Jetpack/SDK/1.7/Release Checklist

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Task Owner Status
     Clone Checklist dcm [DONE]
     Merge Master to Stabilization Kwierso [DONE]
     File Tracking Bug dcm [DONE]
     Notify Relevant Parties
         Community dcm [DONE]
         Product Planning dcm [DONE]
         PR dcm [DONE]
     Spin Test Builds KWierso [DONE]
     Stabilize Codebase KWierso [DONE]
     Draft Release Announcement dcm [DONE]
     Write Release Notes wbamberg
     Choose Candidate dcm 1.7RC2
     Push Docs wbamberg
     Bless Candidate Build KWierso [DONE]
     Update AMO Validator Kwierso [DONE]
     Update Latest Builds Redirect KWierso [DONE]
     Update Latest Docs Redirect wbamberg
     File Builder bug to push build KWierso [DONE]
     Publish Release Announcement (blog post) canuckistani
     Send a note to press@mozilla canuckistani
     Merge Stabilization to Release KWierso [DONE]
     Notify Community (google group) canuckistani
Bask canuckistani
Review dcm