Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-02-12

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Awesomeness Schedule

Date Awesome Person
01/09 2013 Roadmap - Jeff
01/15 Irakli - invoke - coming soon
01/22 Irakli: invoke
01/29 Erik - PWPB
02/05 Eddy - Harmony modules?
02/11 Alex - Implementing Web Apis in the SDK
02/18  ???


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Will
  • Matteo
  • Dave Townsend
  • Jeff
  • Gabor
  • Erik
  • Dave Camp
  • Alex
  • Wes


High Priority Work

Landing APIs in Firefox

Alex is working on patching cfx. Making loader work with modules in Firefox. Will work with Irakli in Paris tomorrow.

Private Browsing

Erik has pull requests needing review. But Irakli is busy. Erik's working on Panel next, that will be the tricky one. Erik will post links to the pull requests, and anyone who wants to help review can do so.

Cross-domain content scripts

Gabor was at DOM work week, couldn't finish everything. Sent new patches to try, one test failure left. Gabor is excited to be modifying some ancient debugger code.

Panel positioning

Some updates during FOSDEM, some issues with proposed API. Matteo would appreciate any feedback on the issues and proposed changes, in the JEP: [1].

FragmentOrElement objects in the CC graph bug 833783

Should be fixed, and included in 1.13.2. DCamp: there's a similar leak in devtools, can Alex help, with his magical leak finder? Only Alex can use his magical leak finder, but he will help.



Tracking bug: bug 839322

Plan to release today, not before 2pm. More testing needed? Take CIAvash's mail and run through his use cases? Erik volunteered to do this. CIAvash also confirmed that a pre-release fixed the issues he saw.

Anything else to go into 1.14b2?

We already have the changes that are going into 1.13.2 already. We should think about what things should be blockers for landing-in-firefox.




  • GSOC 2013 - any ideas? Revisit next week? Dave Camp: translator between chrome and webkit protocols.
  • COW replacement API to export JS objects safely from content-script to content. Gabor has a design sketch, would like to discuss it. Create a JEP for this. Gabor will write a blog about the problem it is intended to solve.