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This page lists add-ons which people have created using the Add-on SDK and the Online Builder.

If you've written an add-on using the SDK or the Builder, please feel free to share a link to it here! Additionally, we have created a large number of functional code examples on the Add-on Builder that you can use as example of how to work with the Jetpack APIs:

Title Author SDK Version Location Description
Grooveshark Remote Control Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro 1.0b4 https://github.com/peregrinogris/Grooveshark-Remote-Control/ Full featured extension to control Grooveshark from your status bar.
Skyedit Irakli Gozalishvili 1.0RC3 https://github.com/Gozala/sky-edit Skyedit is an editor similar to view-source, it allows edit-source
About Downloads Irakli Gozalishvili 1.0RC3 https://github.com/Gozala/about-downloads-addon A replacement for Firefox Downloads manager
jep4repl Irakli Gozalishvili 1.0RC3 https://github.com/Gozala/jep4repl An interactive javascript shell
Weather Example Alexandre Poirot 1.0RC3 https://github.com/ochameau/weather-example SDK example showing a weather widget
Tree tabs Alexandre Poirot 1.0RC3 https://github.com/ochameau/weather-example simple equivalent to tree-style tabs
awesomebar.js Dietrich Ayala 1.0b5 https://github.com/autonome/Jetpack-Modules/blob/master/awesomebar.js Jetpack module to extend Firefox's awesomebar
Github+Bugzilla Dietrich Ayala https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/github-tweaks-for-bugzilla/ Tweaks for Github and Bugzilla integration
BadgedWidget.js Dietrich Ayala https://github.com/autonome/Jetpack-Modules/blob/master/BadgedWidget.js Jetpack module that allows you to badge a widget
cmd Dietrich Ayala https://github.com/autonome/cmd Add-on for quick command execution from Firefox
hackasaurus-sharing-addon Atul Varma https://github.com/hackasaurus/hackasaurus-sharing-addon A simple add-on allowing users to activate Web X-Ray Goggles and upload screenshots of their hacks to Flickr.