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Meeting Details

Talking Points

  • Action item follow-up
    • Backgrounder to be a subpage to Intellego landing page.
  • BUGS!
    • Pre-work?
      • Community IT needs requirements list (see Reps list).
      • TBX seems to be outside of the realm of web dev/computational skills we're looking for. Student could start it up and we improve upon it, or we can just take care of it. Data set could be expanded while student moves through other actions.
  • Does EuroMatrixPlus fit within first iteration scope?
  • LREC preparations
    • Elevator pitch :-)
    • "I love it!" Now what?
    • Basic tech spec
    • Contribution pathways
  • Jeff now has GSoC Melange account approved!
    • Will review student submissions after deadline as per Florian's suggestion

Previous Action Items

  • [Kensie, Mekki] Polish and publish Declaration of Principles (backgrounder)
  • [All] Take a look at tweaks in backgrounder.
  • [Jeff, Gordon] Sprint to file meta bugs for GSoC project
    • Done!
  • [Jeff] Add to MT Research wiki page
  • [Jeff] Begin formulating arch & tech spec

Action Items

  • [Jeff, Mekki, Gordon, Marcus, Thong] Sprints on arch & tech spec
  • [Jeff, Gordon, Kensie, Mekki] Sprint on contribution pathways
  • Some ideas so I don't forget:
    • Helping with in browser project bugs
    • Non-tech - supporting culture within Mozilla that focuses on language
  • [Jeff, Thong] Add to MT Research wiki page
  • [Mekki, Kensie] Follow up with Native Languages in NA l10n Mozilla group on Inuktitut project
  • [Mekki, Kensie] Follow-up with TIkiWiki, etc.
  • [Mekki] Research mandate & partnership potential of &
  • [Marcus] Investigate auto-language detection & feedback mechanism (with Pontoon? Something else?)
  • [Thong] Research on machine language database and algorithm
  • [Gordon] Survey what Native American localizations we already have.
  • [Jeff] Link for past recordings to add to past weekly meeting wiki entries (as opposed to webcast link that is currently on those pages) [Status: To be looked into when possible, but no rush. Videos are being logged correctly at least.]
  • [Gordon, Kensie] Discuss what's wrong with "uphold".
    • 46641301.jpg