Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-08-26

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Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • zombie
  • Erik
  • Jeff
  • Will
  • Matteo
  • Irakli


High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support/ JPM

Erik: uplifted bug fixes for running jpm tests on sdk side, written a patch on jpm side. Example add-ons in the repo, will run through testing them. Don't have node aliases working in the loader yet. So using most node modules won't work cos they use native node APIs. Should we we create npm modules for some common valid sdk use cases (indexeddb, home page tiles, mod request/response urls)?

Devtools SDK


  • have a patch for changes honza wanted in panel API to get lower level access to panel (iframe e.g.).
  • not sure about object inspectors, jordan's on that
  • good progress with actors api (director) will strip out some features for now, since ran into blocks with tab actors, for now on the debuggee side we will have something like content scripts, which can communicate with toolbox.

1 week till uplift: less. What do we expect in Firefox 34? Jeff: be happy with introducing toolbox panel api, let the other stuff land in 35? Irakli: we need more than that for it to be useful. content script debuggers. If we are late, could publish the additional modules to npm but not ship in Firefox, so people can try it out. We should blog about it. Jeff will write something up for amo.

Button badges

Matteo: waiting for Neil's review on both bugs.


Done? The part not in our code (in releng) is in review still. Mossop intends to finish this though.

SDK 1.17



e10s updates (zombie)

  • the GSoC is done
  • but i'm not, bug 1058698 async ContentWorker for e10s. will ask for reviews this week or next, no need to uplift as e10s is not in Aurora.




  • [SO] WOuld `--force-use-bundled-sdk` help with this?
  • future of this meeting? [Jeff]: we should keep doing this meeting for the time being. But maybe not forever. Concerned about the ongoing health of the code. especially with Mossop leaving.