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Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-11-06

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  • Builder
    • some usage numbers!
  • SDK
    • next beta for 1.12?
    • skipping re-packs for now, blame Jeff. Targeting 1.12.
  • Roundtable
    • feature misses survey - conclusions
    • Mozcamp questions
    • no meeting next week?
    • armv6 test hardware for mobile ( see bug 808883 )
    • Eddy blogged about creating an add-on using the SDK (see [1] )


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  • Jeff
  • Matteo
  • Eddy
  • Wes
  • Will
  • Gabor
  • Alex
  • Irakli
  • Erik
  • Gregg



Jeff and Jorge got some usage statistics.

  • About 60% of Jetpack add-ons were made using the Builder, accounting for 650,000 users. As usual, a small number of add-ons make up the bulk of this, with a long tail.
  • The remaining 40% of SDK-developed add-ons account for 3.5 million users. 2.5 million of these are accounted for by one add-on Easy YouTube Downloader.
  • This seems to indicate that the Builder is a good way to get people started developing add-ons, while more popular add-ons are built with the SDK.


  • Will we ship a beta for 1.12 today? Wes: only one minor change landed: possibly not worth it.
  • Skipping re-packs for now, blame Jeff. Targeting 1.12.


  • Feature misses survey - conclusions. This will feed into our 2013 roadmap, which Jeff will be working on for the next few weeks. Tell Jeff if you have any input.
  • Mozcamp questions: if you are going to Mozcamp Asia, make sure you have somewhere to sleep.
  • No meeting next week? Lots of people will be away. Mossop will be here, and he can decide whether to have a meeting or not.
  • ARMv6 test hardware for mobile ( see bug 808883 ). Can Wes get access to mobile ARMv6 HW to run tests on, so we can triage bugs? If not, lets buy some. Is it good enough if just Wes has access or do we need more? Wes: raise a bug for automated integration testing for mobile, but we can't start doing this until we have it working.
  • Eddy blogged about creating an add-on using the SDK (see [2] ), and also gave a JS talk in Amsterdam last week. Jeff: we might be able to help with sponsorship for AmsterdamJS.
  • Gregg: trying to run code coverage on the Jetpack code base. There are some bootstrapping issues if you instrument all the SDK code: some minimal set of modules must be uninstrumented. Will get help on IRC.