIL with theirs
  • [All] Find people who actually know Machine Translation and have them explain to us why they're awesome.
  • [Marcus] Look into Pontoon and see what happens.
  • [Kensie, Mekki] Sprint: Turn backgrounder bullet points into prose.

Action Items

  • [Kensie, Mekki] Polish and publish Declaration of Principles (backgrounder)
  • [Kensie] Cross-posting on Discourse
  • [Jeff] Contribution paths for technical and non-technical
  • [Gordon] Intellego bugzilla product
  • [All] Continue vision discussion