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Name Owner References Status Description Notes
Mobile Page Mods Matteo [DONE] Build a prototype SDK that can build add-ons that use non-UI based features for Fennec landing this week which should work on birch and sdk-1.4
l10n Alex 691782 [DONE] Build an API that developers can use to localise JS strings landing soon
l10n Myk [MISSED] Create a plan for extending that API to allow localising HTML content proposal will be complete but there wont be enough time for discussion and iteration
IndexDB platform support Gabor 587797 [DONE] Land the platform support side of an IndexDB API to be ready for the developer-facing API in Q1 waiting for final review
Add-on Tab API Irakli 644595 [MISSED] Create a new Add-on Tab API could be done if a few changes land, but was more work than originally thought
Prefs API Everyone 645207 [DONE] Support community member(s) landing Prefs API
No Unpacking XPIs Brian 638742 [DONE] Make it no longer necessary to unpack/repack XPIs very close - may land
Release SDK! Everyone [DONE] Continue to release new versions of the SDK periodically with new features and bug fixes