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Meeting Details

Talking Points

  • Action item follow-up
    • Kensie emailed Gordon regarding language in Declaration of Principles
    • Kensie and Mekki still trying to set something up with Nelson (TikiWiki)
    • Kensie emailed Mekki to start action on NA l10n/Inuktitut
  • Two slots for GSoC?
  • Dates for sprints
    • Pathways -- Friday 28 March @ 3:30 ET
    • Tech --
  • LREC update
  • Other MT events

Previous Action Items

  • [Jeff, Mekki, Gordon, Marcus, Thong] Sprints on arch & tech spec
  • [Jeff, Gordon, Kensie, Mekki] Sprint on contribution pathways
  • Some ideas so I don't forget:
    • Helping with in browser project bugs
    • Non-tech - supporting culture within Mozilla that focuses on language
  • [Jeff, Thong] Add to MT Research wiki page
  • [Mekki, Kensie] Follow up with Native Languages in NA l10n Mozilla group on Inuktitut project
  • [Mekki, Kensie] Follow-up with TIkiWiki, etc.
  • [Mekki] Research mandate & partnership potential of &
  • [Marcus] Investigate auto-language detection & feedback mechanism (with Pontoon? Something else?)
  • [Thong] Research on machine language database and algorithm
  • [Gordon] Survey what Native American localizations we already have.
  • [Jeff] Link for past recordings to add to past weekly meeting wiki entries (as opposed to webcast link that is currently on those pages)
    • [Status: To be looked into when possible, but no rush. Videos are being logged correctly at least.]
  • [Gordon, Kensie] Discuss what's wrong with "uphold".
    • 46641301.jpg

Action Items