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IMPORTANT NOTICE : The FSA program is now set to transition to Campus Clubs

A new program is coming to campuses this September that is aligned with the existing Mozilla Clubs structure and will provide a unified model for participation on campuses around the world.

Mozilla Campus Clubs will be replacing the FSA program and so we won’t be accepting any new Firefox Student Ambassadors. The listed FSA Activities won’t be carried any more. You can find more information about the future of the program in this post, where you can also leave your questions.

Learn more about the Campus Clubs at:

About | Structure | Join | Activities | Events | Recognition | Contact | FAQ

The activities page is undergoing major reconstruction.

Firefox Student Ambassadors Activities

Check out these four activity categories, all filled with awesome things for you to do. Get involved, get recognized, and maybe even get free swag! At the end of the day, we want you to be creative in promoting Firefox. Feel free to take these ideas and make them your own!

Category Description
Campaign Challenge
  • Working together with the Marketing Team, we'll be hosting series of challenge throughout the year that correlates with product and/or feature launches. Join in, win swag, and have fun!
Get Social
  • Are you always on social media tweeting, sharing, or posting COOL and AWESOME pictures or stories? Then here's some things you can do online right now!
Create Something
  • Here at Mozilla we love creating things that help people. Videos, apps, web pages, graphics, blog posts, and much more. Now we want you to create too! Check out these awesome opportunities to create something that matters.
Host an Awesome Event
  • Firefox Student Ambassadors are hosting fun and educational Firefox-related events all around the world. Be a part of this movement by hosting your own event!
Join or Start a Firefox Club
  • Everything is awesome when you're part of a team. Join an existing Firefox Club at your school or if there's not one, start your own! Be a leader and become a Firefox Club Lead to recruit passionate people just like you to help promote the Mozilla mission.

Campaign Challenge

November Moment in Time

November 3rd marks the official launch of Tracking Protection with Private Browsing!

Learn about web privacy & security and teach others. Host sessions and workshops. Information on how all available [[1]].

Firefox for Windows 10

The latest and greatest Firefox is optimized for Windows 10. Here are a series of offline events you can do to help Windows users use and love our browser!

**Keep in mind that all Ambassadors who want to reach Trainee level must complete a campaign challenge.

Get Social

Firefox logo-only RGB.png

Attend Office Hour

Office Hour is a monthly online meetup between E-Board and Ambassadors. We answer any questions you may have about the program. We also welcome Mozilla employees to join and teach students about a particular topic of interest.

November Office Hour: On November 12th, we will be hosting a "What is tracking? And how to teach protection!" session. RSVP here.

Decorate Your Page

Time to decorate your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or your favorite form of social media with Firefox and show your friends who you represent! In our FSA Social Media Graphics folder, you will find FSA images you can use to post online. Change your cover photos or make a post declaring you're part of the Firefox Student Ambassadors program. We also have Firefox related graphics and Firefox OS related graphics. Decorate away!

Share Your Love

We are not only proud to be Firefox Student Ambassadors, but we are also proud users of Firefox and Firefox OS. Copy the posts below on your topic of choice and share it on social media. Feel free to get creative and switch up the wording, add images, or hashtags.

FSA I joined #Firefox Student Ambassadors to promote openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Web! #FirefoxStudents
Firefox The #browser that's committed to you, your privacy and an open Web: Firefox. Check it out here:

Host an Awesome Event


Throw an Introduction Event

Students at your university may not know about Mozilla, or even the browser Firefox. Take the lead with your Firefox Club in showing them who we are and what we do! Below you will find some simple steps to set up your first Intro Event. You do not need to follow this step by step. Feel free to remix, add ideas, and come up with an event that better suits your school!

  1. Name your event (get creative!)
  2. Reserve a room at your university to host the event
  3. Promote on social media and put up posters around campus
  4. At event, give a short introduction to Mozilla, Firefox, Firefox OS, and our mission to promote an open Web.
  5. Talk about open source, why choose the Firefox the browser (encouraging downloads), share news about Firefox OS, and other important resources such as Webmaker
  6. Then, go over what the FSA Program is. Including activities, recognition opportunities, program structure, who we are, what you plan to do as a club, etc
  7. Do a fun activity!
  8. Q&A round
  9. End the session handing out swag, getting people to sign up to the FSA Program, creating a form for students to join your Firefox Club

Be sure to document your event by taking photos and writing a blog post after to share with the FSA Community online. We love featuring Ambassadors who throw great events!

Find an Event Near You

Before and after hosting, you can also attend an event hosted by your fellow FSAs or our dedicated Mozilla Reps. To see a list of events being thrown from all over the world and to find one near you, check out the Mozilla Reps Events page.

Teaching Kits

Our Ambassadors from around the world are hosting innovative & fun events! They've created teaching kits that shows you how they did it, what the event included, and how you can set one up yourself:

  • Kidzilla - KidZilla is an initiative aimed at educating children about the basics of Computers, internet and other tech topics in a fun and interactive manner. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with lesser facilities.

Create your own teaching kit here!

Student ambassadors logo.png

Join or Start a Firefox Club

Firefox Clubs are a core grouping of Student Ambassadors at your university or college. These Clubs work together on larger projects, campaigns, and events to promote Mozilla, our products, and our mission. They are your friends and fellow comrades in the mission of doing good and promoting an open web. Join a Club at your school, or start one and become a Firefox Club Lead!

Find a Club

  • Check if your university already has a Firefox Club by entering your country here.

Start Your Own

  • Become a Lead and start the very first Firefox Club on your campus! First, attend Club Lead Training.

Need more information? Check out this page.