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JavaScript Profiling

Feature Target Milestone Status Lead engineer QA Lead
JavaScript Profiling Firefox 21 In Progress Anton Kovalyov Mihaela Velimiroviciu


A visualization of the run time of JavaScript code, to help developers identify bottlenecks and improve the responsiveness of their applications.


  • Feature Wiki page
  • Implementation - bug 795268
  • Feature was first introduced in Firefox 20.0a1, Nightly build of December the 16th 2012
  • Feature is disabled in Firefox 20.0 (beta ?) - see bug 842650

Use Cases

  • Launch JS Profiler
  • Close JS Profiler
  • JS Profiler in Developer Tools (detached) window
  • Profile
  • Create sample ranges
  • Create new profile
  • Select symbols
  • Expand/Colapse symbols
  • View source

Test Cases

  • The test cases for this feature can be viewed here (work is still in progress).

Important Bugs

  • Implementation bugs

Not Tested

  • TBD

Sign off Criteria

  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the major bugs have been fixed.


  • January 10th 3013 - Signed-off on Firefox 20.0a2 - build 20130109042018