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Jetpack Bugs

Triage Process

Pending requests as of June 8

  • Alex has requested feedback from Irakli in Bug 746131 on 2012-06-06.
  • Irakli has requested review from himself in Bug 684708 on 2012-04-05.
  • Irakli has requested review from Mossop in Bug 743359 on 2012-06-01.
  • Will has requested review from Matteo in Bug 760233 on 2012-06-01.
  • Wes has requested feedback from Gerv in Bug 673391 on 2012-06-06.
  • Wes has requested review from Irakli in Bug 757802 on 2012-05-31.
  • Alex has requested review from Irakli in Bug 748114 on 2012-05-14.
  • Will has requested feedback from Villalu in Bug 620769 on 2012-04-23.
  • Wes has requested review from Irakli and feedback from Erik in Bug 711914 on 2012-05-17.

Bug status breakdown by priority

P1: "Must have" P2: "Need/want" P3: "Nice to have"

  • P1 bugs:

  • P2 bugs:

  • P3 Bugs:

Other Bugs

  • P4
ID Summary Priority Status
722597 New Collection module P4 NEW
787718 [meta] Implement SDK support for Native Fennec aka Firefox on Android P4 NEW
856878 [tracking] Promises P4 NEW
888483 [tracking] Places P4 NEW
913027 Crashes while running add-on SDK tests P4 NEW
934696 Nodeification P4 NEW
935108 Node Module Parity [meta] P4 NEW
692539 [meta] Inconsistent behavior in content scripts P4 NEW
697775 [meta] SDK-based platform issues P4 NEW
761875 Write better test to catch bug in 813f36e3bd1ca36bb04663a894b70ebefef6d2f0 P4 NEW
821481 [tracking] Widget Issues P4 NEW
821779 [tracking] Tabs Issues P4 NEW
839997 [tracking] Window Issues P4 NEW
840023 [tracking] issues P4 NEW
840246 [Tracking] simple-storage P4 NEW
841629 [tracking] Request Issues P4 NEW
844485 [tracking] context-menu issues P4 NEW
888774 [tracking] Sidebar Issues P4 NEW
889461 [tracking] Button issues P4 NEW
902217 [Tracking] Page-Mod P4 NEW
903029 Removable python code from P4 NEW
908030 [Tracking] hotkeys P4 NEW
910198 [tracking] addon/installer P4 NEW
930164 [e10] Jetpack Add-on SDK support for e10s P4 NEW
936189 Expose more contexts to context menu API P4 NEW
958990 [Tracking] Localization P4 NEW
980408 Devtools APIs P4 NEW
821476 [tracking] Panel Issues P4 NEW
843235 Create observer notifications for events jetpack observes P4 NEW
745857 Need a way to set the optionsURL to a chrome window (or anything else) P4 REOPENED
724632 Remove use of traits P4 REOPENED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)

  • P5
ID Summary Priority Status

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)

Unassigned P1 Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
989288 Firefox Addons SDK is not receving any events from windows opened via P1 UNCONFIRMED
571049 Add-ons should be able to do stuff on uninstall, even if they're disabled P1 NEW
614894 APIs that take a local file URL should be able to pass a string filename P1 NEW
627432 simple-storage store not purged when add-on is uninstalled P1 NEW
723803 test recovery of old simple-storage data P1 NEW
779197 Use a protocol not accessible from content P1 NEW
788334 Add context-menu support for Fennec native P1 NEW
795996 cfx mobile: better exceptions? P1 NEW
811246 Need to test page-mod attachTo comprehensively P1 NEW
814344 Add-ons Bar button customization not sticky across sessions P1 NEW
815818 Remove assumption in windows/tabs modules (Fennec) that the main browser window is ready. P1 NEW
838979 Test that widgets are not added to private windows when they are not supported P1 NEW
841602 isPrivate should accept a request instance from the request module P1 NEW
844486 'select', 'ready', and 'close' events don't work on a tab if require('tabs') is not used in Fennec P1 NEW
846216 Errors in cfx testaddons are not printed and don't timeout P1 NEW
852240 allow `window.postMessage` to an add-on origin P1 NEW
852538 Allow using the jetpack test harness from anywhere in m-c P1 NEW
853085 The registry module is swallowing errors P1 NEW
883778 It should be possible to disable jetpack tests via a manifest in mozilla-central and not just upstream changes P1 NEW
890644 Make example add-on for Buttons P1 NEW
897011 Multiple exceptions during cleanup at the end of green WinXP jetpack test runs ("WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" in maybe_remove_outfile) P1 NEW
907374 Button API P1 NEW
910600 stack trace during tests do not show the file which an error occured P1 NEW
912208 JEP UI State Management P1 NEW
913169 Jobs in automation sometimes show up as successful even when tests have failed P1 NEW
930069 Deprecate unsafeWindow and issue a deprecation warning if it is used. P1 NEW
935233 JEP Loader changes P1 NEW
941439 Intermittent test-window-utils.test window watcher untracker | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
942111 Intermittent Jetpack command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill | The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process P1 NEW
964886 JEP DevTools Inspector Sidebar P1 NEW
969207 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-loader.test removeing listeners | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
969746 Investigate why recent OSX 10.8 runs are frequently failing with "Test output exceeded timeout (300s)." P1 NEW
970484 Intermittent tests/test-window-utils.test window watcher unregs 4 loading wins | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
971249 Followup changes for AOM (extensions.js) to support native options P1 NEW
979008 Intermittent Jetpack tests breaking on Linux ASAN builds with | testRmdirNonempty, test-tab-events | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
979039 Intermittent tests/test-child_process.testChildProperties | Timed out P1 NEW
979245 Intermittent tests/test-child_process.testExecFileOptionsMaxBufferLargeStdOErr | Exit code is null in exit handler - null == 0 P1 NEW
979332 Intermittent tests/test-windows.testWindowIteratorPrivateDefault | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
979675 Intermittent test-child_process.testExecFileOptionsMaxBufferLargeStdOut | Exit code is null in exit handler - null == 0 | Signal is SIGTERM in exit handler - "SIGTERM" == null (twice each) P1 NEW
980410 Toolbox pane API P1 NEW
980421 Enable toolbox pane for remote tabs P1 NEW
980481 inspectionTarget / debuggee instrumentation P1 NEW
980555 API for defining Custom output handlers (a.k.a printers) P1 NEW
980570 API for defining custom network handlers / debug middleware P1 NEW
983928 Make protocol.js usable from content privileged code P1 NEW
988776 simple SDK addons are heavy memory users P1 NEW
989527 Windows.on(open) event is not triggered for all the Window Open P1 NEW
748604 Modify Add-on SDK to work with per-window private browsing P1 ASSIGNED
649889 Avoid, discourage and deprecate synchronous disk I/O P1 REOPENED
661083 Let developers localize add-on metadata. P1 REOPENED
889471 Buttons need customization tests P1 REOPENED
926264 Intermittent Jetpack command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill starting up private-browsing-supported P1 REOPENED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)

Unconfirmed Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
943650 Firefox crashes erratically when running my SDK addon (Turtl) -- UNCONFIRMED
992509 throws TypeError: can't convert undefined to object -- UNCONFIRMED
994280 It would be nice to have ability to add badge over button -- UNCONFIRMED
890229 tabs.on 'ready' not firing on mobile firefox but does on desktop P1 UNCONFIRMED
989288 Firefox Addons SDK is not receving any events from windows opened via P1 UNCONFIRMED
881053 Notifications API not working in content script DOM P2 UNCONFIRMED
844859 Fennec: Tabs can't be enumerated P2 UNCONFIRMED
878598 Page worker not detached when tab location (url) changed P2 UNCONFIRMED
919827 Add ability to respond to DOMContentLoaded including from cache load P2 UNCONFIRMED
734212 cuddlefish search for 'require(...)' statements identifies too many statements P2 UNCONFIRMED
756246 Changing location of context menu items P2 UNCONFIRMED
792479 can't load iframe with content from addon P2 UNCONFIRMED
847309 Internal exception when an add-on whose Widget was removed by the user unloads P2 UNCONFIRMED
849773 The tabs-module does not work properly with internationalized domain names (IDNs) P2 UNCONFIRMED
874276 DOM is out of date when accessed by script loaded with page-mod P2 UNCONFIRMED
876828 any call to window.history in a panel raises an "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMHistory.length]" P2 UNCONFIRMED
887914 Unit tests execute all top-level code before any test cases P2 UNCONFIRMED
891463 window/utils module's windows() method requires special undocumented parameters in order to see private windows P2 UNCONFIRMED
897370 Use mozrunner from mozbase upstream P2 UNCONFIRMED
904169 l10n should allow i18n of fullName and description fields in package.json / install.rdf P2 UNCONFIRMED
907437 impossible to open small dialog window from addon P2 UNCONFIRMED
924111 localized addon's preferences stops working after disable button is pressed P2 UNCONFIRMED
927175 Documentation missing: tab.attach allows contentScriptOptions P2 UNCONFIRMED
934296 Page Worker: iframe in content page behavior P2 UNCONFIRMED
935605 After updating to FF26 win32 the system console appears to have verbose enabled which floods the console to the extent that the browser is sluggish, this output should've been filtered and may have had operations performed due to the performance loss. P2 UNCONFIRMED
942286 tabs module tabs.on('activate') does not fire when Firefox Options->Tabs->Open New Windows in New Tab instead is unchecked (edit) and new window is opened or new tabs are created that way P2 UNCONFIRMED
952265 Expose tab 'rename' and 'move' events. P2 UNCONFIRMED
957424 /lib/sdk/io/buffer.js should support ASCII encoding option P2 UNCONFIRMED
958290 No method to move tab between windows P2 UNCONFIRMED
960029 cfx testex - Error Cleaning up - Firefox 29.0a1/Gecko 29.0a1 ({ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}) under winnt/x86-msvc P2 UNCONFIRMED
963979 GLib-CRITICAL while doing "Getting Started With cfx" tutorial on "cfx run" command P2 UNCONFIRMED
964416 Add event detection for dragging tab from browser window to new/another browser window P2 UNCONFIRMED
966016 Don't generate md files in cfx init P2 UNCONFIRMED
979569 XHR Requests in content scripts require absolute URIs when cross_domain_content permission has been specified P2 UNCONFIRMED
980714 Blinking caret in panel text P2 UNCONFIRMED
982575 Context-menu doesn't give button and key states to click event P2 UNCONFIRMED
985181 Access modules from scratchpad P2 UNCONFIRMED
987484 Need a window resize event P2 UNCONFIRMED
693193 Hotkey module depends on keyboard layout. P2 UNCONFIRMED
844433 Event cannot be reassigned using self.port.removeListener() and self.port.once() again P2 UNCONFIRMED
937481 windows module windows.browserWindows.on('open') does not fire when Firefox Options->Tabs->Open New Windows in New Tab instead is unchecked P2 UNCONFIRMED
942511 All properties of the ActiveTab is undefined P2 UNCONFIRMED
767168 For page-worker, constructor content script and page scripts are mutually exclusive. P2 UNCONFIRMED
885233 Use python2 when available in activation script P3 UNCONFIRMED
717937 loadBindingDocument broken in 1.4 P3 UNCONFIRMED
806834 Expose EventSource to Add-on SDK scripts P3 UNCONFIRMED
824414 Provide listeners for simple-storage (and for any IndexedDB storage API) P3 UNCONFIRMED
828113 accesskey for context-menu module P3 UNCONFIRMED
840819 activate.bat "Warning: Failed to find Python installation directory" P3 UNCONFIRMED
864155 Click on the right/bottom border of panel will select the content P3 UNCONFIRMED
870324 Provide a way of interaction between scripts added in two different contentScriptFile blocks P3 UNCONFIRMED
885368 Add-on SDK hook for HTTP authentication dialog P3 UNCONFIRMED
892098 add argument to include updateKey in install.rdf P3 UNCONFIRMED
894036 require('window/utils').open creates empty window, when called without explicit features P3 UNCONFIRMED
894278 WindowLoader/WindowTracker onLoad event race condition with FF-internal components P3 UNCONFIRMED
898490 Suppress "Mozilla Firefox is free and open source" popup in cfx run P3 UNCONFIRMED
900651 Support Chrome i18n JSON format P3 UNCONFIRMED
925868 Error message: "The 'contentScriptFile' option must be a local file URL" is misleading P3 UNCONFIRMED
925950 Regression (23 → 24): _blank links prevent Widget showing in add-on bar and toolbarbutton buttons from showing in toolbar P3 UNCONFIRMED
929202 Content scripts' sandboxes should be exposed, or at least allow more code to be injected P3 UNCONFIRMED
935218 Add bookmark-menu / sidebar context support to a context-menu API P3 UNCONFIRMED
935507 rapid fire notifications do not stack P3 UNCONFIRMED
942628 context-menu module has no API to insert items at an arbitrary index P3 UNCONFIRMED
956328 /lib/sdk/io/net.js -- Stream.resume triggers a resume on an unpaused stream pump. P3 UNCONFIRMED
956577 "eval" blocked by CSP using on page-mod's contentScript P3 UNCONFIRMED
827792 Jetpack 1.12 - toolkit/loader, globals are broken P3 UNCONFIRMED
920807 Panel shows insertion point in non-editable text P3 UNCONFIRMED
993520 console.log in content scripts does not print to the current tab's web console -- NEW
994213 Intermittent test-page-worker:testRedirect timeouts -- NEW
991904 Make loader load modules lazily -- NEW
992693 cfx run --logfile=filename does not create log file ( for both addon-sdk-1.16 and addon-sdk-1.15) -- NEW
992857 "Attaching panels to buttons" documentation is misleading -- NEW
993015 Hook into `` events in the SDK -- NEW
993239 update old links to documentation throughout the sdk (python, modules, tests) -- NEW
995080 Exceptions raised when a window without toolbars is opened with existing widgets -- NEW
995889 lib/sdk/panel shouldn't inject HTML styles into a XUL panel -- NEW
995933 tabs order is not updated after a tab is moved -- NEW
996208 Methods !== themselves in content scripts -- NEW
996845 Test that a tab id does not change when moved from one window to another -- NEW
822909 Use mozbrowser type iframe for addon frames P1 NEW
874554 require("sdk/tabs").open doesn't allow to open in the current window while being in private window P1 NEW
915376 JEP Native Jetpack P1 NEW
951820 Create a new python test script P1 NEW
963226 CFX add option to run test suite with native jetpacks P1 NEW
987348 Replace the uses of widget in the example add-ons P1 NEW
693345 "page-mod" checks requested URL, but not URL after redirect P1 NEW
726796 function "crashes" with some profiles P1 NEW
791098 deprecate getThumbnail on Tab class for Fennec support P1 NEW
804659 add test that Fennec tabs are rendering on Fennec during cfx test P1 NEW
809143 Get Jetpack tests running on Fennec in the test infrastructure P1 NEW
892181 Implement Places API for Fennec P1 NEW
922597 Memory leak when requiring 'sdk/windows' module P1 NEW
939496 tabs.on('open') fires when window is closed P1 NEW
961191 New Jetpack CLI (JPM) JEP P1 NEW
963845 Discuss new manifest (package.json, config.json|jetpack-test-options.json) P1 NEW
969616 Intermittent places/main.test bookmark-item-changed | correct value in bookmark-item-changed event - "bookmark-changed-title-2" == "Getting Started" P1 NEW
971962 Fix up places tests so they pass on 10.6 debug builds so we can unhide them. P1 NEW
971964 Intermittent places/main.test bookmark-item-moved | correct previousParentId - 5 == 3 | correct previousIndex - 0 == 1 | correct currentIndex - 0 == 4 P1 NEW
980997 Fix jetpack timeouts on linux64 asan runs P1 NEW
981729 Fix sdk/lang/functional#throttle tests P1 NEW
961846 Release Add-on SDK 1.16 P1 NEW
571049 Add-ons should be able to do stuff on uninstall, even if they're disabled P1 NEW
614894 APIs that take a local file URL should be able to pass a string filename P1 NEW
627432 simple-storage store not purged when add-on is uninstalled P1 NEW
723803 test recovery of old simple-storage data P1 NEW
779197 Use a protocol not accessible from content P1 NEW
788334 Add context-menu support for Fennec native P1 NEW
795996 cfx mobile: better exceptions? P1 NEW
811246 Need to test page-mod attachTo comprehensively P1 NEW
814344 Add-ons Bar button customization not sticky across sessions P1 NEW
815818 Remove assumption in windows/tabs modules (Fennec) that the main browser window is ready. P1 NEW
838979 Test that widgets are not added to private windows when they are not supported P1 NEW
841602 isPrivate should accept a request instance from the request module P1 NEW
844486 'select', 'ready', and 'close' events don't work on a tab if require('tabs') is not used in Fennec P1 NEW
846216 Errors in cfx testaddons are not printed and don't timeout P1 NEW
852240 allow `window.postMessage` to an add-on origin P1 NEW
852538 Allow using the jetpack test harness from anywhere in m-c P1 NEW
853085 The registry module is swallowing errors P1 NEW
883778 It should be possible to disable jetpack tests via a manifest in mozilla-central and not just upstream changes P1 NEW
890644 Make example add-on for Buttons P1 NEW
897011 Multiple exceptions during cleanup at the end of green WinXP jetpack test runs ("WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" in maybe_remove_outfile) P1 NEW
907374 Button API P1 NEW
910600 stack trace during tests do not show the file which an error occured P1 NEW
912208 JEP UI State Management P1 NEW
913169 Jobs in automation sometimes show up as successful even when tests have failed P1 NEW
930069 Deprecate unsafeWindow and issue a deprecation warning if it is used. P1 NEW
935233 JEP Loader changes P1 NEW
941439 Intermittent test-window-utils.test window watcher untracker | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
942111 Intermittent Jetpack command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill | The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process P1 NEW
964886 JEP DevTools Inspector Sidebar P1 NEW
969207 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-loader.test removeing listeners | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
969746 Investigate why recent OSX 10.8 runs are frequently failing with "Test output exceeded timeout (300s)." P1 NEW
970484 Intermittent tests/test-window-utils.test window watcher unregs 4 loading wins | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
971249 Followup changes for AOM (extensions.js) to support native options P1 NEW
979008 Intermittent Jetpack tests breaking on Linux ASAN builds with | testRmdirNonempty, test-tab-events | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
979039 Intermittent tests/test-child_process.testChildProperties | Timed out P1 NEW
979245 Intermittent tests/test-child_process.testExecFileOptionsMaxBufferLargeStdOErr | Exit code is null in exit handler - null == 0 P1 NEW
979332 Intermittent tests/test-windows.testWindowIteratorPrivateDefault | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
979675 Intermittent test-child_process.testExecFileOptionsMaxBufferLargeStdOut | Exit code is null in exit handler - null == 0 | Signal is SIGTERM in exit handler - "SIGTERM" == null (twice each) P1 NEW
980410 Toolbox pane API P1 NEW
980421 Enable toolbox pane for remote tabs P1 NEW
980481 inspectionTarget / debuggee instrumentation P1 NEW
980555 API for defining Custom output handlers (a.k.a printers) P1 NEW
980570 API for defining custom network handlers / debug middleware P1 NEW
983928 Make protocol.js usable from content privileged code P1 NEW
988776 simple SDK addons are heavy memory users P1 NEW
989527 Windows.on(open) event is not triggered for all the Window Open P1 NEW
678257 Add the ability to anchor a Panel to content P1 NEW
689215 Tab object array is not adjusted to account for tab movement P1 NEW
806509 loader tracebacks should provide a line number for syntax errors P1 NEW
818186 Some loader bugs P1 NEW
820953 Expose DOM window to the add-on P1 NEW
854982 Remove traits from window & tab implementations P1 NEW
879068 Panel is stuck open, I cannot hide it P1 NEW
891698 Fix and reenable the path tests on OSX P1 NEW
897004 getTabContainer can return null P1 NEW
678622 "packages" array value in package.json causes error P1 NEW
874531 Document DOM APIs that are being made available to add-ons P1 NEW
951921 Document the new ActionButton and ToggleButton API P1 NEW
964624 Write API reference documentation for ui/frame P1 NEW
967866 Need a better 101 guide to start creating add-ons P1 NEW
787396 Add "Location Bar"'s button type P1 NEW
803031 selection module should support Fennec P1 NEW
845575 Fix / Updates the metadata's engines property in SDK modules P1 NEW
862373 Need to test the new panel positioning feature comprehensively P1 NEW
910230 Intermittent tests/test-panel.test Parent Resize Hack | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P1 NEW
988072 Australis sidebar widget does not work for SDK add-ons (sidebar API) P1 NEW
986294 replace uses of Proxy.create() with new Direct Proxy API P2 NEW
843914 observer notification for selection events P2 NEW
708192 Detecting extension uninstall from content script should be documented P2 NEW
724772 make setTimeout / setInterval globals P2 NEW
873007 Intermittent Jetpack tests/test-windows.testActiveWindow | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
895712 Enable the Sidebar pwpb tests P2 NEW
899434 [Tracking] Menuitem Component P2 NEW
910647 private-browsing-supported/test-sidebar.testSidebarIsOpenInNewPrivateWindow is failing P2 NEW
959461 Create telemetry module P2 NEW
968331 It should be possible to run jetpack tests from a folder that has no add-on code P2 NEW
898204 Collect telemetry on modules used. P2 NEW
782819 Implement for Fennec P2 NEW
825016 fennec - hitting back from a tab opened by, minimizes fennec P2 NEW
866318 console.log always prints twice on fennec P2 NEW
885616 Implement Places Query URIs for Places API P2 NEW
889218 Panels need a test of the ESC hotkey P2 NEW
890645 Make sdk/places a high level api P2 NEW
893193 Strict Errors in SDK by default P2 NEW
921278 errors in places/favicon.getFavicon() callbacks are silently swallowed P2 NEW
922956 Tabs ready event not firing when calling on Firefox 24 P2 NEW
929635 Add P2 NEW
949088 Update loader documentation P2 NEW
949089 Port toolkit/loader non-API documentation to tutorial P2 NEW
949818 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-addon-installer.test Failing Install With Invalid File | Got expected error code - -3 == -1 P2 NEW
971098 Support aliasing for toolkit/loader P2 NEW
983027 Queries made to sdk/history return results with times that are not in the query date range P2 NEW
808883 Acquire and test on Armv6 &/or Gingerbread devices. P2 NEW
605587 cfx run cannot kill process if you using Firefox binary and xulrunner app mode P2 NEW
613630 move "cfx init" command's addon templates into example addon in examples/ dir P2 NEW
631470 cfx pre-installs addons (like XUL add-ons), making real-world testing of restartless add-ons not possible P2 NEW
637291 Add titlebar and name attributes to Panels P2 NEW
646357 using context menu is unnecessarily difficult sometimes P2 NEW
651184 give content scripts access to chrome-privileged style info P2 NEW
653629 Enable users to set up event listeners to worker.port property, in the worker's constructor P2 NEW
663048 Unicode directory names raises package name value error P2 NEW
668258 Some (all?) content-related APIs sometimes don't work for pages that don't have DOMs P2 NEW
671948 Add ability to make authenticated requests P2 NEW
674785 investigate module isolation, walk Caja attack list P2 NEW
686035 It is awkward to get the active tab's worker P2 NEW
695143 provide way to associate high-level BrowserWindow/Tab objects with low-level equivalents P2 NEW
704003 Deprecate special behavior of `exports.main` P2 NEW
706386 Temp xpi files left behind P2 NEW
710113 Support boolean pref groups for simple-prefs P2 NEW
714181 Access to Full Screen API blocked from context-menu API P2 NEW
715470 Developers should specifiy which origins an addon can reach through XHR P2 NEW
717183 Specified panel width ignored when firefox is maximized P2 NEW
719399 Implement a default locale setting for l10n P2 NEW
722232 Document loaded in the browser from `data` addon's folder should have more privileges P2 NEW
723627 iframe content access denied P2 NEW
724625 refine unload module to match existing conventions P2 NEW
730369 cuddlefish/'s DEFAULT_THUNDERBIRD_PREFS are a bad idea P2 NEW
755963 Fix unfortunate design decision of tab.attach P2 NEW
757888 ENH: Expose 'abort' into XHR and Request modules P2 NEW
761519 SDK Add-ons have blank Panel if the content have illegal java-script P2 NEW
767076 create content-script API with message passing P2 NEW
773028 Test results are not displayed unless `-v` is used when testing Fennec on Android P2 NEW
773914 ENH Implement an onClick handler for context-menu P2 NEW
779790 Define default/fallback locale to use if a key is missing P2 NEW
781486 Implement Jetpack file API on top of OS.File P2 NEW
782186 activeWindow is not showing up in windows documentation's table of contents P2 NEW
782461 Implement tab.index setter for Fennec P2 NEW
783148 The active tab when the user undo a recently closed tab is wrong P2 NEW
785123 Provide an option in simple-prefs to enable sync for all of an extension's simple-prefs with one toggle. P2 NEW
785914 Issue with sites like Google Analytics setting cookies in extension; page worker, panel, panel iframe vs resource url opened in a tab. P2 NEW
786280 test documentation examples P2 NEW
787351 add l10n support for content scripts P2 NEW
789757 clipboard module should support Fennec P2 NEW
790323 [tracking] Make simple-prefs stable P2 NEW
792670 firefox-tabs module should not depend on the windows module P2 NEW
793413 default panel theme for mac needs new link color P2 NEW
794574 PageMod should have a port property P2 NEW
795523 context-menu should support url bar context P2 NEW
807426 test file for tabs/utils.js P2 NEW
811837 Assertions in debug builds: Can't swap doc shells when only one is within a popup! P2 NEW
816272 self.port.removeListener doesn't work for events that are already queued (content script) P2 NEW
818048 test that Websockets work P2 NEW
819534 l10n should (?) support plurals and placeholders in the same `get` P2 NEW
820213 Can't load content from "data" directory into an iframe P2 NEW
824182 Deprecate content scripts for context menu P2 NEW
830883 (request) Need to offer a way to make private requests P2 NEW
836511 Create a review checklist P2 NEW
837023 (simple-prefs) changing the default type of a simple-pref causes an error while loading addons P2 NEW
838983 [tracking] Clean up cfx test output static P2 NEW
839999 Use folder structure to display tree view of module names in left nav P2 NEW
841190 update tabs/utils to ignore private tabs P2 NEW
843799 should use require('window/utils').open and not openDialog P2 NEW
843905 observer notification for keyboard events P2 NEW
843916 observer notification for context menu events P2 NEW
844451 sending json in post requests should be easier P2 NEW
846284 Avoid the magic around sdk modules tests P2 NEW
846321 Avoid copying overloaded modules one-by-one on mobile device P2 NEW
850865 Stop hijacking console in addon documents P2 NEW
851318 Panel level attribute should be 'parent' P2 NEW
851647 Context-menu's self.postMessage does not always work with some selectors P2 NEW
852297 Land Erik's content-policy module P2 NEW
853084 Allow method definitions on Ci interfaces P2 NEW
854523 tabs/utils module should not be aware of private windows or tabs P2 NEW
854528 Drop global private browsing support P2 NEW
855418 'cfx init FOLDERNAME' seems to use the current directory as the addon's name. P2 NEW
856999 cfx test runner should have a flag for disabling all timeouts that can kill the process P2 NEW
858044 Make addon startup code more resilient by using nsISessionStore.restored P2 NEW
859012 Pressing ESC when a panel is open should hide the panel P2 NEW
859504 Move SDK styled panels into platform P2 NEW
862337 SDK 1.14 leaks console/plain-text.js P2 NEW
870141 Multiple intermittent test failures involving contextMenu P2 NEW
870677 Adding './' as shortcut for 'data' folder in existing API P2 NEW
873204 Jetpack tests need to log crash stacks P2 NEW
873691 Add mozcrash and everything it depends on to Jetpack tests P2 NEW
877268 Having a http url redirect to an add-on's resource:// uri is forbidden P2 NEW
877805 All windows are treated as private when 'never remember history' is set P2 NEW
878169 Selection module says there is no selection when there is P2 NEW
878580 Intermittent Win8 shutdown WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied. P2 NEW
879534 API to call handler unconditionally when tab becomes ready or is already ready P2 NEW
882900 Use a shared module in Firefox to manage context-menu state P2 NEW
884113 Request API returns cached version of updated webapp manifest P2 NEW
884924 package.json should support minVersion in targetApplication P2 NEW
885949 Use window.toggleSidebar to close the sidebar P2 NEW
886303 Intermittent tests/test-tab-events.test open -> open -> move | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). P2 NEW
888462 need to test that panels are properly disposed P2 NEW
888773 Sidebar followup: show/hide should take a window argument P2 NEW
889216 Panel issue: TypeError: container is null when setting panel.contentURL to a data URI P2 NEW
889217 Panels need GC tests P2 NEW
889237 Need tests that panel xul elements are created and removed properly P2 NEW
889250 Test Panels are closed when opening a new window P2 NEW
889463 Need Button PWPB tests P2 NEW
889465 Buttons need GC tests P2 NEW
890643 Make example add-on for Sidebars P2 NEW
891008 Simplify SDK panel architecture P2 NEW
892385 Page-workers need GC tests P2 NEW
892386 Implement JEP Disposable without GC magic P2 NEW
894544 Intermittent Jetpack tests/test-tabs.testOpenInNewWindow | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). P2 NEW
894636 Make sidebars work on Fennec P2 NEW
898474 Make simple-storage read its data asynchronously P2 NEW
900876 Add nodeless as contributors to P2 NEW
903018 Using module.metadata.engine in test addons throws an error instead of skipping the tests P2 NEW
906502 sdk/addon/window needs tests P2 NEW
907016 Add ability to associate hotkeys with menuitems P2 NEW
907379 Location bar buttons P2 NEW
907449 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-content-worker.test:check worker API with page history | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
907639 Intermittent tests/test-passwords-utils.test addon associated credentials | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
907641 Intermittent tests/test-url.testURLFromURL | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
907687 Intermittent tests/test-page-mod.testAutomaticDestroy | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
907948 There is no test for forceAllowThirdPartyCookie in net/xhr or request P2 NEW
908318 Dynamically added menuitems ignore acceltext P2 NEW
908686 Intermittent Jetpack tests/test-weak-set.test adding non object or null item | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
909909 Intermittent tests/test-tab-events.test current window | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
910981 Intermittent Jetpack tests/test-windows.testOnOpenOnCloseListeners | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
914323 Intermittent Jetpack tests/test-ui-sidebar.testClickingACheckedMenuitem | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
917652 Intermittent tests/test-system-events.test handle nsIObserverService notifications | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
918518 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-uuid.test generate uuid | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
918600 Tooltips and autocomplete not visible from panels P2 NEW
919055 Document `io/fs` module P2 NEW
919056 Add permission modes to fs module functions P2 NEW
919772 sdk/io/fs functions do not work with relative paths P2 NEW
921262 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-xul-app.test not satisfies version range | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
922312 Intermittent Aurora TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-places-bookmarks.testSearchCount | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
931336 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-tabs.testOpenInNewWindow | Timed out and more P2 NEW
934050 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-selection.test No Selection | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
934802 Intermittent tests/test-tab.test behavior on close | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
937897 Intermittent ASAN command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill | due to ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address 0x60300013edd8 at pc 0x7f4534ba7fdd bp 0x7fffcb5952f0 sp 0x7fffcb5952e8 in the log P2 NEW
938326 logging Errors using console from content-scripts doesn't work (Error instances don't do JSON) P2 NEW
940245 sdk/event/dom module needs tests P2 NEW
941438 Intermittent test-window-utils2.testIsBrowser | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
941442 Intermittent places/main.testSearchSort | Timed out P2 NEW
942413 Intermittent test-window-utils2.test new top window with various URIs | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
942675 Intermittent test-sandbox.test load | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
943593 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-selection.test Selection Listener on frame | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). P2 NEW
946971 Figure out how to e10s-ify observer notifications for content documents P2 NEW
947792 Intermittent test-sandbox.test load with data: URL | Test output exceeded timeout (300s) after Assertion failure: winObj, at ../../../dom/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp:3684 P2 NEW
949281 Document `include` option for sdk/page-worker P2 NEW
952339 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-tabs-common.testAttachOnMultipleDocuments_alt | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
952340 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-sandbox.test load script with data: URL and complex char | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
952383 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-utils-private-browsing.testWindowTrackerIgnoresPrivateWindows | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
952402 weird tab.url behaviour P2 NEW
952578 Flash object inside sdk/Panel content is created as a child the browser window P2 NEW
953200 Intermittent test-window-utils.testWindowTracker | Test output exceeded timeout (300s) P2 NEW
958454 Document that Widget API is deprecated P2 NEW
958692 Update the example add-ons that use widget P2 NEW
959346 Intermittent private-browsing-supported/main.test PWPB Selection Listener | Timed out followed by many more P2 NEW
959819 toolbar module needs private browsing tests P2 NEW
960616 Intermittent tests/test-windows.testTrackWindows | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
961511 Update Page-Mod documentation about contentStyleFile and relative path P2 NEW
963714 Intermittent Jetpack places/main.testVisitCount | Correct number of entries returned - 1 == 0 | Timed out P2 NEW
964121 Measure the time it takes to bootstrap jetpacks P2 NEW
967825 Implement process.argv P2 NEW
968327 It should be possible to run the jetpack test suite on old school add-ons P2 NEW
968480 addon-page testaddon: TypeError: document.defaultView is null P2 NEW
969208 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-ui-toggle-button.test button tab state | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
969618 Intermittent tests/test-selection.test No Selection Exception | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
969730 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-windows.testOpenAndCloseWindow | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
969733 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-windows.testWindowTabsObject | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
970062 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-selection.test Textarea onSelect Listener on frame | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
970135 Remove windows/loader P2 NEW
971251 Bookmark(tab) should work P2 NEW
972223 Intermittent test-xul-app.test xulapp | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
974573 Intermittent tests/test-promise.test subsequent resolves are ignored | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
974689 Improve mobile compatibility information P2 NEW
975661 Intermittent test-registry.test:items | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
975805 Make the 'request' npm module work P2 NEW
975904 add session store API module for global data P2 NEW
975907 consider switching to the common Assert.jsm module for unit testing P2 NEW
976401 Intermittent test-ui-toggle-button.test button window state | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
976737 Intermittent tests/test-request.testComplexHeader | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
976891 places/history should emit event when an item is removed from the history service P2 NEW
977272 Intermittent tests/test-promise.test `all` with multiple rejected | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
977633 sdk/places/bookmarks needs a test that search for urls works P2 NEW
977990 (Places) There should be some way to remove an item from history P2 NEW
978202 event/core should work on Page-mod workers P2 NEW
978401 Intermittent test-window-utils-global-private-browsing.test Unsupported Test | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
979334 Intermittent tests/test-child_process.testChildExecFileKillSignal | Timed out P2 NEW
979645 test/addon/simple-prefs-l10n should support Fennec P2 NEW
979673 Intermittent test-ui-sidebar.testEventListeners | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
979678 Intermittent child_process/index.test child_process in an addon | no errors - true == false | stderr is empty - "" == "ls: sessionCheckpoints.json.tmp: No such file or directory P2 NEW
979944 Intermittent tests/test-tabs.testTabsEvent_onReady | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
979945 Intermittent tests/test-unit-test.testWaitUntilErrorInCallback | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
980416 Intermittent tests/test-ui-sidebar-private-browsing.testSidebarIsNotOpenInNewPrivateWindow | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
980523 Add support for adding custom syntax highlighters to a devtools P2 NEW
980553 API for defining Custom input handlers (a.k.a compilers) P2 NEW
980601 places/history search results should include a isBookmarked boolean P2 NEW
980656 Intermittent test-tabs.testTabsEvent_onClose | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
982385 console messages from frame scripts don't appear in the Terminal P2 NEW
982404 Intermittent tests/test-test-memory.testGC | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
982811 Intermittent tests/test-promise.test `all` aborts upon first reject | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
982994 Intermittent tests/test-ui-sidebar.testURLSetter | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
983155 Intermittent | test-ui-toolbar.test toolbar is not customizable | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
983160 Intermittent | tests/test-private-browsing.testNSIPrivateBrowsingChannel | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
983222 Intermittent test-ui-sidebar.testTwoSidebarsWithSameTitleAndURL | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
983277 Intermittent test-ui-sidebar.testSidebarLeakCheckUnloadAfterAttach | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
983458 Intermittent tests/test-window-utils2.testIsBrowser | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
983487 Intermittent tests/test-tabs-common.testOnPageShowEventDeclarative | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
984695 Intermittent tests/test-ui-toggle-button.test button are not in private windows | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
986191 Jetpack test results should output timestamps for each line P2 NEW
986370 Intermittent test-tabs.testTabsEvent_onDeactivate | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
986373 Intermittent test-private-browsing.testNewGlobalPBService | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
987493 Intermittent browser_state_notifications.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out: data:text/html;charset=utf-8,<h1>1</h1> P2 NEW
988552 Document how to use the SDK loader from a non-SDK extension P2 NEW
989100 should accept relative urls (which use files in the add-on data folder) P2 NEW
990260 httpd should allow one to create P2 NEW
990535 Intermittent tests/test-ui-sidebar.testTitleSetter | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
991337 Test sidebars are not displayed after restart P2 NEW
991514 Intermittent test-tabs-common.testAttachOnOpen_alt | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
993995 Intermittent test-tabs.testAutomaticDestroyEventOpen | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
994222 Intermittent tests/test-ui-action-button.test button window state | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P2 NEW
701082 toggle warnings pref on tests that will log warnings P2 NEW
727767 Closing Firefox with Panel open causes an exception in nsIFrameLoaderOwner.swapFrameLoaders P2 NEW
731037 Implement background window API P2 NEW
738619 SDK1.4.2 or higher data.load causing addon not receive key events during local file load P2 NEW
798060 Merge windows module for firefox and fennec P2 NEW
798069 Merge tabs modules for firefox and fennec P2 NEW
820944 Worker and friends should queue postMessages if worker is detached P2 NEW
821536 Tab title changes are not reflected P2 NEW
824348 Two-way communication between add-on script and content-script with context-menu P2 NEW
833011 window/utils doesn't replicate WindowTracker P2 NEW
853081 Document method/core module P2 NEW
860419 Let users enable add-on for private browsing P2 NEW
877867 browser/events does not work/emit until a new window is opened P2 NEW
940247 sdk/event/dom module does not remove event listeners causing leaks P2 NEW
940510 SDK document signals P2 NEW
940550 Implement FRP window signals P2 NEW
940688 sdk/content/events has a race condition P2 NEW
795522 context-menu should support tab context P2 NEW
587976 the unit-test module should have a todo() method P2 NEW
946016 Expose HTML5 Notification API in SDK P2 NEW
645209 clarify recommendations for storing prefs and resetting them on uninstall P2 NEW
691536 Clarify tab.attach() to explain how to use its return value P2 NEW
711501 Clean up XPI Generation documentation. P2 NEW
734285 Create a tutorial illustrating use of window/utils P2 NEW
775329 Write a tutorial on subclassing with `heritage` P2 NEW
800004 Improve docs on getting access to XPCOM P2 NEW
810204 Document why `window.onload` and similar doesn't work in content script P2 NEW
825222 `core/disposable` module seems not having documentation P2 NEW
847616 Document Tab object's Window property P2 NEW
851743 Page-mod does not execute during subsequent visits P2 NEW
855644 setLocalized example code for preferences/service documentation doesn't seem to actually use setLocalized() P2 NEW
871734 Document new sdk/url properties and methods P2 NEW
896569 Places API tutorial P2 NEW
858976 cmd+click a link in a panel should open the link in a new tab P2 NEW
859216 should take a element id P2 NEW
882823 contentStyleFile not working for tab.attach P2 NEW
963335 API instances should have .id field that is a unique string matching identify(x) P2 NEW
990026 `panel.position` should points to a frozen copy of the object given P2 NEW
990177 Need to test panel position comprehensively P2 NEW
990477 Set widget/button icons for dark theme. P2 NEW
866733 Remove `for each` usage from Add-on SDK code base P3 NEW
839983 (windows) Test that window.title is undefined when the window is closed P3 NEW
881047 Use "Promise.jsm" as the back-end for "promise.js" P3 NEW
884666 Revisit event bus pattern P3 NEW
906111 Implement tab.getThumbnail API on fennec P3 NEW
910197 addon/installer needs documentation P3 NEW
917834 require("sdk/tabs").open doesn't work correctly P3 NEW
919284 Visually indicate if remote content is being loaded in a panel P3 NEW
935106 Add node's `process` as global P3 NEW
935120 Alias sdk/events to `events` for node P3 NEW
935122 Implement node's `querystring` P3 NEW
935215 `fs` module [meta] P3 NEW
552849 make cfx warn users if they haven't yet activated SDK P3 NEW
556562 Old mozrunner .egg in site-packages causes AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'FirefoxProfile' P3 NEW
558214 German special character mangled in test output P3 NEW
563792 Create an automatic test for the SDK install-create-upload flow P3 NEW
582760 I want to be able to change a severity of logging P3 NEW
592754 Add ability to mouseover a panel to retain its visible state until mouseout occurs P3 NEW
620553 cfx --help should mention default value of --templatedir flag P3 NEW
655749 option to make Request cached P3 NEW
660626 Relative URL support P3 NEW
663337 Panels without borders are sexy! P3 NEW
684130 Fix or drop support for cygwin python P3 NEW
685932 addon-kit windows module should provide height/width properties P3 NEW
691010 eval code in examples P3 NEW
692164 reading from stdout P3 NEW
693624 Auto-resize panels to match content P3 NEW
695539 python test-runner shouldn't import every .py file it sees P3 NEW
696026 Option to include all modules as requirements. P3 NEW
697405 cfx testall should tell if all tests pass or not P3 NEW
697668 Add support for access keys on context menu items. P3 NEW
699710 re-sizing an un-anchored panel results in odd placement on first click P3 NEW
704849 Crashes when using --e10s option P3 NEW
705484 Content script throws exception when DOM is modified in any drag drop event handler P3 NEW
710110 Support min/max 'size' attributes for simple-prefs P3 NEW
715015 add API to enumerate files in data/ P3 NEW
722989 0-0 (etc) not a valid package name? if so the message is misleading P3 NEW
730923 title's don't work in iframe panel P3 NEW
751834 new heritage module should provide a way to define writable property to the prototype P3 NEW
772126 Check pref type while processing package.json P3 NEW
772197 ENH: panel anchoring P3 NEW
774410 mouseover and mouseout events for tabs module P3 NEW
774827 cfx testall --logfile=FOO doesn't work the way it should P3 NEW
775892 Support textarea type for simple-prefs P3 NEW
777313 xpcom module should handle categories support P3 NEW
777856 CFX arguments for passing in prefs P3 NEW
779221 cannot use --binary-args in local.json P3 NEW
784232 Expose page load status via tabs module P3 NEW
784584 Mozbase & Addon-SDK can't co-exist P3 NEW
788224 Add "type" option to PageMod constructor P3 NEW
789725 "activate.bat" can not find python when installed in path with spaces on XP P3 NEW
789749 Add more links in Glossary page P3 NEW
790342 Need a way to run all tests excluding tests with names that match PATTERN P3 NEW
791610 cfx init should include a locale directory and file P3 NEW
793765 ValidateOptions request: 3rd "strategy" argument for handling unknown keys P3 NEW
796542 export window.location as part of the tabs module's tab object P3 NEW
798418 Document the PrefsTarget class P3 NEW
804776 style request: remove all conditional try...catch blocks P3 NEW
811560 cfx needs a flag to allow addons to use custom top level directories P3 NEW
820076 page-worker option to open in private mode P3 NEW
824489 The localization module cannot localize the attribute of an HTML element P3 NEW
825077 Deprecate postMessage in favor of port P3 NEW
825791 Add a way to disable dependency checks P3 NEW
825947 components.Constructor doesn't work - NS_ERROR_XPC_UNEXPECTED P3 NEW
826082 Should context-menu.PageContext take into account designMode? P3 NEW
828570 The re-usable modules tutorial refers to the packages directory P3 NEW
831522 Update unit testing tutorial P3 NEW
833057 promise documentation doesn't follow conventions of other documented modules P3 NEW
834192 Move injection of `console` from Worker to Symbiont P3 NEW
837278 Support selecting tests to run in in-tree mach and Makefile test commands P3 NEW
838322 document tabs/helpers module P3 NEW
839960 (xpcom) Factory class should have a destroy method P3 NEW
839989 (tabs) destroy method should not be public P3 NEW
841179 test output: JS Error: "[Exception.. (NS_NOINTERFACE) .. PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm" line: 25 P3 NEW
842321 Test runner should make .xpi with tests and run from it. P3 NEW
844481 cfx test -v should also publish the "POINTLESS ERRORS" P3 NEW
844492 tab not found in windows.activeWindow.tabs in tabs.on('open') event P3 NEW
845490 module.metadata should have a way to make amo reviewers aware of safety level P3 NEW
846290 Limit the depth of stringified object when a test assertion fail P3 NEW
847972 Add a note about `contentScriptFile` usage for remote script and AMO P3 NEW
848996 Provide option to page-mod panels P3 NEW
851145 Refactor isPrivate method to use the method module P3 NEW
851152 getOwnerWindow should be refactored to use the method module P3 NEW
851191 re-factor the utility functions in selection's test P3 NEW
851767 DOM Mutation Observer example P3 NEW
852666 write pb tests for examples/annotator P3 NEW
854800 provide some isReady(thing) method to take tabs, windows, and things P3 NEW
858399 context menu should work in panels P3 NEW
858977 Panels need a option to have links opened in the current active tab P3 NEW
860507 [docs] Update util/list docs as methods no longer exist P3 NEW
862601 tabs module should have a getTabById() method P3 NEW
863810 Error when using `Components` as a variable name P3 NEW
864158 Add support for developers key to package.json P3 NEW
865283 overloading of 'window' to mean both 'raw windows' and 'wrapped windows' is confusing P3 NEW
866535 Changes in test finder breaks `__$coverObject` globals P3 NEW
867134 remove openDialog from window/utils P3 NEW
868507 Remove `for each` usage from Add-on SDK documentation example P3 NEW
879330 tab.close for firefox should use closeTab from tab/utiils P3 NEW
879541 attach events for content scripts attached to a tab should work P3 NEW
880603 Add possibility to change the locale used by l10n P3 NEW
882503 Documentation for `test/loader` P3 NEW
882833 Using simple-storage to determine if a context menu should show is not possible. P3 NEW
884635 Testing content scripts is hard P3 NEW
886178 sdk/test/httpd needs documentation P3 NEW
887067 Create a high level menu module P3 NEW
890579 sdk/system/events subject wrapping defeats many use cases P3 NEW
892396 Test that `this` is a button instance in event handlers for buttons P3 NEW
892713 Write before & after tests for the panel tests P3 NEW
894697 Implement platform API to exit firefox with a specific exit code P3 NEW
895098 Button properties should throw a 'Permission denied' error after being destroyed P3 NEW
896029 We should warn people against running tests on their main profile, or kill that feature P3 NEW
896085 Enhance the README P3 NEW
899432 Buttons should have associated broadcasters P3 NEW
903268 Not using a default value in preferences needs documentation P3 NEW
904963 tab.attach should accept contentScriptWhen option P3 NEW
906369 Log any exception when loading addon/window P3 NEW
906844 Removing javascript error and warning filters from tests when running on tinderbox P3 NEW
906866 SDK strict warning filter not always captures useless warnings P3 NEW
906916 Simplify SDK test runner P3 NEW
910653 Errors thrown by loadSubScript do not get proper stack property P3 NEW
919059 Reorganize node APIs P3 NEW
921570 Filter out 'OpenGL version detected' logs when running tests P3 NEW
933548 Add-on should be able to open private windows / tabs P3 NEW
934812 Document that sdk/windows onclose-listener does not fire when using ctrl+q to close the browser P3 NEW
935112 Add properties to `module` for Node parity P3 NEW
935113 Have same globals as node P3 NEW
935115 Alias `console` for Node Module P3 NEW
935119 Implement `crypto` node module P3 NEW
935121 Implement node's `punycode` P3 NEW
935123 Implement node's `readline` P3 NEW
935124 Implement node's `string_decoder` P3 NEW
935126 Alias `timers` for node parity P3 NEW
935127 Implement `zlib` for node parity P3 NEW
935128 Documentation changes for Node Libraries P3 NEW
935221 Implement node's `util` P3 NEW
935223 Implement node's `url` P3 NEW
936239 Update internal use of `Cu.import` to new require('modules/') jsm P3 NEW
936240 Update documentation to note loader's JSM support, and `modules/` alias P3 NEW
936280 Document how require works P3 NEW
939482 Disposables run cleanup logic on shutdown P3 NEW
939927 Investigate third-party `Buffer` implementation P3 NEW
941970 Use DeferredTask for scheduling simple-storage writes P3 NEW
945810 Explain how to localize add-on meta data via manually editing install.rdf P3 NEW
952548 "Firefox compatibility" page is hopelessly out of date P3 NEW
952710 Decide what to do with the Credits page P3 NEW
956227 Using chrome content in a panel does not work P3 NEW
956461 Menuitems have no id in the dom. P3 NEW
957195 Document `getTabId` function P3 NEW
957419 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-utils.testWindowIterator | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). P3 NEW
960328 Deprecate api-utils, move validation module out P3 NEW
962286 activeWindow "isFocused" or "isForeground" attribute. P3 NEW
962457 Add-on Panel (widget) Icon is missing P3 NEW
658059 Need to get rid of lazy getters that needs to be invoked in initialization functions P3 NEW
697274 main setting is not working right in package.json P3 NEW
727253 Tracebacks from the test runner are hard to read P3 NEW
745867 Should not need to reinvent wheel when communicating between content scripts and low-level modules P3 NEW
784403 addon/installer.js should handle "install from url" and other cases. (ENH) P3 NEW
842148 tab.close creates ghost tab P3 NEW
906395 Remove window.isPrivateBrowsing P3 NEW
938442 require("sdk/window/utils").open() must open window with default features P3 NEW
946015 Use invisible docshells instead of hidden iframes. P3 NEW
956195 framework/target.js:301 - anonymous function does not always return a value P3 NEW
817827 Hide (really) internal APIs from documentation P3 NEW
850917 sdk/timers module needs examples P3 NEW
901653 improve net/xhr module documentation P3 NEW
722597 New Collection module P4 NEW
787718 [meta] Implement SDK support for Native Fennec aka Firefox on Android P4 NEW
856878 [tracking] Promises P4 NEW
888483 [tracking] Places P4 NEW
913027 Crashes while running add-on SDK tests P4 NEW
934696 Nodeification P4 NEW
935108 Node Module Parity [meta] P4 NEW
692539 [meta] Inconsistent behavior in content scripts P4 NEW
697775 [meta] SDK-based platform issues P4 NEW
761875 Write better test to catch bug in 813f36e3bd1ca36bb04663a894b70ebefef6d2f0 P4 NEW
821481 [tracking] Widget Issues P4 NEW
821779 [tracking] Tabs Issues P4 NEW
839997 [tracking] Window Issues P4 NEW
840023 [tracking] issues P4 NEW
840246 [Tracking] simple-storage P4 NEW
841629 [tracking] Request Issues P4 NEW
844485 [tracking] context-menu issues P4 NEW
888774 [tracking] Sidebar Issues P4 NEW
889461 [tracking] Button issues P4 NEW
902217 [Tracking] Page-Mod P4 NEW
903029 Removable python code from P4 NEW
908030 [Tracking] hotkeys P4 NEW
910198 [tracking] addon/installer P4 NEW
930164 [e10] Jetpack Add-on SDK support for e10s P4 NEW
936189 Expose more contexts to context menu API P4 NEW
958990 [Tracking] Localization P4 NEW
980408 Devtools APIs P4 NEW
821476 [tracking] Panel Issues P4 NEW
843235 Create observer notifications for events jetpack observes P4 NEW
980752 addon-sdk/source/lib/toolkit/loader.js calls Object.freeze(Object.prototype) which can break other JS modules when jsloader.reuseGlobal is true (always true in b2g), matters because Marionette triggers the loader -- ASSIGNED
970280 Add-on cannot be enabled after disabling them: Bootstrap error: "prototype" is read-only P1 ASSIGNED
748604 Modify Add-on SDK to work with per-window private browsing P1 ASSIGNED
983322 make preferencesBranch work with native-options without the CFX P1 ASSIGNED
943121 geolocation example might have rotted P1 ASSIGNED
635719 require("simple-storage") is writable P2 ASSIGNED
652988 Passwords API should not throw nsIExceptions P2 ASSIGNED
715560 Tab.index has inconsistent behaviour P2 ASSIGNED
848238 attachTo "existing" should work for documents in BFCache P2 ASSIGNED
903039 native options - inline options should be dynamically generated P2 ASSIGNED
694617 Write a greasemonkey porting guide P2 ASSIGNED
692675 Allow users to specify panel content directly, not just by URL P3 ASSIGNED
697590 `tabs.attach` should provide an `onAttach` property in options like page-mod does. P3 ASSIGNED
810654 PageMods should have an exclude option P3 ASSIGNED
856968 cfx xpi should not include the tests folder P3 ASSIGNED
905000 Document preferences-branch package.json key P3 ASSIGNED
973750 Since Firefox 27, simple-storage doesn't seem to save on browser close -- REOPENED
863456 Report failures for tests that leave unexpected tabs or windows behind P1 REOPENED
893276 sdk/simple-storage is writing to disk every 5 mins ! P1 REOPENED
649889 Avoid, discourage and deprecate synchronous disk I/O P1 REOPENED
661083 Let developers localize add-on metadata. P1 REOPENED
889471 Buttons need customization tests P1 REOPENED
926264 Intermittent Jetpack command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill starting up private-browsing-supported P1 REOPENED
795490 panel.contentURL change doesn't swap out the visible page in a panel P1 REOPENED
592774 Re-enable Jetpack's memory debugging infrastructure when platform issues are resolved P2 REOPENED
653878 WindowsError: [Error 13] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process P2 REOPENED
961194 Pull out utils from toolkit/loader for organization P3 REOPENED
687273 is null in Content Scripts P3 REOPENED
773794 panel styling in docs is out of sync with current mac panel styling P3 REOPENED
745857 Need a way to set the optionsURL to a chrome window (or anything else) P4 REOPENED
724632 Remove use of traits P4 REOPENED
992560 Make console.time available to content scripts -- RESOLVED
541622 Implement byte streams -- RESOLVED
551821 Change xpcom.throwFriendlyError so that it returns an Error rather than throwing it -- RESOLVED
554479 'file' module Markdown docs need to document all public functions -- RESOLVED
554712 in a dir on Windows appears to raise NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED instead of "The stream was opened on a directory" -- RESOLVED
559126 Provide a cfx option to run only tests that match a filter -- RESOLVED
559169 Implement a collection module that can be used to track Jetpack event handlers -- RESOLVED
559859 Move some helpers from the context menu module to a common helpers module (publicConstructor(), validateOptions()) -- RESOLVED
560980 xul-app module needs documentation -- RESOLVED
561547 Node passed to context menu item callbacks may not match given selector -- RESOLVED
563447 Update context-menu module to use new api-utils module -- RESOLVED
563555 apiUtils.validateOptions() should provide shortcut for type names -- RESOLVED
564823 api-utils nits: remove unnecessary semicolon, mention obj.constructor in docs -- RESOLVED
564962 Console listener in test harness should ignore empty messages -- RESOLVED
565067 On the first failure in a test file, log the file and function names and failure reason above the stack trace -- RESOLVED
565083 Add tests for the byte-streams module -- RESOLVED
566351 Fix context menu test leaks -- RESOLVED
566950 test-file.testRmdirNonempty fails on Windows -- RESOLVED
566953 File doc should be updated to reflect text streams -- RESOLVED
567293 Simple storage no longer purged on uninstall -- RESOLVED
567802 Byte streams renovations -- RESOLVED
567828 apidocs need a way to document object properties -- RESOLVED
567888 FAIL: Doctest: -- RESOLVED
567904 Add self.addonId -- RESOLVED
568723 Widget doc TODO and Examples need reformatting -- RESOLVED
568744 Replace context-menu module's use of XPCOM preferences service with preferences-service module -- RESOLVED
569271 Securable module loader should treat files as UTF-8 -- RESOLVED
570809 docs parser - options @prop do not have correct style -- RESOLVED
571114 Programs (main.js) need more documentation -- RESOLVED
571148 Replace simple-storage's UninstallNotifier with new unload notifications -- RESOLVED
574125 TEST FAILED: test-legacy-nsjetpack.runLegacyTests (empty test) -- RESOLVED
574389 Remove xpcom.friendlyError -- RESOLVED
575412 Clarify the context menu doc -- RESOLVED
578201 Fix some tabs module doc nits -- RESOLVED
578238 notifications API for creating Growl-style notifications -- RESOLVED
580387 widget module should use xpcom.makeUuid() rather than XPCOM -- RESOLVED
581351 tabs module documentation mentions nonexistent tab.activate() method -- RESOLVED
582637 Bump application.ini MinVersion to -- RESOLVED
588552 notifications module should set textClickable argument if onClick handler is given -- RESOLVED
588700 Widget doc section "Extended UI" should be removed now that widgets support panels -- RESOLVED
589024 widget.tooltip is undocumented, and widget.panel should be marked as optional -- RESOLVED
589057 Document the window-utils module -- RESOLVED
589072 Convert simple-storage doc to apidoc format -- RESOLVED
589085 Document the errors module -- RESOLVED
589090 Convert page-worker doc to apidoc format -- RESOLVED
589104 Convert selection doc to apidoc format -- RESOLVED
589147 Update the self module doc and reading-data example for 0.7 and panels -- RESOLVED
591922 jetpack context menus disappear if another sub-menu is opened. -- RESOLVED
594076 Example programs need to be able to quit automatically for automated testing purposes -- RESOLVED
596394 context-menu "*" context doesn't allow matching the html root node -- RESOLVED
598760 Stop telling people to run (our failing) unit tests as their introduction to the SDK -- RESOLVED
598821 test-tabs and test-windows failures on Linux -- RESOLVED
598853 Fix "assignment to undeclared variable" warning in test-manifest -- RESOLVED
599181 Allow extra program arguments to be given at `cfx run`-time -- RESOLVED
599226 page-mod should log exceptions with console.exception, not roll its own logger -- RESOLVED
601903 Update static-files/md/dev-guide/ for e10s context-menu changes -- RESOLVED
602191 Doc autoscrolling and fading should be smarter -- RESOLVED
602688 Liberate URLRule (match patterns) from page-mod module -- RESOLVED
602902 Modify cfx docs to reflect cfx run ability to pass parameter to app -- RESOLVED
603041 Fix reading-data example test -- RESOLVED
603042 Fix parse errors in -- RESOLVED
603307 Add Context classes to context-menu -- RESOLVED
607113 a bunch of api-utils tests fail -- RESOLVED
607768 test-match-pattern fails three tests due to apparent regexp mismatches -- RESOLVED
610420 test-notifications.testOnClick fails on OS X 10.6 + ff4.0b6 if Growl isn't installed -- RESOLVED
611792 widget event listener documentation is wrong -- RESOLVED
611908 Troubleshooting page in dev-guide needs updating to account for bug migration -- RESOLVED
612016 Switch to construct/destroy model for context-menu -- RESOLVED
612020 Update context-menu overflow menu label and pref name in light of Add-on SDK name change -- RESOLVED
612169 Switch to construct/destroy model for widget -- RESOLVED
612180 Switch to construct/destroy model for page-worker -- RESOLVED
612463 Switch to construct/destroy model for page-mod -- RESOLVED
612664 make docs specify that it takes a handle argument -- RESOLVED
612719 remove "ready" event from Page Worker API doc -- RESOLVED
612733 rename "active" property to "isActive" and add activate(), deactivate() functions to Private Browsing API -- RESOLVED
612735 rename "contiguous" property to "isContiguous" in Selection API -- RESOLVED
612770 pull l10n API for initial beta -- RESOLVED
613653 update credits page and figure out way to keep it up-to-date -- RESOLVED
614129 change cfx options based on usage expectations -- RESOLVED
614130 distinguish between supported/experimental/internal commands/options and tool/command options -- RESOLVED
614341 remove unhelpful/planning documents -- RESOLVED
615573 widget's MouseOver and MouseOut events have incorrect case -- RESOLVED
615598 reading-data example throws "No content or contentURL property found." -- RESOLVED
616140 Widget and events docs need updating in light of widget API changes -- RESOLVED
616166 tabs module documentation makes me cry -- RESOLVED
616168 Parameter type of needs to be one word -- RESOLVED
616541 widget documentation uses old tab.location API, should use tab.url -- RESOLVED
616736 Improve widget doc further -- RESOLVED
616741 panel doc needs more updating for construct/destroy, other inaccuracies -- RESOLVED
616747 Reference section should be listed above Experimental and Internals sections in sidebar -- RESOLVED
616758 Convert context-menu events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
616766 Convert notification events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
616770 Convert simple-storage events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
616866 Convert widget events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
616900 Convert selection events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
616907 Convert private-browsing events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
616912 Convert request events to style described in bug 593921 -- RESOLVED
617996 Correct an inaccuracy in the page-worker doc, other improvements -- RESOLVED
624562 The notifications API should warn and use the default icon when an invalid iconURL is given -- RESOLVED
624606 The notifications module should handle errors on notify -- RESOLVED
626078 Correct the widget example in the web-content doc -- RESOLVED
627470 simple-storage improvements -- RESOLVED
628306 List in match-pattern doc is rendered incorrectly -- RESOLVED
629813 test-file failure: basename should work on paths with no components ("c:" != "") -- RESOLVED
641254 and text-streams/byte-streams docs are confusing -- RESOLVED
642004 require("context-menu") breaks bfcache making back/forward navigation much slower -- RESOLVED
648434 context-menu should create workers only when needed -- RESOLVED
652978 context-menu is broken for pages that are opened before add-on installation -- RESOLVED
655320 Explain that path specifications are platform-specific in the file API -- RESOLVED
656467 Clarify item 2 of the match-pattern doc and make some other small improvements -- RESOLVED
656483 Correct the usage of possessive "its" in documentation -- RESOLVED
671274 created 2 addons with builder. both add an item to context-menu. clicking either one does same action though. -- RESOLVED
671368 cfx doesn't work on OS X 10.5 -- RESOLVED
672152 context-menu not working when Gmail is opened before add-on installation, because workers aren't created for iframes that are loaded beforehand -- RESOLVED
556075 Add "Using Jetpack SDK with XUL extensions" to the SDK docs -- RESOLVED
557036 Missing newline after messages logged to the Error Console -- RESOLVED
557037 List modules on the package details page in the documentation viewer (cfx docs) -- RESOLVED
557141 Minor tweaks to cfx docs viewer (make the 'clickable' items real links, make modules with dashes in their name searchable, use onhashchange) -- RESOLVED
558680 Exceptions from _respond_with_pkg_file result in confusing errors in the UI -- RESOLVED
571674 Provide a nsIVersionComparator wrapper in xul-app -- RESOLVED
597843 python-lib/cuddlefish/app-extension/defaults/preferences/prefs.js has no effect in restartless extensions -- RESOLVED
626059 add classID property to package.json to support XUL (non-bootstrapped) extensions in Mozilla2, use the same logic for generating JID, harness GUID, and harness contract ID in 'cfx run' and 'cfx test' when an id is present in package.json. -- RESOLVED
626795 Make --use-server produce a more helpful error message when 'cfx develop' is not running -- RESOLVED
627204 cfx testex only tests the first example -- RESOLVED
627209 Support non-bootstrapped (XUL) extensions on Mozilla 2 -- RESOLVED
550368 Syntax errors in modules don't raise tracebacks or line numbers -- RESOLVED
551335 --no-quit option doesn't work w/ cfx on Windows -- RESOLVED
551364 Review the XPCOM helper module, jetpack-core/lib/xpcom.js -- RESOLVED
551824 Implement a "registry" module that can register and unregister objects -- RESOLVED
553739 |cfx testall| on Windows throws the exception "Mozrunner could not locate your binary" -- RESOLVED
553744 --no-quit doesn't work when running |cfx testall| on Windows -- RESOLVED
554241 cfx should have a --logfile option -- RESOLVED
554483 Add nsjetpack binary component as a package to SDK -- RESOLVED
554489 Having more than one Jetpack-based XPI installed simultaneously only loads one of them -- RESOLVED
554567 'cfx testcfx' fails doctest on Windows b/c of path separator differences -- RESOLVED
554720 Remove --no-quit option from cfx -- RESOLVED
555469 Using cfx with XULRunner on OS X launches a process with no application bundle -- RESOLVED
556940 incorporate Atul's 'errors' and 'window-utils' modules and merge 'unload-2' into 'unload' -- RESOLVED
556942 incorporate memory profiler -- RESOLVED
559363 document new memory profiler -- RESOLVED
560331 Links to example xhr module code in the SDK docs are 404 -- RESOLVED
562397 'cfx develop' is broken -- RESOLVED
567660 cfx xpi can't produce install.rdf with non-ASCII characters -- RESOLVED
568682 Review and land FlightDeck addon on Jetpack SDK -- RESOLVED
570250 failures in 'cfx testall' don't set exit code !=0 -- RESOLVED
571285 Restructure package/module structure and/or reference documentation to make more sense to Addon developers -- RESOLVED
572181 Defining exports.main() in a main script should be optional -- RESOLVED
575306 'cfx testex' should ignore bogus files and empty directories -- RESOLVED
578842 'cfx testall -a firefox' is broken on latest Firefox 4.0b2pre nightlies -- RESOLVED
581119 Make firefox the default application for cfx -- RESOLVED
584487 cfx should have an '--addons' option similar to mozrunner's -- RESOLVED
587776 Jetpack Addon Builder Helper should send "addonbuilderhelperfinish" and remove window obj when unloaded -- RESOLVED
588461 cfx xpi is creating zip files with directories that contain bad permission attributes -- RESOLVED
588665 cfx's test runner package should be user-configurable -- RESOLVED
589965 test-file.testDirName exceptions on trunk nightly -- RESOLVED
592097 There should be an easier way for chrome-privileged code to get metadata about a module -- RESOLVED
593177 cfx should include manifest data for tests and other module directories -- RESOLVED
593648 cfx -P/--profiledir option should take relative paths -- RESOLVED
596089 Distinguish between high and low-level packages -- RESOLVED
596092 Get rid of the 'misc' root dir and create a 'bin/integration-scripts' dir -- RESOLVED
596406 Move high-level modules out of 'jetpack-core' into a new high-level package -- RESOLVED
596573 manifest enforcement logs warning for all the modules in sub-directories -- RESOLVED
599490 "cfx test -F private\|selection" in jetpack-core causes errors -- RESOLVED
602391 Get steps for running cfx testall (jetpack test suite) on windows -- RESOLVED
604429 Document what's needed to integrate cfx with IDEs like FlightDeck -- RESOLVED
608427 Add e10s documentation to Jetpack SDK -- RESOLVED
610507 Get rid of the nsjetpack package -- RESOLVED
610816 Store options.staticArgs as an object instead of a serialized JSON string -- RESOLVED
611734 Push updated version of ABH add-on to AMO -- RESOLVED
611763 switch to construct/destroy model for Panel -- RESOLVED
611766 Create an e10s-adapter for Panel -- RESOLVED
613341 addons should be marked as compatible with 4.0b8pre -- RESOLVED
613627 remove broken and/or not particularly useful tools -- RESOLVED
614568 Remove 'xpcom' command from cfx -- RESOLVED
614957 Allow 'es5' module to work as an injected script -- RESOLVED
617499 Add an e10s test to verify behavior of async messages sent by Firefox while the addon process is making a synchronous call -- RESOLVED
618080 Refactor e10s adapter interface to be easier to understand and document -- RESOLVED
619790 Refactored e10s adapter interface doesn't propagate exceptions from chrome process to addon process -- RESOLVED
578770 Integration test script for jetpack SDK -- RESOLVED
596932 Support CommonJS Asynchronous Module Definition proposal define (previously require.def) idiom (like used by RequireJS) -- RESOLVED
584080 Widget elements always have undefined tooltip -- RESOLVED
584145 Add tooltip property to the Widget -- RESOLVED
586091 support pinning/unpinning a tab (i.e. making it an app tab) and checking its status -- RESOLVED
595037 Panels width/height doesn't automatically change -- RESOLVED
597481 tab pinning tests fail on Firefox 3.6 -- RESOLVED
566814 cfx needs a stub package generator -- RESOLVED
629527 win7 jetpack suite causes hung builder -- RESOLVED
639879 Hang during or after test-api-utils.testAddRemoveBackingArray when run on win7 under buildbot -- RESOLVED
553057 Create release notes for Jetpack 0.2 SDK -- RESOLVED
560344 Website updates for 0.3 release -- RESOLVED
560711 Top Google result for "jetpack tutorial" is prototype's tutorial -- RESOLVED
578409 change 'source bin/activate' to '. bin/activate' -- RESOLVED
669927 [MozillaID] Create a Crypto API for Addons to generate keypairs, sign and verify data -- RESOLVED
694636 release Add-on SDK 1.2 -- RESOLVED
703621 release Add-on SDK 1.3 -- RESOLVED
551354 Review the preferences service module, jetpack-core/lib/preferences-service.js -- RESOLVED
558445 harness.js cleanup -- RESOLVED
564524 make a URL ctor -- RESOLVED
566775 Test leaks when executing cfx testall command -- RESOLVED
567228 after uninstalling a widget add-on on trunk, some widgets remain until app is restarted -- RESOLVED
567504 I see a magnify glass for a cursor when I mouseover Jetpack widgets (single ui element) -- RESOLVED
567505 using image instead of content for a Jetpack widget results in onClick not firing -- RESOLVED
567522 onMouseover and onMouseOut called twice with different event targets (jetpack 0.4 rc1 widget) -- RESOLVED
567600 website changes for the 0.4 release -- RESOLVED
570240 need a way to open a new window (and convert tests to use it) -- RESOLVED
570857 window-utils should expose an api for opening a new browser window -- RESOLVED
572209 cfx test-tab-browser.testAddTab (failure) error: fail: URL of new tab in the new window matches (null != "data:text/html,two") -- RESOLVED
572563 Developer should have the option to open new windows without an Extension Bar -- RESOLVED
573152 tab.favicon should be a data URL -- RESOLVED
573428 excessive errors on paint events in the tabs module -- RESOLVED
575147 nsIObserverService.removeObserver errors with cfx -a firefox test/testall -- RESOLVED
575797 widgets should be able to modify their width -- RESOLVED
578432 update SDK to generate add-ons compatible with 4.x -- RESOLVED
579440 tab property documentation needs clarification on "read-only" -- RESOLVED
579813 Widget width doesn't affect iframe -- RESOLVED
580106 tabs module has unused require()s -- RESOLVED
584063 Clipboard API -- RESOLVED
590278 make memory profiling optional -- RESOLVED
596202 update widget module to work with add-on bar implementation in Fx4 -- RESOLVED
602227 let addon bar control widget styling related to positioning -- RESOLVED
610310 widgets and bar are too tall -- RESOLVED
615237 cfx init uses the old widget api -- RESOLVED
616779 it isn't possible to postMessage to widget's content scripts -- RESOLVED
616923 Jetpack SDK not version compatible with Fennec -- RESOLVED
631520 Memory Leak in Widgets API -- RESOLVED
558505 command line error attempting to run "cfx docs" on windows -- RESOLVED
699566 Preferences controlling the extension manager should be set for all applications not just Firefox -- RESOLVED
748979 Module loader doesn't get unloaded on shutdown -- RESOLVED
748988 Fix some unnecessary warnings in console -- RESOLVED
814877 Getting exception "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005" while calling "Save Dialog box" from addon(on addon-sdk-1.11 command prompt). -- RESOLVED
816232 Error: this.windowMap is not iterable (context menu) -- RESOLVED
816240 self.postMessage / onMessage is not working (context-menu) -- RESOLVED
820688 Upstream the module changes made in bug 756542 -- RESOLVED
836318 Menu does not work with SelectorContext -- RESOLVED
836419 test-events.test:emitLoop claims an error in tinderbox output mode -- RESOLVED
839814 Returning undefined from a context listener in a contentScript should hide the menu -- RESOLVED
841418 Update Firefox 21 to latest stabilization branch -- RESOLVED
842702 context-menu item without image is not aligned properly -- RESOLVED
846378 "Exception: Test output exceeded timeout (60s)" in test-windows.testTrackWindows -- RESOLVED
848898 Uplift the changes made by bug 708984 to the SDK repo -- RESOLVED
853110 Enable the browser debugger in the cfx run profile -- RESOLVED
858248 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-unit-test.testWaitUntilTimeoutInCallback | Timed out -- RESOLVED
862085 Correct a typo in the xpcom docs -- RESOLVED
864986 Disposable should guard against multiple calls to destroy -- RESOLVED
875812 Uplift Add-on SDK integration to inbound -- RESOLVED
907522 Uplift Add-on SDK code to mozilla-aurora to fix frequent intermittent test failures -- RESOLVED
923715 windows should ignore closed windows -- RESOLVED
924500 Use outer-window-destroyed to detect windows have gone away -- RESOLVED
941907 Uncaught exception in simple-prefs tests -- RESOLVED
974735 Sync up changes to SDK code from Bug 762556 -- RESOLVED
975288 Sync up changes to SDK code from Bug 952307 -- RESOLVED
990284 Only allow data:text/html, events in test-content-events tests -- RESOLVED
597509 Jetpack SDK does not support packed extension installation -- RESOLVED
698611 "You can't dereference a NULL nsCOMPtr with operator->()." assertion on linux 64 debug test run -- RESOLVED
715994 TreeWalker and NodeIterator not working in a page-mod content script -- RESOLVED
830573 Error: TypeError: source is not an object -- RESOLVED
596704 make timer module's docs call setInterval's `callback` argument a `function` -- RESOLVED
597335 bad links in docs for content module -- RESOLVED
625627 Minor clipboard validation change -- RESOLVED
667539 onUntrack should be optional for the WindowTracker constructor in the window-utils module -- RESOLVED
676616 should not return a string with 'undefined' when no arg is provided -- RESOLVED
708168 URL should implement String interface -- RESOLVED
709498 if type is undefined for EventEmitter._removeAllListeners then all listeners should be removed -- RESOLVED
773052 Mention the valid inputs for require("xul-app").is() method -- RESOLVED
773747 Link to SJS docs on MDN -- RESOLVED
777813 Implement per-window private browsing getter -- RESOLVED
779352 move getThumbnail docs of tab module docs from properties section to method section -- RESOLVED
779708 TEST FAILED: test-tabs.testBug682681_aboutURI for non-english FF installs -- RESOLVED
786590 Document method of running a single specific test -- RESOLVED
787431 add private-browsing module to list of modules supported by Fennec -- RESOLVED
788025 url module's toFilename method fails for resource: urls -- RESOLVED
789758 Document that passwords works on Fennec -- RESOLVED
789854 PrefsTarget() should work -- RESOLVED
792223 Error: self._addonWorker is null in worker.js -- RESOLVED
796917 wrong serialization in postMessage between iframe and content script -- RESOLVED
801455 Revert per-window private browsing events -- RESOLVED
801493 11 of 13 tests passing for windows on Fennec -- RESOLVED
802215 Move test-tabs.js to test folder -- RESOLVED
808745 Remove FF9 related content-proxy code for XPathResult constants -- RESOLVED
830565 Add isPrivateBrowsing property to Tab class -- RESOLVED
832628 Follow symlinks when building addons -- RESOLVED
834089 Broken private-browsing test on fennec which tries to open a window -- RESOLVED
836514 Update reviewer list in the github wiki -- RESOLVED
839747 activate/deactivate should not do anything when pb is not supported -- RESOLVED
839872 context-menu doesn't emit "click" event -- RESOLVED
842111 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-tab.test behavior on close | Tab has the expected index - 1 == 2 -- RESOLVED
846856 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-utils-private-browsing.testSettingActiveWindowIgnoresPrivateWindow | Correct active window [1] -- RESOLVED
863940 Intermittent tests/test-tabs.testTabReload | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
865061 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-utils.test window watcher without untracker | Test run exceeded timeout (1800s). -- RESOLVED
866323 Increase max test suite run time -- RESOLVED
866465 link to using-port.html from communicating-with-other-scripts.html is broken -- RESOLVED
887970 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-tabs.testTitleForDataURI | data: title is not Connecting... ("data:text/html;charset=utf-8,default" != "tab") -- RESOLVED
888804 convert test-firefox-windows.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
889029 Intermittent test failure: tests/test-tabs.testTabProperties | index of the new tab matches (2 != 1) -- RESOLVED
892844 cfx test --check-memory failed to detect sdk/console/plain-text leak -- RESOLVED
893149 Do not use about:credits in tests -- RESOLVED
893151 when a private window is active, and pb is supported, and the isPrivate option is not provided, then the default should be to open in the active window -- RESOLVED
893189 private-browsing-supported Fails on Fennec -- RESOLVED
893525 Optimize sdk/timers -- RESOLVED
893940 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | private-browsing-supported/main.testOpenTabWithNonPrivateActiveWindowWithIsPrivateOptionFalse | the tab window and the new window are the same -- RESOLVED
904136 Intermittent test failure: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | simple-prefs/main.testAOM | Timed out -- RESOLVED
906334 convert test-window-loader.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906337 convert test-widget.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906348 convert test-unload.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906373 Remove unnecessary requires from test/runner -- RESOLVED
906385 convert test-traits-core.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906386 convert test-tmp-file.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906388 convert test-self.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906397 convert test-list.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906399 convert test-globals.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906400 convert test-events.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906492 convert test-deprecated-list.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906493 convert test-errors.js to use the new test framework -- RESOLVED
906500 convert test-collection.js to the new test framewoork -- RESOLVED
906905 Fix strange MPL 2.0 header formatting -- RESOLVED
921202 Implement sdk/ui/id -- RESOLVED
921562 Add test for using sdk/lang/functional once method for a function with arguments -- RESOLVED
924680 require('sdk/addon/window').window.document.body is undefined -- RESOLVED
958908 Remove usage of deprecated/observer-service -- RESOLVED
960771 Uplift Add-on SDK -- RESOLVED
960863 Include patch for bug 946813 in firefox28 branch of SDK -- RESOLVED
963216 Uplift Add-on SDK -- RESOLVED
964115 Raise maxVersion for 1.16 release -- RESOLVED
964118 page-mods need a way to alert content-scripts when the add-on in unloaded -- RESOLVED
964128 localizing preferences doesn't work: /sdk/l10n/prefs.js has a typo and throws -- RESOLVED
964871 Raise the minVersion for the 1.16 release -- RESOLVED
966416 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
967259 Intermittent Jetpack addon-page/main.test that add-on page has no chrome | chrome is not visible for addon page - false == true -- RESOLVED
967294 addon-page test add-on fails on fennec -- RESOLVED
968621 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
969739 A promise chain failed to handle a rejection in the private-browsing-supported add-on test -- RESOLVED
969774 isPrivate should accept a nsIChannel -- RESOLVED
969976 Tabs on close fires for all tabs at launch -- RESOLVED
969993 Raise min/max Versions supported when using --force-mobile -- RESOLVED
970171 test log image corrupt -- RESOLVED
972050 remove the USE_JS_PROXIES const -- RESOLVED
972931 Set the Fx maxVersion supported to 30.0 -- RESOLVED
978481 Sync up changes to SDK code from Bug 976105 -- RESOLVED
978482 Sync up changes to SDK code from Bug 965860 -- RESOLVED
980511 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
981890 Sync up changes to SDK code from bug 980965 -- RESOLVED
982379 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
982877 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
983526 Uplift changes from Bug 964545 to SDK repo -- RESOLVED
986622 Upstream the changes in bug 980962 to the Add-on SDK -- RESOLVED
993272 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
643016 page-mod script for "*" runs on "" -- RESOLVED
559143 Avoid passing -b and -a everytime to cfx -- RESOLVED
571727 Safeguard the require function from the operator new -- RESOLVED
589936 Update maxVersion for 0.7 release -- RESOLVED
596782 four Windows tests fail on Linux w/recent Firefox 4 builds -- RESOLVED
598525 error: TEST FAILED: test-windows.testActiveWindow (timed out) -- RESOLVED
601242 jetpack-core's "test-tab-browser.testEventsAndLengthStayInModule" depends on addon-kit's "tabs" module -- RESOLVED
557337 Add a 'credits' appendix to the SDK documentation -- RESOLVED
559251 clarify documentation for install guide for the sdk -- RESOLVED
560656 Come up with some documentation conventions -- RESOLVED
563739 Add documentation for cfx tool to sdk docs -- RESOLVED
565204 Restructure SDK docs -- RESOLVED
566493 doc changes that will be included in 0.4 for the jetpack sdk -- RESOLVED
566714 update to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
566733 update to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569698 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569699 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569700 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569701 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569702 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569703 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569705 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569706 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569708 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569710 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569711 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569712 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
569713 convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
571292 small bug in the cfx-tool document -- RESOLVED
578485 Write blog post on docs completion and community docs contribution flow -- RESOLVED
580864 Fix typo and add author info to -- RESOLVED
584183 Community documentation flow - wiki, docs, and blog post -- RESOLVED
588654 Convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
588669 update to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
588674 Convert to apidocs format -- RESOLVED
619806 Add per-line overrides to jetpack localization API -- RESOLVED
910190 Permanent Jetpack orange on UX: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-ui-button.test button are not in private windows | is null | followed by other errors -- RESOLVED
935556 Add-on SDK uplift broke jetpack tests on Australis | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-ui-button.test button added | icon is set - 'blah/addon-sdk/data/icon.png' == 'blah-at-jetpack.commonjs.path.tests/fixtures/icon.png' -- RESOLVED
902965 setTimeout from content-script behaves crazy -- RESOLVED
668805 Glossary: Simple one line rewrite of introduction paragraph (Patch) -- RESOLVED
658165 The extension name field in package.json cannot contain periods -- RESOLVED
836955 Loading docs offline takes forever -- RESOLVED
858475 Page-mod does not load from bfcache -- RESOLVED
870636 Fix util/array unique -- RESOLVED
880501 Make EventTarget chainable -- RESOLVED
884055 Implement e10s-ish event bussing -- RESOLVED
884076 Add Tree utility -- RESOLVED
887999 Deprecate sync favicon service everywhere -- RESOLVED
889698 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-places-bookmarks.testCaching | lookup occurs once for each item and parent - 6 == 5 -- RESOLVED
889719 Implement a way to skip tests on unsupported applications (Fennec) -- RESOLVED
890016 Update tests to abort on `Unsupported Application` automatically (889719) rather than manually -- RESOLVED
890087 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-places-history.testEmitters | data value found in url list - true == 0 -- RESOLVED
890089 Bug 889442 causes timeouts in tests/test-content-script.test localStorage -- RESOLVED
891109 Add `before` and `after` to test harness -- RESOLVED
891188 Docs for `sdk/test/utils` -- RESOLVED
892126 pass assert to before and after methods in sdk/test/utils -- RESOLVED
892998 Intermittent tests/test-places-host.testHostMultiQuery | should return 2 results ORing queries - 2 == 1 | should match URL or tag - "" == "" | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
893137 test-fs fails on Fennec -- RESOLVED
893205 tests/test-tabs.testTabProperties: fails on Fennec -- RESOLVED
893689 Tabs 'ready' event not fired on location change -- RESOLVED
894116 Reenable test-browser-events on Fennec -- RESOLVED
894505 Fennec Feature Parity -- RESOLVED
899357 Skip test-browser-events on Fennec -- RESOLVED
902222 io/text-streams and io/byte-streams readers and writers require the use of the "new" keyword -- RESOLVED
903083 callback is undefined in sdk/content/content-worker.js, line 45 -- RESOLVED
907284 Remove Editor settings from source code -- RESOLVED
910972 Page mod script to content script communication not working -- RESOLVED
911126 test-content-events is leaking an event listener and spamming the test output -- RESOLVED
911160 NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when opening a panel -- RESOLVED
921134 Add tests for sdk/io/buffer -- RESOLVED
933500 Loader should load json files like node: *.json -> *.json.js -- RESOLVED
933942 Fix typo in favicon documentation -- RESOLVED
934615 Buffer.isEncoding should fail for `undefined` -- RESOLVED
957038 Tabs doesn't work on Firefox Mobile: "viewFor is undefined" -- RESOLVED
959433 Fix worker detraitifcation failure with global 'addon' -- RESOLVED
961245 sdk/self should make less assumptions on loader options -- RESOLVED
966357 Panel() fails without arguments -- RESOLVED
970540 `onLoad` not firing for Fennec Tabs -- RESOLVED
975641 Add underscore `debounce` method -- RESOLVED
979631 testaddons on Fennec fails when more than one addon being tested -- RESOLVED
980546 Implement underscore's `throttle` -- RESOLVED
861304 Environment variable deletion shouldn't fail in strict mode code (and should return true in non-strict code) -- RESOLVED
589227 url module documentation should explain URL::toString() -- RESOLVED
568131 package directories with uppercase names cause the ID mechanism in CFX to fail -- RESOLVED
618721 If page-mod's 'include' option's value is invalid, incorrect error is shown. -- RESOLVED
619547 no way to programmatically get package name -- RESOLVED
620607 /packages/addon-kit/lib/panel.js has redundant comments lines 188-191 -- RESOLVED
642970 FAIL: Doctest: cuddlefish.packaging.validate_resource_hostname -- RESOLVED
701516 use httpd module to start running test-request.js tests again -- RESOLVED
758092 Disable application updates during tests. -- RESOLVED
783728 Update revision of Jetpack tests used on Mozilla-Central -- RESOLVED
808697 Error: Permission denied to access property 'utils' -- RESOLVED
847785 Update template for unit tests to correct (current) usage of require() statements -- RESOLVED
871350 Uplift Add-on SDK integration to inbound -- RESOLVED
871391 TypeError: getFavicon is not a function TypeError: getFavicon is not a function TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-io-data.testGetFaviconCallbackFailure | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
880558 Weekly uplift of Add-on SDK integration branch to inbound -- RESOLVED
881019 Use Cu.schedulePreciseGC instead of Cu.forceGC + setTImeout in tests -- RESOLVED
910193 Uplift Addon SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
555180 integrate into "cfx docs" an "apidoc/annotated sources" module view based on "code illuminated" -- RESOLVED
911498 page-mod/match-pattern.js requires itself -- RESOLVED
641442 The title has a typo. "Troubleshoooting" -- RESOLVED
645401 Missing link to Observer Notifications -- RESOLVED
649528 File read functionality should support binary files -- RESOLVED
942184 WinXP debug jetpack tests perma-failing during cleanup on inbound with "WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: 'c:\\docume~1\\cltbld~1.t-x\\locals~1\\temp\\harness-stdout-761rs_' " -- RESOLVED
675576 panel.resize doesn't work if panel is currently shown -- RESOLVED
700388 cfx is unable to found python on localized windows -- RESOLVED
638131 Add ability to check if a panel is open or not -- RESOLVED
549017 release Jetpack SDK 0.1 -- RESOLVED
550341 Disambiguate between Jetpack, Jetpack Prototype, and Jetpack SDK -- RESOLVED
553718 documentation for 0.2rc1 says current SDK version is 0.1 -- RESOLVED
554377 release 0.2rc2 -- RESOLVED
554378 publish blog post announcing 0.2 release -- RESOLVED
559638 integrate xul-app low-level module for obtaining information about host application -- RESOLVED
559641 integrate tab-browser module -- RESOLVED
560802 Errors after installing XPI produced by `cfx xpi` with empty 'tests' folder -- RESOLVED
560895 release Jetpack SDK 0.3 -- RESOLVED
561885 credit more contributors -- RESOLVED
566901 release Jetpack SDK 0.4 -- RESOLVED
567334 test-securable-module.testSecurableModule depends on locale -- RESOLVED
567605 Jetpack widget bar won't hide/show on ctrl+shift+u -- RESOLVED
572302 0.5 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
572303 release Jetpack SDK 0.5 -- RESOLVED
572458 tabs iterator test's onOpen not firing on linux under some circumstances -- RESOLVED
572977 drop requirement that tabs "url" parameters be URL objects -- RESOLVED
574038 release FlightDeck 1.0a2 -- RESOLVED
579417 widget should allow multiple listeners for same event -- RESOLVED
580809 0.6 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
580810 release Jetpack SDK 0.6 -- RESOLVED
582751 list properties in leaked objects with generic toString methods -- RESOLVED
585386 export getTypeOf function in api-utils module -- RESOLVED
585387 make it possible to mutate collection while iterating it -- RESOLVED
585389 identify TestRunner objects -- RESOLVED
585390 add panel property to Widget API -- RESOLVED
588225 require content of Panel API to be specified as URL -- RESOLVED
588318 error: fail: The contentScriptURL's value is as specified in options. -- RESOLVED
588320 0.7 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
588323 release Jetpack SDK 0.7 -- RESOLVED
589741 jetpack-core tests fail to even start: "setter functions must have one argument" in xhr.js -- RESOLVED
589961 test-hidden-frame.testFrame failure on Firefox 3.6 -- RESOLVED
590274 test-panel.testContentURLOption times out -- RESOLVED
590968 load content scripts on document-element-inserted when contentScriptWhen is "start" -- RESOLVED
596524 0.8 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
596525 release Jetpack SDK 0.8 -- RESOLVED
597004 require('api-utils').addIterator is not compatible with the latest changes in js engin -- RESOLVED
597450 XPIs built with the SDK only support up to Firefox 4.0b5pre -- RESOLVED
598464 error: TEST FAILED: test-tab-browser.testTabTracker (timed out) -- RESOLVED
598788 make SDK's Firefox maxVersion reflect actual max version it supports (4.0b6) -- RESOLVED
599437 "tab.location" seems to be a live object and not a string -- RESOLVED
603824 panel doc mentions panel.sendMessage(), but it doesn't seem to exist -- RESOLVED
603907 test-panel.testResizePanel fails "panel was resized" test -- RESOLVED
603914 test-traceback fails with '"throwError" != "Error"' and '"" != "throwError"' -- RESOLVED
604173 0.9 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
604174 release Jetpack SDK 0.9 -- RESOLVED
604499 Need to be able to use old addon id as the id for Jetpack SDK generated extension -- RESOLVED
604821 test-traceback.testFromExceptionWithError test fails on Firefox 4.0b6 -- RESOLVED
605319 openBrowserWindow shouldn't require an existing browser window -- RESOLVED
608866 traits tests throw "TypeError: self.constructor is undefined" with fix for bug 596031 -- RESOLVED
611250 0.10 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
611252 release Add-on SDK 0.10 -- RESOLVED
613200 test-traceback.testFromExceptionWithError: failure -- RESOLVED
613348 jetpack-core should be renamed to api-utils -- RESOLVED
613545 after each context menu test, wait until context menu popup hidden before moving on to next test -- RESOLVED
613553 test-tab-browser tests fail after Tabs API EventEmitter/e10s-compatibility changes -- RESOLVED
614344 review Troubleshooting document for accuracy -- RESOLVED
614699 installing 'cfx init' addon causes all windows to close -- RESOLVED
615081 reddit-panel example uses jQuery, which is broken by platform regression -- RESOLVED
616768 make reddit-panel example use jQuery again -- RESOLVED
616785 PageMod throws exception when XML document element inserted -- RESOLVED
616922 ignore Windows registry when detecting MIME types to fix test failure w/Python 2.7 and Windows -- RESOLVED
616926 improve `cfx init` code formatting and wording of prose output -- RESOLVED
619928 Add-ons mistakenly labeled compatible with mobile/fennec 0.1 - 2.0a1pre -- RESOLVED
623733 update Firefox maxVersion to 4.0.* -- RESOLVED
625623 propagate exceptions across process boundary -- RESOLVED
625917 e10sify url module -- RESOLVED
627137 1.0b2 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
627140 release Add-on SDK 1.0b2 -- RESOLVED
627152 jQuery and missing from reddit-panel example on trunk -- RESOLVED
628112 test-windows.testWindowTabsObject fails with Firefox 4.0b10pre -- RESOLVED
629791 skip e10s tests when run against host application without jetpack/service component -- RESOLVED
631675 1.0b3 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
631676 release Add-on SDK 1.0b3 -- RESOLVED
642183 1.0b4 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
642190 release Add-on SDK 1.0b4 -- RESOLVED
643562 "FAIL: Doctest:" on Linux with fresh checkout -- RESOLVED
643980 test runner fails to start with Firefox 4 final host app -- RESOLVED
645718 mark SDK as compatible with latest nightly builds -- RESOLVED
651665 running SDK tests on debug builds hangs on shutdown -- RESOLVED
654162 TEST FAILED: test-main.testMain (exception) -- RESOLVED
656195 update Firefox max version to 7.0a1 -- RESOLVED
692554 consider last output time when determining test run hang/loop -- RESOLVED
695499 test-content-proxy.testProxy fails: XPathResult's constants are undefined on XPCNativeWrapper (platform bug #) (6 != (void 0)) -- RESOLVED
699532 print stack on platform assertion when XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK is consulted -- RESOLVED
569664 DeprecationWarning in py2.6, exception.message -- RESOLVED
539587 XHR - open() method -- RESOLVED
543533 tracking bug for JS library compatibility issues -- RESOLVED
543588 Implement replacement for slideBar -- RESOLVED
543856 Jetpack dependencies on Firefox/Gecko bugs -- RESOLVED
548416 2010Q1 Platform Bugs that Hard Block Jetpack -- RESOLVED
549023 0.1rc1 tarball/zip create "jep-28" instead of "jetpack-sdk" directories -- RESOLVED
549024 SDK documentation should point to new central repository -- RESOLVED
549025 SDK documentation Version History link should point to release notes on wiki -- RESOLVED
549026 README.txt doesn't mention that you need Python 2.5 or later -- RESOLVED
549335 Rename Bugzilla's JpSecure component to Jetpack SDK and deprecate Jetpack component -- RESOLVED
549758 running cfx testall with nightly linux build test failure -- RESOLVED
549776 "cfx test" throwing error after going through SDK tutorial -- RESOLVED
550214 Remove redundant SDK information from wiki -- RESOLVED
550511 Release Jetpack SDK 0.1.1 -- RESOLVED
551349 Review the memory-tracking module, jetpack-core/lib/memory.js -- RESOLVED
551352 Review the observer service module, jetpack-core/lib/observer-service.js -- RESOLVED
551353 Review the console-logging module, jetpack-core/lib/plain-text-console.js -- RESOLVED
551355 Review the securable-module module, jetpack-core/lib/securable-module.js -- RESOLVED
551356 Review the timer module, jetpack-core/lib/timer.js -- RESOLVED
551357 Review the traceback module, jetpack-core/lib/traceback.js -- RESOLVED
551358 Review the unit test runner module, jetpack-core/lib/unit-test.js -- RESOLVED
551360 Review the unload module, jetpack-core/lib/unload.js -- RESOLVED
551361 Review the URL module, jetpack-core/lib/url.js -- RESOLVED
551362 Review the XHR module, jetpack-core/lib/xhr.js -- RESOLVED
551365 Review the byte streams module, jetpack-core/lib/byte-streams.js -- RESOLVED
551556 simplify --profiledir command line flag to just --profile -- RESOLVED
551570 call manifest files manifest.json -- RESOLVED
551815 Add the notion of "unsafe" objects to SDK glossary and documentation -- RESOLVED
551822 Implement a 'runnable' module to run tasks on background threads -- RESOLVED
551873 Include an E4X DOM library by default -- RESOLVED
552323 tarball version Jetpack SDK 0.1 with permission problems in MACOSX FS -- RESOLVED
552865 Jetpack SDK should enforce packaging of all possible files into JAR -- RESOLVED
553064 Make older versions of the Jetpack SDK docs prominently display a link to the latest docs -- RESOLVED
553715 |cfx docs| throws SyntaxError: invalid syntax on Windows w/Python 3.1.1 -- RESOLVED
553732 docs conflict about default app -- RESOLVED
553758 packaging unit test contains typo (exports.main()) but still passes -- RESOLVED
554158 Update all site content for 0.2 -- RESOLVED
554187 Revise "To Be Continued..." text in tutorial for 0.2 SDK release -- RESOLVED
554375 push 0.2 docs to -- RESOLVED
554570 cfx should cleanup any spawned processes in case of timeouts, ctrl-c or other unusual errors -- RESOLVED
554777 make cfx auto-set jetpack-core, test-harness versions to SDK version -- RESOLVED
554779 make doc processor automagically set appearances of the SDK version in the docs -- RESOLVED
554842 Erroneous 'Program terminated unsuccessfully' message from cfx on Windows -- RESOLVED
555470 Add support for building platform-native applications to cfx -- RESOLVED
556585 Simplify cuddlefish.js -- RESOLVED
557028 Cuddlefish runner should start applications with -foreground switch on OS X -- RESOLVED
557302 Update cfx tool to consolidate "docs" and "test" options -- RESOLVED
557310 Clean up 'cfx -h/--help' for greater usability -- RESOLVED
557333 Create 'cfx install' and 'cfx uninstall' targets -- RESOLVED
557600 Viewing SDK docs slows down computer -- RESOLVED
558210 test-securable-module.js test fails against localized Firefox -- RESOLVED
558874 typo on the mozilla labs hosted version of the jetpack sdk documentation -- RESOLVED
559190 test-securable-module.testSecurableModule fails on trunk Firefox -- RESOLVED
559238 Investigate bundling example packages, modules, and programs with the SDK -- RESOLVED
560442 Packages with camel case got an exception -- RESOLVED
560620 xul-app module should include application overlay names -- RESOLVED
560626 test failures, leak warnings on Linux -- RESOLVED
560735 Autogenerate tables of contents for docs -- RESOLVED
560743 expose mozrunner's -a option in cfx, so developers can easily test their generated XPIs -- RESOLVED
560781 the SDK should support development of standalone xulrunner applications -- RESOLVED
561001 Errors during XPI bootstrap should be more visible -- RESOLVED
561503 cfx-generated XPI rejected by AMO -- RESOLVED
561882 Run securable-module tests on non-system-privileged sandboxes -- RESOLVED
562003 Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIProperties.get] -- RESOLVED
562166 documentation has weird characters on Firefox trunk -- RESOLVED
562222 update Fennec max version to 1.1.* -- RESOLVED
562762 cfx testall test failure on 3.7a5pre nightly build (tests-failed count is incremented by any ambient error) -- RESOLVED
563112 Trivial html typo in docs -- RESOLVED
563517 cuddlefish.packaging.PackageNotFoundError could be more helpful -- RESOLVED
563681 warnings shouldn't increment number of tests failed -- RESOLVED
564059 JEP 115 - Content frame implementation -- RESOLVED
564244 The SDK should be able to ship files on chrome:// URLs -- RESOLVED
564478 Mark empty-run tests as failed and print summary of failed tests on verbose mode -- RESOLVED
564825 apiparser - documentation for markdown files -- RESOLVED
564896 |cfx testall| fails with "could not find compatible GRE" on Mac OS X -- RESOLVED
564899 |cfx testall| fails two tests on trunk nightly -- RESOLVED
564903 |cfx testall| fails one test on latest stable release -- RESOLVED
564905 |cfx testall| fails 11 tests on latest trunk nightly -- RESOLVED
564986 cfx should fail if gecko version isn't at least 1.9.2 -- RESOLVED
565052 one test fails with cfx -a firefox testall -- RESOLVED
565176 "cfx xpi" shouldn't include editor "*~" tempfiles -- RESOLVED
566028 remove -service suffix from observer and preferences modules -- RESOLVED
566051 test.makeSandboxedLoader() should accept a 'moduleOverrides' option -- RESOLVED
566274 Describe the reason of failed tests on verbose mode -- RESOLVED
566723 'cfx test', 'cfx run', 'cfx develop' etc. should use rebootless extensions by default -- RESOLVED
566757 Jetpack SDK needs test automation -- RESOLVED
566758 securable-modules.js line 92 options is not defined. -- RESOLVED
566816 trunk test failures for tests that access windows on startup -- RESOLVED
566904 [meta] 0.4 release blocker bugs -- RESOLVED
566926 validate widget has at least one of image or content specified -- RESOLVED
567008 generated xpis throw in harness.js -- RESOLVED
567317 errors from closing browser window too early in widget tests -- RESOLVED
567405 CFX should be able to self-update -- RESOLVED
567602 crash using local.json to save a config for the nightly -- RESOLVED
567617 generated addon non-functional after restart on Firefox trunk (Minefield) -- RESOLVED
567961 AssertionError: Failed doctest test for -- RESOLVED
568821 nsITimerCallback doesn't have a method notify ... -- RESOLVED
568937 Private keys in ~/.jetpack/keys should be encrypted somehow, maybe -- RESOLVED
569210 Support for javadoc? -- RESOLVED
569232 Documentation malformed -- RESOLVED
569799 ensure new-tab APIs respect user preferences -- RESOLVED
570741 JEP-10 clipboard implementation -- RESOLVED
570850 cfx docs parser - cannot have param with multiple type definitions -- RESOLVED
570853 make it possible to make all |cfx testall| test suites log to a file -- RESOLVED
570856 it should be possible to view console.log messages for addon installed via XPI -- RESOLVED
571293 clarify file-related functionality in the url module -- RESOLVED
571348 Add more documentation to 'cfx Tool' reference documentation -- RESOLVED
571548 support detection of addons, and display in the addon bar -- RESOLVED
572456 audit 'this' in tab module's event propagation code -- RESOLVED
572564 document new load/unload reasons -- RESOLVED
572566 I am not able to make child object from another module .... prototype seems to be stripped away -- RESOLVED
573269 cfx xpi fails with Unicode-related message -- RESOLVED
573429 tabs module document says thumbnails aren't implemented -- RESOLVED
573547 Cuddlefish application.ini not found when running cfx testall -- RESOLVED
573594 some unnecessary debug output when running cfx testall -- RESOLVED
573881 JS code much slower in Jetpack SDK than js shell -- RESOLVED
574039 Change OOP-jetpack loading structure -- RESOLVED
574121 Documentation pages should start pre-scrolled -- RESOLVED
574122 tests hang when doing "cfx testall" or "cfx testall -a firefox" -- RESOLVED
574184 Error in chrome://browser/content/places/placesOverlay.xul causes error in Jetpack test suite when running Firefox in XULRunner mode -- RESOLVED
576502 Jetpack addons don't work on supported Firefox 3.5.10 -- RESOLVED
577537 ::-moz-selection (::selection) css selector does not seem to be working with the JP Context Menu module -- RESOLVED
577603 make widget module name plural -- RESOLVED
577712 Tutorial example (visiting Mozilla website on click) doesn't work -- RESOLVED
577782 Allow setting exported module value -- RESOLVED
578401 cfx testall fails on Linux system -- RESOLVED
578480 Python can't open 'C:\Documents' -- RESOLVED
579505 order of items on the add-on bar should be persistent -- RESOLVED
580329 XPathResult still not available to Jetpack -- RESOLVED
580728 xpcom.js fails unit tests on the latest Firefox trunk -- RESOLVED
580793 update version for Firefox 4.0b3pre compatibility -- RESOLVED
581109 cfx test should classify all errors and warnings to nsIConsoleService as warnings, not errors -- RESOLVED
581125 cfx should display information on binary and/or profile locations when running -- RESOLVED
581138 Add 'extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b' preference to all temporary profiles created by cfx -- RESOLVED
581188 test-page-worker test failures on trunk nightlies -- RESOLVED
581191 leaks when testing against Firefox -- RESOLVED
582164 Build chrome urls into bootstrap for Firefox 4 -- RESOLVED
584479 Tracking bug for Jetpack automation integration script -- RESOLVED
584531 document '--addons' option in -- RESOLVED
584596 New module to simplify connections with sqlite -- RESOLVED
586412 Update mozrunner to latest trunk -- RESOLVED
586888 opening a tab in new window without an onOpen callback generates an error -- RESOLVED
586889 tab-browser's openInBackground support is broken -- RESOLVED
587191 Page worker doesn't accept a URL object as content -- RESOLVED
588222 Integration script for windows -- RESOLVED
588245 bin\activate reports "ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value." -- RESOLVED
588583 Add a "shell" option to package.json -- RESOLVED
588661 "loader" option in package.json needs to be prioritized the other way -- RESOLVED
590284 test-memory.testMemory failure on Mac OS X -- RESOLVED
590286 test-url.testToFilename exception on trunk nightlies -- RESOLVED
590660 Can't type in to input fields w/in a panel -- RESOLVED
591337 Compliance with a current CommonJS package descriptor specification. -- RESOLVED
592176 content symbiont cycle -- RESOLVED
592270 Non-ASCII characters are not possible in author field -- RESOLVED
592536 xulPanel is null error when show/hide methods are called -- RESOLVED
592765 Errors logged from panel.js appear when running tests in jetpack-core -- RESOLVED
594462 The Jetpack SDK should reset the prefs made by a jetpack when it's disabled/uninstalled -- RESOLVED
596209 Unhanded error events are not reported as it was expected by implementation -- RESOLVED
596528 jetpack-core tests fail to start (and selected tests fail) -- RESOLVED
596706 don't keep ref to repeating variable nor check repeating status per interval iteration -- RESOLVED
596760 don't use "jid0-" prefix for "anonymous" JIDs -- RESOLVED
596787 test-api-utils.testAddIterator fails on latest nightly build of Firefox -- RESOLVED
596790 test-app-strings.testStringBundle fails on latest nightly build of Firefox -- RESOLVED
596795 two test-traceback.testFromExceptionWithError tests fail on the latest trunk nightly -- RESOLVED
597125 SDK repo needs .gitignore file -- RESOLVED
597143 dev guide on cfx should mention -F for cfx test -- RESOLVED
597202 test-windows.testOnOpenOnCloseListeners test failures on Windows -- RESOLVED
597595 support packed addon installation and execution -- RESOLVED
597842 enable error console in Firefox profiles created by cfx -- RESOLVED
598141 test-tab-browser.testTabModuleActiveTab_getterAndSetter timeout -- RESOLVED
598145 intermittent errors in simple-storage tests -- RESOLVED
598150 error: fail: location after activeTab setter matches -- RESOLVED
598987 Create separate file documenting EventEmitter's high level API that all the event emitters can refer to -- RESOLVED
599190 cfx testcfx fails if package doesn't have -- RESOLVED
599404 Optimization for url module, 1 swtich instead of 3 if statements - GITHUB PULL REQUEST -- RESOLVED
599406 Add getChildList to the preference module - GITHUB PULL REQUEST -- RESOLVED
599407 Updating the docs on the cfx tool's testing options - GITHUB PULL REQUEST -- RESOLVED
599656 dev-guide css for option/argument types isn't wide enough -- RESOLVED
599663 Content symbiont destructor should not assume its frame was initialized -- RESOLVED
600379 Hide private modules from jetpack sdk documentation -- RESOLVED
601227 jetpack-core should be marked as a low-level package -- RESOLVED
602164 Directory Map documentation page is out of date -- RESOLVED
602869 tests are failing (with git checkout ccaf741de) -- RESOLVED
602870 tests are failing (with git checkout ccaf741de) and Firefox 3.6.10 -- RESOLVED
602899 Modify the documentation localhost based SDK application to keep history of visited pages, perhaps more.. -- RESOLVED
603832 Documentation on tabs.location is incorrect -- RESOLVED
603910 jetpack-core files added to top level -- RESOLVED
604801 cfx testall on Firefox 4.0b6 triggers unresponsive script dialog, other symptoms -- RESOLVED
605879 page-mod erases useful error message with ERR_INCLUDE -- RESOLVED
606012 TypeError: Object.getPrototypeOf(event.constructor.prototype) is null -- RESOLVED
606013 TEST FAILED: test-panel.testSeveralShowHides (failure) -- RESOLVED
606014 TEST FAILED: test-window-utils.testActiveWindow (timed out) -- RESOLVED
606582 make Windows API compatible with e10s (electrolysis) -- RESOLVED
606708 test-window-utils.testActiveWindow failing with Firefox 3.6.10 -- RESOLVED
607090 reading-data tests fail to run with "TypeError: this.__xulPanel is null" -- RESOLVED
607109 list tests fail to run with "TypeError: this._keyValueMap is null" -- RESOLVED
607125 Jetpack 0.9, Firefox 4b8pre, tabs module errors with "stopiteration" -- RESOLVED
607126 test-app-strings.testStringBundle fails with exception -- RESOLVED
607131 test-collection tests fail with exception "[object StopIteration]" -- RESOLVED
607500 ignore "dummy" frames -- RESOLVED
607766 securable-module tests fail on apparent string to regexp comparisons -- RESOLVED
607815 file tests fail due to regexp issues -- RESOLVED
608419 Application fails with recent XULRunner or nightly using -a xulrunner mode -- RESOLVED
609133 Jetpack SDK won't install under Windows XP -- RESOLVED
609938 content/ apis should offer a .content property for raw content -- RESOLVED
610660 Error "cannot map to filename" when using a remote URL for a content script -- RESOLVED
610691 widgets should place themselves on the statusbar if it exists -- RESOLVED
611042 providing request.response.xml is nontrivial in Jetpack Processes -- RESOLVED
611306 selection.js breaks on FF4b7 -- RESOLVED
611588 size of linux SDK nightlies is huge -- RESOLVED
611854 TEST FAILED: test-e10s-porting.runE10SCompatibleTestSuites (exception) -- RESOLVED
612010 tests completely broken for b289e347846073e2ce7f8ca8cffcf0d1d512fa9f and Firefox 3.6.12 -- RESOLVED
612673 document shared state issues with certain APIs -- RESOLVED
612751 Window and Tab.close() callbacks should be informed of success or failure -- RESOLVED
613082 test-e10s.testRemoteException fails after latest tracemonkey merge -- RESOLVED
613366 with commit d4088b04c0f77fe92e9108fd9caacc0f259e2a54, FF3.6.12 doesn't even run tests -- RESOLVED
613927 widgets should use the statusbar in firefox 3.6 -- RESOLVED
614128 remove obsolete/redundant commands and options -- RESOLVED
614239 Put a BSD license on securable-module.js -- RESOLVED
614243 fix widget documentation examples -- RESOLVED
614601 Jetpack PageMods incompatibility with jQuery effects functions -- RESOLVED
614613 the reddit-panel example uses the old Widget API -- RESOLVED
614936 cfx.bat needs quotes around %VIRTUAL.. -- RESOLVED
615433 panel in a widget module moves down chrome window when widget is clicked -- RESOLVED
615674 Removing dependency on `_tabOptions` property in Tabs APIs -- RESOLVED
615684 Removing unsupported APIs form docs and making note that they are unsupported. -- RESOLVED
615752 self module does not return correct path to the data files -- RESOLVED
615796 event returned by widget's onClick, onMouseover and onMouseout is null -- RESOLVED
616160 no anchor in widget onClick to position ) on top of the widget -- RESOLVED
616482 Please provide human readable name in libs -- RESOLVED
616595 error: TEST FAILED: test-page-mod.testPageModIncludes (failure) -- RESOLVED
616596 test-panel.testSeveralShowHides failure due to (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) [nsIFrameLoaderOwner.swapFrameLoaders] -- RESOLVED
616743 widget's "message" event listeners are passed widget and message, while other APIs' "message" listeners are passed only message -- RESOLVED
616754 consider making properties that cannot be set synchronously read-only -- RESOLVED
616756 match-pattern does not have a pattern to include local files -- RESOLVED
616844 cfx error if 'name' value in package.json has caps -- RESOLVED
617546 customization of jetpack widgets is not persistent -- RESOLVED
617820 cfx init should take an argument rather than telling me to run it in an empty directory -- RESOLVED
618089 (firefox-bin:3701): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_clipboard_get_for_display: assertion `!display->closed' failed -- RESOLVED
618283 pagemod-test-helpers.js should be an official part of addon-kit and there should be configurable timeout -- RESOLVED
618676 Side Navigation width varies when pressing show/hide next to "Developer Guide" -- RESOLVED
618878 content page in a unit test doesn't have document object defined -- RESOLVED
619807 Improve the first-run experience of localization in jetpack -- RESOLVED
619897 widgets’ onClick property doesn’t forward the event to the function -- RESOLVED
620557 cfx docs should better explain --update-link and --update-url -- RESOLVED
620772 Windows/Mac Integration script for Jetpack SDK -- RESOLVED
622025 Remove Fennec from the list on compatible applications -- RESOLVED
623633 No version in the add-on SDK? -- RESOLVED
624825 Test 2 of auto-creation of bugs -- RESOLVED
624827 Test 3 -- RESOLVED
624828 Test 4 -- RESOLVED
625483 Test 5 -- RESOLVED
625616 Uninstalling or Disabling Jetpack Addon hides Addon Bar -- RESOLVED
625620 591343 c js module -- RESOLVED
625621 591343 c js module -- RESOLVED
625628 propagate exceptions across the process boundary -- RESOLVED
626728 toolbar changes its size when adding an addon button -- RESOLVED
627073 remove "AMD" define() scanner from securable-module.js? -- RESOLVED
627235 Jetpack widget in addon bar "squashes" addon bar -- RESOLVED
627242 When I disable a jetpack, it hides my Addon bar -- RESOLVED
627542 TEST FAILED: test-byte-streams.testReadLengths (exception) -- RESOLVED
627886 Widget is not persistent -- RESOLVED
627889 Widget content is not centered -- RESOLVED
628022 setInterval call fails in content scripts -- RESOLVED
628083 package.json should support add-on icon64 -- RESOLVED
628113 widgets are obscured by the window resizer on Mac OS X -- RESOLVED
628230 sometimes jetpacks don't start up from cfx run -- RESOLVED
628453 Extend tabs module to give access to tab node -- RESOLVED
628598 Failed test-widget.testConstructor -- RESOLVED
629271 jetpack-sdk test on XP throws "uncaught exception: TypeError: "use strict";tab is undefined" -- RESOLVED
629977 The documentation for the modules of the Add SDK webpage are not being presented on the jetpack homepage. -- RESOLVED
630307 Widgets cannot be temporarily hidden (while maintaining location) -- RESOLVED
631519 add-on bar has shortcut in Firefox now, should remove that code from the widget module -- RESOLVED
631738 `match-pattern` only allows for on wildcard -- RESOLVED
632750 Add-on SDK Feature: Bookmark module -- RESOLVED
634539 api is not working properly -- RESOLVED
634598 Fix cfx test failure introduced by bug 560008 -- RESOLVED
634815 Fix for bug 560008 breaks ping -- RESOLVED
635714 Addon-bar is hidden when we remove last widget even if other jetpack widget is still visible -- RESOLVED
635959 ERROR: test_generate_static_docs_does_not_smoke (cuddlefish.tests.test_server.ServerTests) -- RESOLVED
637221 Using <select> elements in a panel does bad things. -- RESOLVED
637383 Align widgets on center in addon-bar and others toolbars -- RESOLVED
641440 cfx testall fails on Mac -- RESOLVED
641658 explain more verbosely how to expand SDK package, enter SDK directory -- RESOLVED
641666 Document where the global 'console' object's messages go -- RESOLVED
641672 cfx docs fails to generate many pages -- RESOLVED
641673 Annotator example test fails during cfx testall -- RESOLVED
641717 Regenerate screenshots for widgets -- RESOLVED
641853 Tabs documentation uses ".innerText" property -- RESOLVED
641862 tabs onActivate document is duplicated -- RESOLVED
641965 test if 4.xx can do auto emails -- RESOLVED
642065 Spelling and grammar nits in comments in worker.js -- RESOLVED
642166 widgets respond to right-click as if it's a left-click -- RESOLVED
642335 Some Markdown links are broken -- RESOLVED
642430 Pagemod destructor is incomplete -- RESOLVED
642434 Pagemod are not destroyed during unittests -- RESOLVED
643351 Exception AttributeError: "'XulrunnerAppRunner' object has no attribute 'profile'" -- RESOLVED
643673 allow VCS directories in an "empty" directory to be initialized by cfx init -- RESOLVED
645992 Fix maxversion in install.rdf -- RESOLVED
650271 test-match-pattern.testMatchPatternTestFalse fails -- RESOLVED
653906 latest sdk source fails cfx run: loader.console is undefined -- RESOLVED
653917 ...tabs.activeTab.contentWindow is undefined -- RESOLVED
654637 bfg -- RESOLVED
654638 1x5641x6 -- RESOLVED
655225 page jumps up when clicking on generated buttons -- RESOLVED
655596 broken links on addon-kit documentation -- RESOLVED
655788 Parse problem with chrome const in 1.0b5 -- RESOLVED
655819 Google translator URL invalid in jetpack tutorial -- RESOLVED
655827 Multiple failed unit tests in test-context-menu. -- RESOLVED
656110 Support loading of non-browser.xul files as top level native windows -- RESOLVED
657494 add XPI code-signing tools to 'cfx xpi --sign' -- RESOLVED
658381 Change rewrite to not drop extra path info -- RESOLVED
658964 cfx testcfx fails on test_xpi: self.failUnlessEqual(sorted(used_files), sorted(expected)) -- RESOLVED
659154 add package.json feature to control pkgname-to-package mapping -- RESOLVED
659702 jetpack buildbot failing, is fetching multiple firefox installers -- RESOLVED
660633 Move api-utils/preferences-service to parent directory -- RESOLVED
660637 Loading indication for panel -- RESOLVED
660857 widget with html content has no icon customize toolbar -- RESOLVED
660868 widget detach events are not triggered on when windows are closed -- RESOLVED
661108 profile gets into broken state where cfx won't run -- RESOLVED
661468 Add a --url flag to cfx run so it automatically opens a specific URL when Firefox opens. -- RESOLVED
662630 use smaller PNGs, make the SDK smaller -- RESOLVED
663111 Continue loading 'cfx' after creating a new ID in package.json -- RESOLVED
663369 test -- RESOLVED
663373 Sanji Bug -- RESOLVED
664065 Add hideChrome and showChrome methods to Tab class -- RESOLVED
664381 Jetpack is not Jetpack Prototype! -- RESOLVED
665555 Resources subdirectory path length too long -- RESOLVED
668610 a loading window could fail to unregister as of d3bff6344bc128b3 -- RESOLVED
668714 To find the bugs for the posted URL -- RESOLVED
668812 Test harness: run_app needs to handle Firefox command line options bug -- RESOLVED
669100 cfx: "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" at cuddlefish/", line 68 -- RESOLVED
669460 syntax error running SDK tests on mozilla-central -- RESOLVED
670063 Do something about maxVersion compatibility in the SDK before the next Firefox cycle change -- RESOLVED
671949 Add ability to access Places in an easy way -- RESOLVED
671952 Add ability to access cryptographic algorithms -- RESOLVED
672197 LuckyBar add on marked incompatible with 8.0a1 -- RESOLVED
672636 Jetpack should create fewer compartments for its built-in modules -- RESOLVED
672637 Jetpack should create fewer compartments for modules written by add-on developers -- RESOLVED
675816 debugability of panel -- RESOLVED
676027 Real `window` object for `window` objects generated by `windows` module -- RESOLVED
676029 Need module to create non-browser windows -- RESOLVED
677940 Access bookmarks and history via add-on SDK methods -- RESOLVED
678692 cfx test does not correctly run on Nightly (8.0a1) -- RESOLVED
679313 cfx output is duplicated -- RESOLVED
680298 Support Firefox mobile -- RESOLVED
680347 Uninstall event never fired for Jetpacks -- RESOLVED
680958 The Add-on SDK needs to pass a name when creating a compartment -- RESOLVED
683486 EventEmitter API in pageMod context improvements -- RESOLVED
685291 RC builds don't identify themselves as RC -- RESOLVED
686008 cfx xpi shouldn't include vim temporary files -- RESOLVED
686824 keypresses always bubble up even if you return false -- RESOLVED
688313 Give quoted text a highlighted background -- RESOLVED
688994 Activate Fails: cfx command not found -- RESOLVED
691273 Creating context menu items costs way too much memory -- RESOLVED
692002 api parse error message is not useful for `cfx docs` -- RESOLVED
693302 Duplicated output on fennec for windows -- RESOLVED
695046 1234 -- RESOLVED
696587 can't use addons builder or sdk -- RESOLVED
697214 Add ability to override Firefox version compatibility information to the SDK. -- RESOLVED
697422 manifest for 'chrome' entry must contain uri property -- RESOLVED
697800 new loader should provide documented options and callbacks arguments to the main -- RESOLVED
699425 User interface problem -- RESOLVED
699693 fghtyjyui -- RESOLVED
700026 tyugukhl hjkhuilh uyhlnjlyinh -- RESOLVED
701326 "Cannot modify properties of a WrappedNative" exception thrown when using XPCOM components exposed to content -- RESOLVED
701581 test-httpd.js shouldn't do test.pass() and test.done() at the end of the test. -- RESOLVED
703489 'packaging' global is not available when using cfx test -- RESOLVED
704720 Allow multiple 'lib', 'test' etc directories -- RESOLVED
708095 cfx on Windows using 64bit Python fails to find firefox when installed to a non-standard location -- RESOLVED
713333 Page Worker breaks when using // inside injected scripts' strings -- RESOLVED
714658 tab.getThumbnail() is broken -- RESOLVED
714797 Annotator text selection algorithm fails on various cases -- RESOLVED
715377 Use MPL 2.0 license -- RESOLVED
716485 Error message for wrong `contentScript` has a wrong description -- RESOLVED
716521 cfx is not saving the prefs if one exits with ctr+c -- RESOLVED
717058 Add an "options" property to package.json for custom options.xul files -- RESOLVED
717528 Support grouping preferences [simple-prefs] -- RESOLVED
717535 After clicking on Preferences/Options button in Add-ons Manager, add-on's page should scroll to preferences section [simple-prefs] -- RESOLVED
717537 Support notification message for preferences [simple-prefs] -- RESOLVED
717645 contextMenu.SelectionContext() doesn't work until page has been loaded -- RESOLVED
718856 need to run `cfx xpi` twice for a freshly generated addon -- RESOLVED
719596 Missing file in setup package -- RESOLVED
720308 if you add icon.png to data folder it doesnt show -- RESOLVED
720344 pageMod contentScript contain window.frameElement will have error if you open add-ons manager -- RESOLVED
720858 Settle on a permanent name for global "addon"/"self" object in content scripts -- RESOLVED
721363 Improve cfx error report for mobile development -- RESOLVED
723212 unable to set position in panel -- RESOLVED
723434 Bug with iframe / history update failing using addon SDK -- RESOLVED
724276 Add support to build XPI for other applications -- RESOLVED
725412 Add-on SDK should be able to use .jsm JavaScript Modules as CommonJS modules -- RESOLVED
725603 Leak in cuddlefish.js (with add-on Copy Tiny Url 0.4), many compartments system principal -- RESOLVED
726485 Add-on SDK leaks compartments (with MemChaser installed) -- RESOLVED
726501 Panel scrolling broken on Mac -- RESOLVED
729423 Zombie loader.js compartment after disabling a jetpack add-on -- RESOLVED
731734 docs point to 1.4 not 1.5 -- RESOLVED
731978 Jetpack addons aren't always restartless: add a key to package.json to prompt user for restart -- RESOLVED
732714 SDK 1.5 bug in url module -- RESOLVED
733214 Tab instance should provide access to page mod workers associated to the tab -- RESOLVED
735220 unsafeWindow not getting global variables with tabs module in unit test -- RESOLVED
736545 sadsdadadadasd -- RESOLVED
737693 add support for tabbrowser.visibleTabs to the Tabs API -- RESOLVED
738111 Using setTimeout in a pref listener to change the same pref doesn't emit change -- RESOLVED
738722 Code examples in the context-menu documentation refer to undefined contextMenu -- RESOLVED
738898 Expose OS name in xul-app -- RESOLVED
740660 Add-On SDK (v778701a) Toggling PageMod with instant contentStyle but the script need to refreshed -- RESOLVED
741098 CSS rules in User Stylesheets (userContent.css) are applied to widgets and panels added to chrome UI -- RESOLVED
741156 The Request module should be able to use a session -- RESOLVED
741787 "Not compatible with Firefox 11" error when running cfx xpi with --update-link and --update-url -- RESOLVED
742688 test-widget.testNavigationBarWidgets fails with Aurora -- RESOLVED
743386 remove dependency on global! -- RESOLVED
745869 BrowserID module -- RESOLVED
746154 Implement unified inheritance system for SDK -- RESOLVED
746193 file module should support async IO, in fact this should be the default -- RESOLVED
746284 Closed -- RESOLVED
746846 Add an option to to open the page in the current tab. -- RESOLVED
749192 make module uri resolve decoupled from require -- RESOLVED
753121 failing test-content-worker.test:sample -- RESOLVED
756042 Grouping context menu items [suggestion] -- RESOLVED
759572 "observer" not working -- RESOLVED
762986 ENH: panel, expose positioning, css, "ephemeralness" -- RESOLVED
763633 Frequent Use Of content.URL In Contentscript Injected Into Facebook Causes Undefined Error In content-proxy.js line null When Loggin In Or Off- SDK Only -- RESOLVED
771615 improve l10n module by providing developer access to locale file -- RESOLVED
771848 Test fails during test-tab-browser.testTabModuleActiveTab_getterAndSetter (timed out) on Windows debug builds -- RESOLVED
772193 ENH: panel - expose css -- RESOLVED
772194 ENH: debugging info / documentation for 'parts of a panel' -- RESOLVED
772198 ENH: panels are ephemeral -- RESOLVED
772294 Release Add-on SDK 1.8.1 -- RESOLVED
772884 testing some issues -- RESOLVED
774868 Document fact that Cu.import behaves different in SDK -- RESOLVED
776731 cfx xpi should reject update-link without https -- RESOLVED
776841 Localization : TypeError bestMatchingLocale is null -- RESOLVED
776926 release Add-on SDK 1.8.2 -- RESOLVED
776933 test-l10n.testHtmlLocalization (timed out) - missing } after function body -- RESOLVED
777315 xpcom documentation is out of date -- RESOLVED
778213 error: TEST FAILED: test-xhr.testResponseHeaders (failure) -- RESOLVED
778387 dfdfdfdf -- RESOLVED
778604 Why is options.loadReason is NULL? -- RESOLVED
778748 compartment mismatched during reading-data/test-main.js -- RESOLVED
779246 release Add-on SDK 1.8.2 -- RESOLVED
780435 ss"><img src='1.jpg'onerror=javascript:alert(0)> -- RESOLVED
783088 "bash: screenresolution: command not found" when running tests on OS X opt builds -- RESOLVED
784113 Update revision of Jetpack tests used on Mozilla-Central -- RESOLVED
784264 high cpu and heap-unclassified -- RESOLVED
784864 Expose staticArgs as part of the self module. -- RESOLVED
784929 Leak in url.js (with add-on Copy Tiny Url 1.0) -- RESOLVED
786305 Expose ChromeWorker for SDK -- RESOLVED
786847 OS X Opt/Debug tests are all orange. -- RESOLVED
787983 Document --force-mobile -- RESOLVED
787989 cfx xpi --force-mobile doesn't support the release version of Fennec -- RESOLVED
788074 print it option is not functioning -- RESOLVED
788964 In content-worker.js removeListener don't remove the listener -- RESOLVED
788981 self.port.removeListener() in a content script isn't functional -- RESOLVED
789117 buildbot.slave.commands.TimeoutError: command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, attempting to kill -- RESOLVED
789322 error: addon-kit: TEST FAILED: test-page-worker.testAllowScript (failure) error: addon-kit: fail: Script runs when allowed to do so. -- RESOLVED
789401 cfx test should support a --coverage option -- RESOLVED
789563 Error: Not allowed to enumerate cross origin objects -- RESOLVED
789931 Admin Login -- RESOLVED
789994 Use a preference as default for private-browsing -- RESOLVED
790159 html is working in the browser -- RESOLVED
791183 data.url in third-party package -- RESOLVED
792211 When editing a simple-prefs preference "/" focuses the search box -- RESOLVED
792269 error: api-utils: TEST FAILED: test-frame-utils.test frame creation (exception) -- RESOLVED
792946 fix the circular dependency with tab and worker -- RESOLVED
793028 create a file -- RESOLVED
793038 cfx testall should work on Fennec -- RESOLVED
793039 fix cfx testall on fennec -- RESOLVED
793054 add link to mobile development from index page -- RESOLVED
794649 simple-pref buttons dnw on Fennec -- RESOLVED
795993 require('window-utils').activeWindow != require('windows').browserWindows.activeWindow -- RESOLVED
796942 Can't access dead object exceptions -- RESOLVED
797694 add-on error -- RESOLVED
797746 we get add on error -- RESOLVED
797747 add on error -- RESOLVED
797748 we get add on error -- RESOLVED
797749 add an error -- RESOLVED
797750 Add-on error -- RESOLVED
797751 add on error -- RESOLVED
797752 add on error -- RESOLVED
797753 add an error -- RESOLVED
797754 add on error -- RESOLVED
797755 add on error -- RESOLVED
797756 add on error -- RESOLVED
797757 add on error -- RESOLVED
797758 add on error -- RESOLVED
797759 add on error -- RESOLVED
797760 add on error -- RESOLVED
797761 add an error -- RESOLVED
797762 add on error -- RESOLVED
797763 add an error -- RESOLVED
797764 Add on error -- RESOLVED
797765 add on error -- RESOLVED
797766 add-on error -- RESOLVED
797767 add on error -- RESOLVED
797768 add an error -- RESOLVED
797769 add on error -- RESOLVED
797770 we get add on error -- RESOLVED
797771 addon error -- RESOLVED
797772 add on error -- RESOLVED
797773 add on error -- RESOLVED
797774 add an error -- RESOLVED
797775 add an error -- RESOLVED
797776 add error -- RESOLVED
797777 add on error -- RESOLVED
797778 add on error -- RESOLVED
797784 add on error -- RESOLVED
798878 css bug -- RESOLVED
799964 TypeError: document.location is null -- RESOLVED
801942 Update the generated version number for Fennec to 19.0a1. -- RESOLVED
801944 Prevent "TypeError: tab.linkedBrowser is undefined" when trying to use PageMod in Fennec. -- RESOLVED
801978 cfx testaddons dnw -- RESOLVED
802161 `tabs` are not working of Fennec -- RESOLVED
803375 the tab namespaces (tabNS at least) should be populate for Firefox as well, not only for Fennec -- RESOLVED
803416 We should have versions listed in the new bug page for add-on sdk product -- RESOLVED
806832 test-type crashes Fennec -- RESOLVED
808705 Private browsing pb.activate() / pb.deactivate() no longer work -- RESOLVED
809986 cfx --addon should accept web addresses -- RESOLVED
810633 Allow Dynamic contentScriptOptions -- RESOLVED
810694 Auto Update package.json -- RESOLVED
810729 Installing Console2 causes errors in addons installed that are made with the SDK -- RESOLVED
811009 Errors when searching for addons in the addon manager -- RESOLVED
811446 js errors in .xsession-errors -- RESOLVED
812739 cfx doesn't work anymore on latest Fennec Nightly 19 -- RESOLVED
815238 Menu tutorial very out of date, as are packages -- RESOLVED
815642 Add 'channel' to sys/xul-app -- RESOLVED
815714 PageMod running Page Worker throws error after closing tab -- RESOLVED
819537 Context Menu not showing on images isolated with "View Image" -- RESOLVED
819696 API to add items to the Site Identity panel -- RESOLVED
821486 Make it possible to extend Panel, remove traits -- RESOLVED
821742 Exception: Test output exceeded timeout (60s) while testing reading-data -- RESOLVED
823821 Properly document require() usage -- RESOLVED
824376 Cannot use Iterator from the Addon SDK -- RESOLVED
824482 The context-menu library doesn't work on nested iframes -- RESOLVED
824675 set the values -- RESOLVED
825405 tab.favicon not applied -- RESOLVED
826485 Update revision of Jetpack tests used in Firefox tests -- RESOLVED
826523 'TypeError: is not a function' with latest nightly -- RESOLVED
826988 CFX displays unknown version number -- RESOLVED
826989 cfx needs executable permission -- RESOLVED
826990 Linux install instructions only works with bash shell -- RESOLVED
829203 ENH: 'domain' in self module -- RESOLVED
830019 context-menu only appears once when viewing images -- RESOLVED
831517 error: addon-sdk: TEST FAILED: test-disposable.test disposables are GC-able (failure) -- RESOLVED
831540 (private-browsing) create new 'exiting' and 'exited' events for per-window pb -- RESOLVED
832401 Ghost Context menu item appears with specific set of add-ons installed -- RESOLVED
832627 TypeError: coverObject is not an object -- RESOLVED
832632 Mention cfx testaddons in cfx docs -- RESOLVED
832668 Selection listeners only register on new tabs -- RESOLVED
833005 When `deprecating` modules, explain / suggest replacement path -- RESOLVED
833051 error: addon-sdk: fail: Correct active window - 3 ("window 2 - Aurora" != "window 3 - Aurora") -- RESOLVED
833172 Need an easy way to listen to observer notifications -- RESOLVED
833179 system/events module has no tests -- RESOLVED
834754 Exception from removing selection listeners -- RESOLVED
834932 cfx testaddons should run tests in the tests folder instead of main.js -- RESOLVED
834946 (sdk/io/data) TypeError: deprecatedUsage is not a function -- RESOLVED
835721 ContextMenus should have contentScriptWhen option -- RESOLVED
836061 Multiple consistent test failures on m-i and m-c test runs. -- RESOLVED
836564 Release Add-on SDK 1.13.1 hotfix -- RESOLVED
836580 Intermittent test failures in test-httpd and test-request -- RESOLVED
836965 Automatically use SDK APIs shipped with Firefox for all Jetpack add-ons -- RESOLVED
837018 Injected css content crashes web pages -- RESOLVED
837777 task failure: open a 'private window and activate it' is really challenging -- RESOLVED
837973 mozrunner doesn't find Aurora on Windows -- RESOLVED
839208 Test indexed-db on Fennec -- RESOLVED
839484 Bug in our extension when FF version is higher than 16, related to importing bookmarks -- RESOLVED
839990 (tabs) Calling tab.destroy() twice causes an error -- RESOLVED
840549 supporting Addon-sdk addons across multiple firefox versions -- RESOLVED
840747 should list all sdk related prefs on a single page -- RESOLVED
841497 file installed xpis, console.log doesn't work. -- RESOLVED
842598 Ghost tabs created when quickly opening & closing tabs -- RESOLVED
842673 Make Widgets look good in the toolbar -- RESOLVED
842956 Extension update process give me some errors -- RESOLVED
843302 add a stylesheet service module -- RESOLVED
843451 add a toolbarbutton module -- RESOLVED
844690 NS_ERROR_XPC_CANT_MODIFY_PROP_ON_WN: Cannot modify properties of a WrappedNative on Private Browsing activate() -- RESOLVED
845303 Response.status property should be documented as number and not string -- RESOLVED
846311 Add @kukushechkin and @jxpx777 to the credit page. -- RESOLVED
847493 cfx run '-b' option should not assume app bundle. -- RESOLVED
847743 Add window property to Tabs on Fennec -- RESOLVED
848483 Mention NativeWindow in the mobile dev docs -- RESOLVED
850451 Inject `addon` to the addon-page context -- RESOLVED
850843 dependencies in package.json confuses volo -- RESOLVED
851007 Error: String 'Yes' could not be retrieved from the bundle due to an unknown error (it doesn't exist?). -- RESOLVED
851557 Wait for window to close before ending the pb selection tests -- RESOLVED
852217 private browsing testaddon test failures -- RESOLVED
852256 Incurs high overhead during shutdown with plenty of tabs -- RESOLVED
852425 Addon repacked with 1.14rc1 and opted in to pwpb throws immediately upon requiring panel module. -- RESOLVED
853222 Consider defereds that resolve async -- RESOLVED
853318 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-selection.test Textarea onSelect Listener on frame | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
853319 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-tabs.test window focus changes active tab | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
853330 Required Field -- RESOLVED
853346 Unable to make Cross-Domain AJAX -- RESOLVED
854430 switch notifications API to use the new w3c notifications back-end -- RESOLVED
854431 switch notifications API to use the new w3c notifications back-end -- RESOLVED
854579 test Panel Focus Not Set is timing out -- RESOLVED
854919 Add a way to disable individual tests -- RESOLVED
854970 `cfx test` seems not working properly on Firefox Android anymore -- RESOLVED
854978 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-dom.test on / emit | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
855238 Addons SDK lacks the means to listen to page loads from cached pages -- RESOLVED
855478 Users cannot set extensions.sdk.console.logLevel to Number.MAX_VALUE -- RESOLVED
855936 Utilize Node.js APIs in the SDK wherever possible -- RESOLVED
856403 Upstream the changes that bug 854323 made to the SDK's indexed-db module/tests -- RESOLVED
857205 Context menu Addon SDK and Addon Icon Bar doesn't appear on Firefox 20 -- RESOLVED
857958 should not steal focus -- RESOLVED
858792 There should be a way for add-ons to communicate with each other -- RESOLVED
858860 Screenshot -- RESOLVED
858863 Cambio en servidor -- RESOLVED
859007 changing a panel's contentURL while the panel is open often does not work -- RESOLVED
859647 Write platform tests with jetpack test framework -- RESOLVED
859663 Don't nuke all modules on unload -- RESOLVED
860825 Run package.json through JSMin before parsing -- RESOLVED
861277 Weekly uplift of Add-on SDK integration branch to inbound -- RESOLVED
861373 Intermittent tests/test-hotkeys.test hotkey meta & control | Test output exceeded timeout (60s). -- RESOLVED
861562 have simple-prefs expose the prefs root -- RESOLVED
861826 SDK is no longer compatible with Iceweasel -- RESOLVED
862682 fffff -- RESOLVED
862988 Uplift Add-on SDK integration to inbound -- RESOLVED
863329 Implement `partialRight` on `sdk/lang/functional` -- RESOLVED
864929 Tracking Q2 UI updates -- RESOLVED
864933 Tabs module is too restrictive with appnames -- RESOLVED
865981 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-windows.testOnOpenOnCloseListeners | Test run exceeded timeout (1800s). -- RESOLVED
866163 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-windows.testWindowTabsObject | Test run exceeded timeout (1800s). -- RESOLVED
866281 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-widget.testPanelWidget3 | Test run exceeded timeout (1800s). -- RESOLVED
866321 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-windows.testOpenAndCloseWindow | Test run exceeded timeout (1800s) -- RESOLVED
866738 Makes Add-on SDK high level API iterable with `for…of` -- RESOLVED
867707 Background CSS property not applied to INPUT elements injected via pageMod -- RESOLVED
867864 Add a way to report unhandled errors in promises -- RESOLVED
868706 Upstream the changes that bug 867445 made to addon-sdk/ -- RESOLVED
869074 Panel does not display / displays blank on Mac OS X (Nightly) -- RESOLVED
869223 promise.js doesn't work with #ifdef -- RESOLVED
869354 jetpack-test mach command should take filter argument -- RESOLVED
869687 Uplift Add-on SDK integration to inbound -- RESOLVED
873008 Disable/remove disable chrome tests for addon-page module on UX/Australis -- RESOLVED
873119 Stand-alone SDK must be at same patch level than Firefox 21 one -- RESOLVED
873235 sdk/context-menu fails to show menu items when menu has been edited using Menu Editor addon -- RESOLVED
873590 Random NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_NATIVE when displaying a notification since Firefox 22 -- RESOLVED
874019 Enhance to manage elements to display/hide (Awesome Bar, Search Bar, etc...) -- RESOLVED
874070 SDK tests shouldn't check for <tab>'s load event but for browser's -- RESOLVED
875340 widget not working in sdk 1.14 but working in online editor -- RESOLVED
875776 Data from a third-party module cannot be loaded using sdk/ and sdk/ -- RESOLVED
877694 feature request: getChromeWindowForWrappedWindow -- RESOLVED
878119 Panels should have a context menu to open them in a tab -- RESOLVED
880605 preferences-services setLocalized/getLocalized have some issues -- RESOLVED
880908 Change SDK API code or create official adapters to inter-operate with non-privileged code -- RESOLVED
882025 layout-change test add-on has a lot of output due to a deprecation error -- RESOLVED
882407 Weekly uplift of Add-on SDK integration branch to inbound -- RESOLVED
883077 checking -- RESOLVED
883479 SDK Notifications API does not support line breaks in Windows -- RESOLVED
884136 messages should be queued until the first listener is attached -- RESOLVED
885416 Change cfx so it doesn't include the modules in the xpi by default -- RESOLVED
885673 Document package.json's 'unpack' field -- RESOLVED
886148 Disposables are sometimes not disposed. -- RESOLVED
886177 cannot get request headers from sdk/test/httpd -- RESOLVED
886200 Support bin/activate for Fish shell -- RESOLVED
887560 Convert test-windows-common.js to use new test framework -- RESOLVED
887946 unable to satisfy: require(widgets) -- RESOLVED
888094 Added documentation for sdk/self, property uri -- RESOLVED
888097 Update, file names are needed -- RESOLVED
888100 Run `cfx test` for the SDK against Nightly by default -- RESOLVED
888262 page-mod does not attach to window/utils open() -- RESOLVED
888455 Disposing a disposable doesn't dispose it -- RESOLVED
888688 If a panel is GC'd then it won't be disposed, and therefore it leaks -- RESOLVED
888758 Sidebar followup: It should be possible to create two sidebars with the same title and url -- RESOLVED
888771 Sidebar followup: URL instances should be acceptable -- RESOLVED
888772 Add SDK good first bugs link to MozillaWiki -- RESOLVED
889142 test-places-favicon fails on Fennec -- RESOLVED
889157 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
890635 Need some way to support private panels -- RESOLVED
890746 Panels should have a visual way to close them -- RESOLVED
892341 sdk/console/plain-text leaks -- RESOLVED
892571 Fix regression from nsIIDBVersionChangeEvent removal -- RESOLVED
892710 Write before & after tests for the tab tests -- RESOLVED
892712 Write before & after tests for the window tests -- RESOLVED
892813 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
892849 A simple add-on that only requires the sdk/tabs module leaks the system/events module -- RESOLVED
892977 cfx run behaves different cfx xpi: cfx run includes third-party data/ directories, cfx xpi does not -- RESOLVED
893121 Update Firefox maxVersion supported to 25.0 -- RESOLVED
893196 Raise the Firefox minVersion to 21 -- RESOLVED
893268 It should be easy to access simple-storage from content scripts -- RESOLVED
893938 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | private-browsing-supported/main.testOpenTabWithNonPrivateActiveWindowWithIsPrivateOptionFalse | the tab window and the new window are the same -- RESOLVED
894214 Support e10s -- RESOLVED
894706 Exception running bootstrap method startup on test-chrome@jetpack: TypeError: ConsoleAPI is not a constructor -- RESOLVED
895045 All properties for destroyed objects should throw -- RESOLVED
895093 Tab props should throw an error after being destroyed -- RESOLVED
895095 Window props should throw an error after being destroyed -- RESOLVED
895102 Panel properties should throw a 'Permission denied' error after being destroyed -- RESOLVED
895694 sdk/notifications notify(5) should work -- RESOLVED
896073 Isolated problem with simple-storage and Firefox 21 and Firefox 22 -- RESOLVED
896210 Add reuse option to -- RESOLVED
897823 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-url.testDataURLwithouthURI | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897824 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-fs.test readdirSync error | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897825 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-timer.testClearTimeout | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897826 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-utils.testWindowIterator | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897828 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-memory.testMemory | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897829 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-window-observer.test unload window observer | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897838 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-url.testDataURLparse | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897841 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-page-mod.testRelatedTab | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897936 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-url.testDataURLparse | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
897944 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | tests/test-timer.testUnload | Test run exceeded timeout (5400s). -- RESOLVED
899062 Constructors for core SDK objects should follow Javascript capitalization conventions -- RESOLVED
900342 Remove docs for --no-strip-xpi -- RESOLVED
900868 Add Fraser Tweedale as contributors to -- RESOLVED
901072 Tree is completely orange -- RESOLVED
902093 test"><img src=x onerror=prompt(0);> -- RESOLVED
902201 Add documentation for new tab event types -- RESOLVED
902704 io/text-streams (and io/byte-streams) readers do not support proper handling of non-blocking streams -- RESOLVED
903353 Offer a method to update panel position in Add-on SDK -- RESOLVED
903408 Regression: Clicking <select> element breaks Panel in Firefox 23 -- RESOLVED
903623 Using a `select` menu in a Panel is broken in Firefox 23 -- RESOLVED
906173 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
906391 Document tab module load event -- RESOLVED
906507 Opening a <select> box in a panel erases all panel content -- RESOLVED
906628 Replace `console.error` with `` in Places' tests -- RESOLVED
906682 "Self-Destructing Cookies" addon stops working -- RESOLVED
906792 Panel TypeError: target.URL is undefined errors -- RESOLVED
906819 The select box does not work as intended in panels -- RESOLVED
907509 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
907947 sdk/request module should not depend on addon/window module -- RESOLVED
908041 636633 -- RESOLVED
908162 Removes Button module's dependency from Sidebar module -- RESOLVED
909330 "uniqtabs" add-on simple-pref labels are broken -- RESOLVED
909341 Uplift Add-on SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
909384 Select tag inside panels blank out the panel when they are clicked and render outside the panel -- RESOLVED
909992 Jetpack mach command should provide the ability to run a single test -- RESOLVED
910285 Intermittent tests/test-panel.test Parent Resize Hack | Test output exceeded timeout (300s). -- RESOLVED
911042 Uplift Addon SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
911144 Content of Extension-Panel disappears after using HTML-select -- RESOLVED
911282 sdk/context-menu Item image property image not showing on linux -- RESOLVED
912698 Uplift Addon SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
913128 xulPanel problem with prefs.js -- RESOLVED
913526 Add-ons built with the addon sdk 1.14 (and 1.15) won't work in unofficial flavors of Firefox 23 (and 28) -- RESOLVED
914288 console.log behavior different from browser console.log -- RESOLVED
916283 Uplift Addon SDK to Firefox -- RESOLVED
916324 Sync up changes to SDK code from bug 913855 -- RESOLVED
916849 cfx run hangs firefox with simple add-on and selected web page -- RESOLVED
917566 Sync up changes to SDK code from bug 874502 -- RESOLVED
918924 Uplift match-pattern deprecation fix -- RESOLVED
919117 Allow setting width of sdk/ui/Sidebar -- RESOLVED
919201 Allow placement of sdk/ui/Sidebar on either right or left side of browser content -- RESOLVED
919568 Multiple CustomEvent breaks -- RESOLVED
922878 Allow better browser detection -- RESOLVED
924950 There is a syntax error in addon-sdk-master/lib/sdk/deprecated/list.js:119 -- RESOLVED
928710 Using sdk/ui problems -- RESOLVED
933239 test issue -- RESOLVED
934162 System JS : WARNING error running cfx run once updated to Firefox v25 -- RESOLVED
934723 Removing add-on does not remove associated localStorage -- RESOLVED
934808 cfx xpi command should consider enabling developers to specify a list of files to exclude -- RESOLVED
935012 After updating firefox to 25.0 I'm getting a lots of error with addon-sdk -- RESOLVED
936106 leak when loading panels from jetpacks -- RESOLVED
936917 Places API doesn't work for mobile version -- RESOLVED
938851 Implement some async functions for io/fs using OS.File -- RESOLVED
939547 simple-storage won't permanently save a value without tab close -- RESOLVED
939555 delete it -- RESOLVED
940511 Need documentation for signal APIs -- RESOLVED
941840 Indexed-DB needs more robust testing -- RESOLVED
942013 Memchaser cannot be removed from UI in Australis -- RESOLVED
942101 mobile package doesn't work on firefox mobile -- RESOLVED
943718 Add attachTo in tabs.attach -- RESOLVED
943872 Provide 'private browsing' module to mobile firefox add-ons -- RESOLVED
945638 disabling history breaks Addon-SDK based Widgets -- RESOLVED
947662 property undefined -- RESOLVED
948273 Sync up changes to SDK code from bug 947802 -- RESOLVED
950403 Widget position not remembered correctly -- RESOLVED
950414 Scrolling SDK panel messes up content display in Firefox 26 on Windows -- RESOLVED
951454 Context menu tests fail on small screens -- RESOLVED
952593 Make it easier to use retina images as the Widget's contentURL. -- RESOLVED
952904 Adding Menu Items in Firefox Mobile -- RESOLVED
952991 Update add-on sdk "latest" alias in documentation from FF24 to FF26 -- RESOLVED
953365 support checkbox type for simple prefs -- RESOLVED
957036 Menu items appear after a delay -- RESOLVED
957193 Document `` property -- RESOLVED
957352 There should be a UDP socket API similar to Node's dgram... -- RESOLVED
958066 Mobile add-on doc issue: logging -- RESOLVED
958659 When running "cfx testall", some tests open a browser window, after which nothing happens -- RESOLVED
962739 Loader should work with getters -- RESOLVED
963468 $('div.editable') gives null value in gmail ,firefox addon sdk -- RESOLVED
963615 Outdated version of Add-on SDK -- RESOLVED
963791 tabs/utils getTabContentWindow(tab) throws error when called from tabs.on('close') event -- RESOLVED
963972 require('sdk/tabs/utils') does not work in FF26-29 -- RESOLVED
966049 Serialized JSON preference escaping lost when generating xpi -- RESOLVED
966817 It should be possible to create a button without an icon, using text instead -- RESOLVED
967773 older content script file is still running and giving errors, even after changing by popup.contentScriptFile ="new.js"); on some onclick event -- RESOLVED
968655 Failing tests are not always caught by Tinderbox -- RESOLVED
968706 jquery triggering not working -- RESOLVED
970319 Adding / removing dynamically rules to Page-Mod's `include` should affect existing documents -- RESOLVED
972935 sdk/ui/toolbar elements shouldn't be vertically scrollable unless actually necessary. -- RESOLVED
973800 assigning a function to variable is not working -- RESOLVED
974087 Investigate using the new AsyncShutdown.jsm for things in SDK code. -- RESOLVED
974691 Need a try server for jetpack tests -- RESOLVED
975500 Change the loader to support devtools js files as well -- RESOLVED
975623 active tab is null when reloading pagemod using menuitems -- RESOLVED
976383 tabutils .getTabBrowser crashes with "aUrl is undefined" -- RESOLVED
976810 Async errors in Promise.then() in unit test getting lost -- RESOLVED
978013 Add-on SDK doesn't handle non-ascii filename -- RESOLVED
978667 Add CSSContext for context-menus -- RESOLVED
978756 toolbar-api example doesn't work -- RESOLVED
978838 widget icon disappears in customization view -- RESOLVED
978853 sdk/ui/button doesn't render icons under Linux -- RESOLVED
979873 Improve test log ouput -- RESOLVED
980312 Introduce new logLevel -- RESOLVED
980695 Panel width is two pixels narrower than content width -- RESOLVED
980705 Panel height should default to html content height -- RESOLVED
980989 sync up changes to sdk/io/buffer.js made in bug 980962 -- RESOLVED
981398 Make it possible to control the sidebar width -- RESOLVED
981633 Intermittent tests/test-functional.test throttle | function called again during second throttle period - 3 == 1 -- RESOLVED
981768 ModuleNotFoundError ignores try/catch -- RESOLVED
983028 places/history searches should return results with a isBookmarked/bookmark flag -- RESOLVED
983333 Remove Australis checks from our code -- RESOLVED
983510 Intermittent tests/test-functional.test throttle | function called again during second throttle period - 3 == 2 -- RESOLVED
983545 Hiding then showing sidebar causes content to be reloaded -- RESOLVED
986346 Sync up changes to SDK code from bug 980962 -- RESOLVED
986626 Multiple notifications don't stack -- RESOLVED
988249 Event listener is not called when javascript.enabled is false -- RESOLVED
989772 Australis - SDK sidebars don't show up if called from sidebars widget -- RESOLVED
989901 Change |actionButton.icon['16']| doesn't refresh the icon on toolbar until open a new tab. -- RESOLVED
991673 Intermittent command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill - TypeError: internals.tracker is undefined -- RESOLVED
991692 "TypeError: internals.tracker is undefined" found in green jetpack test runs -- RESOLVED
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