Jetpack/SDK/Release Checklist/1.17

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Task Owner Status
     Clone Checklist Mossop Done
     Merge Master to Stabilization Erik Done
     File Tracking Bug Mossop Done
     Notify Relevant Parties
         Community RM
         Product Planning RM
         PR RM
     Spin Test Builds RE
     Stabilize Codebase TL
     Draft Release Announcement RM
     Write Release Notes DL
     Choose Candidate RM
     Push Docs DL
     Bless Candidate Build RE
     Update AMO Validator RE
     File Builder bug to push build RE
     Update Latest Builds Redirect RE
     Update Latest Docs Redirect DL
     Publish Release Announcement RM
     Merge Stabilization to Release RE
     Notify Community RM
Bask RM
Review RM