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This page lists add-ons which people have created using the Add-on SDK and the Online Builder.

If you've written an add-on using the SDK or the Builder, please feel free to share a link to it here! Additionally, we have created a large number of functional code examples on the Add-on Builder that you can use as example of how to work with the Jetpack APIs:

Title Author SDK Version Location Description
Grooveshark Remote Control Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro 1.0b4 Full featured extension to control Grooveshark from your status bar.
Skyedit Irakli Gozalishvili 1.0RC3 Skyedit is an editor similar to view-source, it allows edit-source
About Downloads Irakli Gozalishvili 1.0RC3 A replacement for Firefox Downloads manager
jep4repl Irakli Gozalishvili 1.0RC3 An interactive javascript shell
Weather Example Alexandre Poirot 1.0RC3 SDK example showing a weather widget
Tree tabs Alexandre Poirot 1.0RC3 simple equivalent to tree-style tabs
awesomebar.js Dietrich Ayala 1.0b5 Jetpack module to extend Firefox's awesomebar
Github+Bugzilla Dietrich Ayala Tweaks for Github and Bugzilla integration
BadgedWidget.js Dietrich Ayala Jetpack module that allows you to badge a widget
cmd Dietrich Ayala Add-on for quick command execution from Firefox
hackasaurus-sharing-addon Atul Varma A simple add-on allowing users to activate Web X-Ray Goggles and upload screenshots of their hacks to Flickr.