Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-09-23

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Then Paul Rouget reverted it because it broke webide which doesn't have a test for the use case that I broke. Paul said someone on the WebIDE team will pick up the work now since they have no test. Releasing JPM and landing the changes to AOM both depend on this.

    • JPM
      • Bug 1052803 jpm built extensions were not displaying inline preferences, which is now fixed in Issue 155.
      • Issue 173 Supporting wildcard engines, like `firefox: "*"`
    • Devtools SDK
      • There is a blog post in works for mozilla hacks to talk about new devtools APIs.
      • Irakli is going to assign Jordan a review for toolbox/panel API changes.
      • Working on a dynamic way of registering actors (going to publish experimental modules on npm in meantime)
      • We should make Luca a reviewer
      • Those interested should go to the SDK DevTool meeting on Thursdays.
    • Button badges - review was done on platform patch, Matteo still waiting on some additional feedback. Some button API changes were required on SDK side and Erik is going to review those changes
  • SDK
    • Blockers?
  • Roundtable
    • Removed some private browsing support
    • Bug 893276 caused a regression and was reverted from 33 (Fx beta) upwards, it is still in Fx 31 & Fx32 however.
    • What is the best way to provide some add-on scaffolding using jpm? - Erik suggested a blog post, Matteo is using sublime to generate projects from templates, Irakli is using ngen for that, Jordan said yeoman is another popular option.
    • Context menu 2.0
      • Irakli thinks it should be on a roadmap and other devs agree.
      • There are ton of issues with current API which is just too complex, adding devtools support would be nightmare, supporting fennec is difficult, etc..
    • Joe said E10S should not be a concern as there are: 1. E10S team working on it, 2. Mossop's team working on it & 3. zombie working on this.
    • make require first class citizen
      • There are bunch of use cases for this like frame scripts in e10s and native jetpacks and there are bunch of bugs that have being filled. It should be pretty easy to do.
    • Tree is red orange
      • Erik is working on fixes.
      • Regression was caused by changes of let semantics that have landed as a part of ES6.
      • RelEng changed the linux environments which our tests are run in, removing some environment variables which we need, so we need to figure out which of those removed are needed, and have a different script add them.
    • Bug triage - Mossop used to balance the workload and assign bugs to people. Now Irakli had to try to do it blindly (well based of who worked on whato t in a past). This is not ideal and needs to be discussed with Joe to find a better solution.


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High Priority Work

Button badges

Platform patch waiting for the second round of review; SDK API slightly changed to be simpler to the devs (examples will be in the PR).