Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-07-08

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Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Mossop
  • Connor
  • Irakli
  • Jeff
  • Matteo
  • Erik
  • zombie
  • Jordan
  • Will


High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support


Erik: will blog today and test it out.

People on the list have tried it, and had some problems:

  • cfx IDs don't work with jpm
  • the "main" property in package.json is mandatory in jpm, and is not in cfx - cfx uses main.js as the entry point by default if main is not specified

Do we make a break, or keep the cfx behavior even when it does not make sense? We should make a break, explaining to users what they need to do to fix their add-ons.

Devtools SDK


  • still catching up
  • working on review comments, will have new version for review today

Button badges

Matteo: this is supported in Firefox, but broken in OS X, should have working version this week, or next week. Then we can expose it in the SDK.




  • use mochi tests instead of cfx for the SDK.
  • package tests should work, add-ons tests might not.
  • plan is to try it out and fix problems as they come up
  • will find someone to work on it

e10s updates (zombie)

  • adapted Content Worker to async Sandbox (bug 1028718)
    • got all the tests passing, feeling all good about myself
    • enter context-menu :\
  • anyone knows anything about bug 1023326?
    • Associate JS compartments with addon XUL code and components/modules


  • bug 942511 - " All properties of the ActiveTab is undefined"