Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-08-19

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Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • zombie
  • Mossop
  • Jeff
  • Jordan
  • Erik
  • Will
  • Matteo


High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support

Erik: not much to report. Working on updating jep, has patch for Bug 1040270.

  • Bug 915376 Updating the Native Jetpack JEP
  • Bug 1040270 If an add-on has a ./package.json file, then call it a jetpack
  • Bug 1040238 Implementing loadManifestFromJSON


  • Pull Request 142 Don't overwrite existing bootstrap.js and install.rdf, instead use them in the xpi
  • Updated version to 0.0.13

Devtools SDK

No Irakli, no update.

Button badges

Matteo: attached a patch for platform bug, waiting for review. In bug 994280, in the screenshot, badges are misaligned, or look misaligned. This is a platform-specific issue. It can go out as it is, and be fixed later in platform. Only happens when the icon is smaller than the proper size. Can be an FAQ item then. Let's land it as it is, fix in the platform if it becomes an issue for many people.


Waiting for 1 review, then test and addon test stuff can land. This week, we hope.

SDK 1.17

SDK 1.17 is failing some tests. Promise rejections in sidebar. But that's not actually what we are shipping (modules are in Firefox). Ship anyway. zombie: we should test behaviour when a module does not exist in the SDK but does exist in Firefox.



e10s updates (zombie)

  • emitSync is completely dead in e10s, bug 1042587. Awful timing. Have to redo all zombie's work. :(


  • how should we acknowledge new contributors? Publish these meeting notes to planet? Add to about:credits? Friends of the Tree? Jeff will think about that.