Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-10-14

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Open Bugs


  • Irakli
  • Matteo
  • Jeff
  • Will
  • zombie
  • Jordan


jpm/native Jetpack

No Erik, no jpm/native jetpack update.

Devtools SDK

There is another meeting for this project. merge? skip it in this meeting?

Issues with volcan. Fixes should be in nightly this week. Someone needs to do the uplift if Erik is away. Irakli might try to make some patches for devtools to give more helpful error messages.

Jeff: we're using a trello board for high-level viz of tasks. Irakli: why is context-menu not in that list? zombie: e10s by default by the end of fx36 and stay on in nightly (won't ride the trains yet though). We'll need a solution for context-menu. So: context-menu is an important piece of work that must be done soon.

Button badges

Done! Needs docs.


  • Matteo and Jordan are not working on SDK much any more. Maybe we should stop having this meeting? Merge it with the devtools meeting?