Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2013-06-11

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Awesomeness Schedule

Awesome Date Awesome Person - Awesome thing
06/03 Erik - Lots o stuff
06/10 Jordan - Places API
06/17 Irakli - DOM Window
06/24 Jeff - New features in 24


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Will
  • Jeff
  • Dave
  • Wes
  • Matteo
  • Jordan
  • Irakli
  • Gabor
  • Erik


High Priority Work

Cross-domain content scripts


UX Work

Matteo has a branch. Not complete, but we can look (must have Australis, and use -o). It has an action button: per tab, per window.

Erik: sidebar and toolbar are close to done. Individual tests pass, but fail when taken together. Code is hacky, and needs reviewing.

Need to get Matteo and Erik's work reviewed and landed. Lots of it won't work until Australis lands. So we should have a different branch for it. Wes will create an Australis branch off master for this.

Places API

Updated API after last week's discussion.

DOM Window for add-ons

Working on io module to write a test for websockets. PR 646 is to track this work.

Local storage has hit a problem, though - we can't use it for non-HTTP documents. Gabor would like us to use expanded principal for this and other DOM APIs, but it's likely to be a ton of work. Gabor: we should just try, and find out what breaks. We don't know yet how much will work.

How do FirefoxOS apps do this? They don't have an HTTP URL either.

The great last repack

This is on track:

  • Repacking and testing is finished and we've emailed all the developers.
  • Now we wait until Friday, to give them a chance to ask us not to submit on their behalf.
  • Then on Friday we'll submit, then at around Firefox 22 release time we will mark old add-ons as incompatible.




Erik: go ahead and land it.