Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-10-07

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Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Erik
  • Irakli
  • Jeff
  • Matteo
  • zombie
  • Joe
  • Will


High Priority Work

Native Jetpack/JPM

Erik: no progress since work week, and new bugs. Also working on separating jpm core functionality into jpm/core. Idea to reduce bootstrap to a bare minimum, this makes updates easier as almost all the bootstrap functionality is in Firefox.

Jeff: the bug is marked as depending on nodification, does it? No.

Jeff: can we shoot for shipping in 36? Yes, we could aim for that. Not 35. Jeff: we want it for go-to-market with devtools SDK. The big push there probably won't be until 2015. so 36 is ok.

Devtools SDK


  • toolbox panel api changes for firebug landed.
  • new bug: devtools SDK breaks toolbox orientation switching (
  • custom output handlers: Jordan was going to take this, not sure he still will. So need to decide who will do this. let's triage the bug and decide there. Jeff: why is Jordan not working on this? Is it just missing tests or is the work actually not finished? Irakli: not just tests.
  • director: Luca had 2 patches in review, one +, one -, still work to address review comments.
  • theming API: on honza's list, but he's currently busy with other things.
  • context menu API, Irakli has started looking into this. The old context menu is broken by e10s. Can't deprecate context menu yet though as we have no replacement. But we should display an informative message if someone tries to use the context menu with e10s on.

Button badges

Landed. Need docs. Bug raised for that.