Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-03-26

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Awesomeness Schedule

Awesome Date Awesome Person - Awesome thing
03/18 Jeff - Work week wrap-up
03/25 Jeff - nativewindow
04/01 Matteo - ST2 plugin post
04/08 Irakli - ???
04/15 Jordan - Places JEP


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Wes
  • Eddy
  • Erik
  • Will
  • Jeff
  • Gabor
  • Mossop
  • Matteo
  • Alex
  • Jordan
  • Irakli


High Priority Work

Private Browsing Bug Tree

Done for 1.14. Let's have a scoping meeting to review what's left. Anything we want to get into Firefox 22 needs to land by next Tuesday. The platform side of the panel bug is fixed in Firefox 22. It would be good to try to fix the SDK side for Firefox 22.

Cross-domain content scripts

Still one failure Gabor is tracking down, that needs a proper fix.

Panel positioning

Waiting for a review. If we can get it done this week, it can get into Firefox 22.

SDK 1.14 Repacks

Waiting for a 1.14 to ship. What shall we do about add-ons already in the queue? Will will talk to Jorge.

UX Work

Mossop, Matteo, Jeff are meeting to scope this tomorrow. They will then draft some JEPs to describe the requirements.

Places API

Jordan will work on this, he's writing a JEP. Advice is to make everything asynchronous.

DOM Window for add-ons

Irakli is working on a JEP. Depends on x-domain content scripting work.


Not a formal goal, but something we want internally. Irakli is driving this.


  • 1.14rc2 now available! Test it. Today or tomorrow to release, want to catch the AMO push on Thursday.
  • The tree is orange! Erik has a fix. Only orange for master, not stabilization.
  • Blockers? Nope. Matteo's going to try running out tests on Fennec.


What should we do about version numbers, when the SDK ships in Firefox?

APIs should target a Firefox version, but cfx should still use SDK versions (there will be a 1.15 of cfx). Do we even need stabilization? Yes: we still need it for uplifting changes. We also need cfx tool to be landed in Firefox, so we can run the tests there, although it isn't shipped. Wes will work on a proposal about versioning. In Bugzilla, we should add a cfx component for the non-API, non-docs parts of the SDK.