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Meeting Details

Talking Points

  • Action item follow-up
  • GSoC project
    • Responses and next steps
    • We're on the official list
    • At least 5 students coming to IRC and asking to help
    • Preliminary assessment period for a month, then we select our student
    • Jeff will get an invitation to register as a mentor in Google's systems and go from there
    • Mekki stopped by while in Ottawa
    • Non-profits supporting language, mandate to develop technology to translate languages esp FR <-> EN
    • CIRA - applied for funding to create MT for Inuktitut
    • New partner - TIKIWIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D - they're already working on Inuktitut l10n
    • Planted the seed with government executives.
    • Identified other open source communities (GRIL in Quebec, GOSLING in Ontario) who will be interested & made preliminary contacts
    • National Research Council (NRC - Canadian Government) is a potential partner. They have an "open source committee". NRC has put an Inuktitut Toolbox on github, here:
  • Contribution paths
  • Sprints
  • MT Research wiki page
  • Supporting & leveraging from Firefox
  • Community IT
    • They've asked if they can help
  • Hopefully will have word from Mitcho by the end of the meeting (fingers crossed)

Previous Action Items

Action Items

  • [Mekki, Jeff] Make tracking list of people who have inquired about GSoC project
  • [Mekki, Kensie, Gordon] Follow up with Native Languages in NA l10n Mozilla group on Inuktitut project
  • [Mekki] Meeting with director of CREDIL to finalize proposal and submit to CIRA (DONE)
  • [Mekki] Follow-up with TikiWiki etc (Delayed as contact is out of country).
  • [Kensie, Mekki] Polish and publish Declaration of Principles (backgrounder)
  • [Kensie] Post meeting minutes to Discourse
  • [Kensie] Transcribe flickr photo to etherpad - DONE
  • [Gordon] Survey what Native American localizations we already have.
  • [Marcus] Investigate auto-language detection (with Pontoon? Something else?)
  • [Gordon] Schedule set sprint time.
  • [Jeff] Continue to define contribution pathways & frameworks
  • [Jeff] Add Community IT contribution pathway
  • [Jeff, Gordon] Continue to keep Kevin in the loop.