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Jayamukhi Firefox Club
University/College: Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences
City: Warangal
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Club Founder: Meraj Imran
e-mail: ajayjogawath@rocketmail.com
Website: Jayamukhi Firefox Club's Website
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jayamukhi-Firefox-Club/301155046698995
Twitter: @AjayKJogawath
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About Us

Jayamukhi Firefox Club is exclusively for JITS Students who want to take forward the mission of mozilla i.e to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. Members can get updated with the notifications of our college's mozilla club.
Mozilla Reps

Ajay Kumar Jogawath [Club Lead Jan 2014 - Dec 2014] https://reps.mozilla.org/u/AjayKumarJogawath/
Meraj Imran https://reps.mozilla.org/u/imran_aariz1/
Hema Bhanu Priya https://reps.mozilla.org/u/hema_bhanuwinner/
Maniraj Thripuradhi https://reps.mozilla.org/u/maniraj_rocks05/

Student Ambassadors

Sai sharan Amaravadhi
Hemanth Vidyamari
Bhargav Kodakandla
Anil Kumar Kurmilla
Shivasai Somarathi
Nithin Reddy Ganji
K.Anil Kumar
Ch.Vineeth Reddy


1) Jayamukhi FSA Meetup :
The First FSA Meetup was held on Feb 04,2014. It was a meetup of all Firefox Student Ambassadors Where every one was assembled to know about the FSA Program. Apart from FSA's , we also had some other students who shown interest in attending this meetup. This meetup was all about the Jayamukhi Firefox Club and the activities Which the FSA's are planning in this Club and their interest towards the projects in Mozilla. I (Ajay Kumar Jogawath) have organized this meetup to explain them about how to get started as an FSA and how to contribute in various Projects. In, this meetup we discussed about the FSA Program, different Projects of Mozilla like Webmaker, Localization, SUMO Project and Community Building. This meetup was very interactive and many students got to know how to get started in Mozilla as a Contributor. We are Planning for the next FSA Meetup Soon
Blogpost for this meetup is here :

2)Mozilla Meetup - A Pre-inaugural Meetup for KITS Fox Club:
FSA's from Kakatiya Institute of Technological Sciences wanted to inaugurate a club in their college. So they wanted to know more about the Firefox Club,its activities, role of FSA's in the Club. So, I and Hema Bhanu (Mozilla Reps) organized a meetup along with FSA's Bhargav and Hemanth from Jayamukhi Firefox Club.
Here is my blogpost about the experience of the meetup:

3)Inauguration of Firefox Club - KITS Fox Club (KFC)
This Event was the inauguration of Firefox Club in Kakatiya Institute of Technological Sciences.Mozilla Reps Sudheesh Singanamalla,Hema Bhanu and FSA's Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Hemanth Vidyamari and Kodakandla Bhargav were present for the inauguration and then gave sessions.
Here is the blogpost regarding the event:

4)Mozilla Club BIES Enthusiasts Meetup
Mozillians from a college wanted to Inaugurate a Firefox Club in their college. So they wanted to know how to start a club and what are the requirements they need to have. So we had a meet to clear all this queries regarding the Mozilla Club.
Here is the blogpost regarding the Event.

5)Inauguration of Firefox Club - Mozilla Clube BIES (MCB)
This Event was the inauguration of Firefox Club in Balaji Institute of Engineering Sciences.Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu and FSA's Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Hemanth Vidyamari, Kodakandla Bhargav, Saisharan Amaravadhi and our active juniors were present for the inauguration and then gave sessions.we are happy to inaugrate this club in warangal..
Here is the blogpost regarding the Event.

6) Womoz Warangal'14
An Open Source event specially only for girls and making them aware of different communities in open source and introducing different projects to them.

7) MozCoffee V1.0
A Gathering of all mozillians at a place to share and learn about projects of the mozilla. Retaining the past contributors and getting new contributors on board.
8) Maker Party @ Gangadevipally
A Maker Party organized by FSA's along with Mozilla Reps in a village named Gangadevipally to share the knowledge of internet with the people of Gangadevipally.

9) Mozilla Warangal Community Meetup
The Main Aim of this meetup is to boost up the existing mozillians as well as recruting new mozillians and the main focus will be on establishing Firefox clubs in the college where there are no clubs. The clubs where we already have FSA's will be boosted more so that we can get quality over quantity.

10) Maker Faire @ Jayamukhi
A Mozilla Stall or Station or a booth to show case the mozilla's products, explain mozilla's mission, openness, open web and projects of Mozilla.

11) Mozilla Meet @ Vaagdevi
A Mozilla meetup at Vaagdevi College of Engineering organized by FSA's of Jayamukhi Firefox Club to share the knowledge of how to get involved with mozilla,its projects,products and encouraging the newbies to give a kick-start to mozilla.

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