Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-01-29

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Awesomeness Schedule

Date Awesome Person
01/09 2013 Roadmap - Jeff
01/15 Irakli - invoke - coming soon
01/22 Irakli: invoke
01/29 Erik - PWPB
02/05 Eddy - Harmony modules?
02/11 Alex - Implementing Web Apis in the SDK
02/18  ???


Triage Followups

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Open Bugs


  • Irakli
  • Alex
  • Gabor
  • Erik
  • Jeff
  • Mossop
  • Matteo
  • Eddy
  • Will
  • Wes


High Priority Work

Landing APIs in Firefox

Irakli has verified that APIs are in the right place. Waiting for releng to set up testing. If this does not happen very soon, land anyway? Mossop is confident it's in the right shape. Tell releng that Jeff is a jerk. Let's try to land in m-c this week, to get in Firefox 21.

cfx.js in add-on builder helper

Remove it from high priority list.

Private Browsing

Erik has a branch containing the pb-enabled flag, set in package.json and available through private-browsing/utils,js. He he raised some bugs to update other modules to read and use the pb-enabled flag, will want help from Matteo and Alex for get them done:

  • bug 834961: Update window-utils to ignore private browsing windows
  • bug 834958: Update selection module to ignore private windows
  • bug 834960: Update page-mod module to ignore private windows

Testing might be challenging. Should we run all tests in both modes? Erik will make a bug for testing.


Just a few last review comments to address, nearly ready to land.

Cross-domain content scripts

Gabor: still not quite done, has found new issues. Still pretty close.

console.log not working in panel content scripts

Matteo: done!

Panel positioning

Matteo's ready to write a JEP following his proposal on the list.

FragmentOrElement objects in the CC graph bug 833783

Memory leak. Alex is investigating. Alex is also working on a tool to find memory leaks.


  • We have a memory leak in addon-page, coming from the platform side.
  • Irakli is waiting for a pull request from Erik on cfx-py.
  • 1.13 will ship today!
  • Private Browsing: [flag implemented here]: we will want a repack, at least an opt-in repack for 1.14. Work will be needed on the repacking script. Jeff can work with Alex to get the add-ons that need to be repacked.


  • Old Selection Listeners fix in master never landed in 1.13: How did this not get into 1.13? Alex: we should start using Bugzilla fields to track this. We should also squash pull requests before landing.
  • Anything exciting for the release notes?
    • bug 795645, tab IDs
    • l10n translators key, form CIAvash
    • context menu fixes
  • Jeff's not here next Tues, Mossop will run the meeting. Wes is out Thurs. Fri, Mon.