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Possible further load-time optimizations

  • Move code generation off of parsing thread: bug 959263
  • PGAOT (Profile-Guided Ahead-of-Time Compilation):
    • Create a baseline asm.js compiler: super-fast codegen but with full static type info
    • Allow individual functions in an asm.js module to choose full or baseline (via "use" pragma on individual functions)
    • Allow Emscripten users to change default (full or baseline), hand-annotate, or do profiling to place pragmas.
  • Parse and AOT compile while downloading: bug 1061886
  • Remove async-script requirement for asm.js caching:
    • Maybe remove it from QuotaManager: bug 961057
    • More likely, just take (large) script parsing off the main thread: bug 1084009
  • asm.js parser: Avoid building an intermediate parse tree; type check during recursive descent bug 854061

Possible further throughput optimizations

Possible asm.js extensions that don't require new JS features

  • Zero-cost exception handling: bug 1065089
  • Extend asm.js to allow proper tail calls for all return types and do the tail-call optimization
  • Effectively support 'goto' (even computed 'goto') by formalizing a pattern of while+switch that gets compiled as if it was goto
  • Extend asm.js to better support dynamically linking asm.js modules (a mutable, callable array argument to asm.js module, like the PLT)
  • Add DataView to avoid the alignment mask on asm.js heap accesses (this is mostly a problem of DataView being slow in all browsers)

Proposed future JS features that would be useful to asm.js

  • int64 arithmetic: https://gist.github.com/BrendanEich/4294d5c212a6d2254703
  • ArrayBuffer.prototype.discard (bug 855669): to allow madvise(DONTNEED)
  • Typed Objects: (Typed Objects)
    • This feature comes with float32/uint64/int64 value types, which would be useful as scalar types in asm.js.
    • Formalize Typed Object "class declarations" in asm.js which could make asm.js a target for JVM/CLR/TypeScript (and allow these languages to reuse the builtin JS GC)
  • FunctionPromise: bug 854627, or perhaps just make some functions (asm.js, no-free-variables) structured-cloneable
  • Add way to programmatically observe whether asm.js validated: bug 952847

Usability improvements

Current asm.js spec bugs


Credit to John Howard