Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-01-22

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Awesomeness Schedule

Date Awesome Person
01/09 2013 Roadmap - Jeff
01/15 Irakli - invoke - coming soon
01/22 Irakli: invoke
01/29 Erik - PWPB
01/29 Eddy - Harmony modules?
01/29 Alex - Implementing Web Apis in the SDK


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Matteo
  • Irakli
  • Erik
  • Gabor
  • Jeff
  • Wes
  • Will
  • Alex
  • Dave C


High Priority Work

Landing APIs in Firefox

Irakli & Erik are working on getting cfx ready, and enabling the loader to load modules from Firefox or from disk.


No progress. Perhaps this should not be high-priority? Re-triage it.

Private Browsing

Erik is depressed, but has a pull request ready for Irakli to review. In it, add-on developers can add a flag into package.json saying they want their add-ons to work in private windows. If the flag is not set, the SDK will hide private windows from the add-on. Hiding private windows will need updates to various SDK modules. We are aiming at 1.14 to land this.


Gregg has a pull request: Alex will review it.

Cross-domain content scripts

Gabor is making progress on fixing the platform bugs that prevent this working in the SDK. Can it land in Firefox 21 or 22? Not sure, it's a big patch and he has had no review yet. Will we be able to uplift the patch to an earlier Firefox? It is unlikely, given the size of the patch.

console.log not working in panel content scripts

Matteo has a fix ready for review.

Panel positioning

Have been discussing the API on the list. Only Matteo and Mossop are talking, so others can jump in if they have an opinion. Otherwise let's try to wrap up discussion in the next day or two and write a JEP detailing what we will do.


RC3 today. Anything to include?


  • Jordan's accepted a job offer! Will join in March
  • Work week is tentatively scheduled for the week starting March 11
  • Drive-by patch for bug 643156, does anyone want to help it land? Someone said yes.
  • Looks like Community modules wiki page can be cleaned up. Regroup related modules, remove our own deprecated, remove broken modules.