JavaScript:JS3 Requirements

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  • Standardized hybrid information flow security model
  • AST binary syntax as over-the-wire standard (self-verifying? implicit flows?)
  • AST reflection
  • Quotations
  • Hygienic macros
  • Safe, scalable concurrency
  • "E5X"
    • E4X's query and path operators rationalized for all types
    • XDuce or similar extensions to the JS2/ES4 type system
  • Changes to the core language, in particular to error handling rules, to make it easier to add new syntax in future versions of the language (JS n, where n > 3) without scripts using those languages breaking in earlier browsers (JS 3..n-1)
    • This requires lexical and syntactic grammar extensibility, not just error handling as in HTML5
  • BigInt and other Big numeric types (int64/uint64?), and pragma support to use them for numeric literals and operators by default