Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-08-12

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Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Mossop
  • Gabor
  • Jordan
  • Erik
  • zombie
  • Will
  • Jeff


High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support

Erik: fixed or have a patch for:

  • Bug 1037235 toolkit/loader checks module compatibility
  • Bug 1042239 create a promise that is resolved when the application has started, and removed the `appShellService.hiddenDOMWindow` hack in sdk/addon/runner.


  • Guide from CFX to JPM
  • Issue 131 Additional -v logging, for instance `jpm xpi` will print the files added.
  • Issue 132 Logging the amount of time it takes to build a xpi
  • Issue 134 Error reporting is streamable and better filtered
  • Updated to version 0.0.12
  • `jpm test` wasn't working because of two regressions, one in the sdk and one in jpm, I wrote a couple of tests in JPM pull request 137 and a patch for bug 1052163.

Devtools SDK

No Irakli, no update.

Button badges

Issues with build system. Hope we'll finish by Thursday, agreed how to proceed with toolkit part.


Got test harness working for package tests and add-on tests. Should have everything up for review by the end of the week.

SDK 1.17

Just waiting for AMO push.




Sunday it all worked, Monday nightly build broke everything. Need to make reproducible testcase for the crash. zombie's GSOC supposed to be done end of the week but he will continue to work on it \o/. Was it an api change? No, just crashes when calling a cpow from content process. There are no crash logs for content processes.


Jordan: unhandled promises in tests will start failing in mc, our test harness is separate but still we should fix it. Jordan will raise some bugs.