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About Mozilla Factory

Mozilla Factory is a project based community group based in Japan. It takes openness as a keyword to encourage acts of creation among people. Its idea founded by Mozilla Japan and partners in spring 2012, we have since been working to provide a place where people can practice and learn open source creation.

An expert or a middle school student, this program allows people with many different skill levels to work together on a project. Our goal is for participants to learn and find new ideas through the process, and to create together new ideas for tomorrow’s innovations.

You can find more detail about Mozilla Factory at their official site.


Mozilla Factory is consist of variety of projects. There may be various projects such as a project to search for future uses of the web, an experimental project to create prototypes for a whole new platform for the web, or a project to design Web of Things(WoT) devices using our own platform. Each project is independent and driven by community members.

We are looking for members to work together on projects.

Current projects

How to Participate

Contact a project which you have interest. If you are not able to find contact,use form. Our staff will help you.