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IMPORTANT NOTICE : The FSA program is now set to transition to Campus Clubs

A new program is coming to campuses this September that is aligned with the existing Mozilla Clubs structure and will provide a unified model for participation on campuses around the world.

Mozilla Campus Clubs will be replacing the FSA program and so we won’t be accepting any new Firefox Student Ambassadors. The listed FSA Activities won’t be carried any more. You can find more information about the future of the program in this post, where you can also leave your questions.

Learn more about the Campus Clubs at:

About | Structure | Join | Activities | Events | Recognition | Contact | FAQ

Staying in Touch

There are a several ways you can get updates and support in the Firefox Student Ambassadors program as well as learn about the latest Mozilla and Firefox news. Explore the options offered below and see what works best for you.

Firefox Student Ambassador Blog

Missed the newsletter this month? Stay up-to-date about what's going on with the program on a regular basis on our blog. Interested in writing a blog for our program? You can now reach out to us at firefoxstudents[dot]blog[at]mozilla[dot]com


On a monthly basis, the Firefox Student Ambassador newsletter broadcasts important program updates, contests, and regional snapshots and events. When you sign up to participate in the program you are automatically signed up for this newsletter!

Interested in learning more? Sign-up to receive one of the following Mozilla newsletters!

Social Media

Want to get others at your school involved in the Firefox Student Ambassadors program? Follow these helpful tips to learn how!


Student Ambassadors use IRC (internet relay chat) and the Mozilla forums to ask questions, share ideas, and interact with other Mozillians. Sign-on to IRC and join the #firefoxstudents channel.

Mozilla Community Directory

Tag yourself as a #firefoxstudents on

Air Mozilla Channel

Take a look at videos made by Firefox Student Ambassadors on our Air Mozilla Channel.

Have Questions?

Before you email us with your questions, you may want to go through the FAQ section below, which has most of the information covered based on the questions that we currently receive from Firefox student ambassadors.

Question not answered in the FAQ? Email firefoxstudents[at]mozilla[dot]com with your inquiry. Please note that we receive many emails each day and it may take us a bit to get back to you. Thank you for your patience!

Program FAQ

Click here to find answers to the most common questions we receive about the Firefox Student Ambassador program.