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JavaScript Regular Expression API

The purpose of this addition to the JS API is to make ECMA-262 compliant regular expression APIs available to C/C++ users. As with other JS API routines, clients are required to provide a properly initialized execution context (JSContext), and the API has the potential to throw JS exceptions, just as a script might.


Used to track a JSRegExp, the structure of which we do not expose publically.


JSObject * JS_NewRegExpObjectFromString(JSContext *cx, const? JSString *str, uintN flags)
Used to build a JSObject which holds a precompiled regular expression to be used in future routines.
I also am not entirely clear on what "flat" does, can someone explain it to me? --Crowder 09:15, 31 August 2006 (PDT)

JSObject * JS_CloneRegExpObject(JSContext *cx, JSObject *obj, JSObject *parent)
Do we need this?

void JS_DestroyRegExpObject(JSContext *cx, JSObject *obj)
Used to destroy the object built with JS_NewRegExpObject.

JSBool JS_ExecuteRegExp(JSContext *cx, JSObject *re, const? JSString *input, JSBool test, jsval *rval)
Executes the expression compiled into re against input. test is a flag which dictates whether or not we're actually interested in results beyond whether the expression matches or not (ie., for parenthesized parts of the expression, $1, $2, and so on). The results returned in rval are with JSVAL_NULL, JS_TRUE (if we're only testing), or a JSArray object containing the discovered result strings. If rval is an array, the 0-index value contains the results of any substitutions that occurred.

JSObject * JS_NewRegExpObject(JSContext *cx, char *bytes, size_t length, uintN flags)
Already exists.
Wonder why bytes is not const? --Crowder 09:15, 31 August 2006 (PDT)

JSObject * JS_NewUCRegExpObject(JSContext *cx, jschar *chars, size_t length, uintN flags)
Already exists.

void JS_SetRegExpInput(JSContext *cx, JSString *input, JSBool multiline)
Already exists.

void JS_ClearRegExpStatics(JSContext *cx)
Already exists.

void JS_ClearRegExpRoots(JSContext *cx)
Already exists.