Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-10-28

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  • High Priority Work
  • SDK
    • Blockers?
  • Roundtable


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  • Jeff
  • zombie
  • Erik
  • Matteo
  • Irakli
  • Will
  • Jordan

High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support

Erik: not working on AOM right now, plan to land stuff in SDK first, land as little as possible in AOM. But need to work on some releng tasks first: testing on Fennec, testing cfx.

Jeff: timeframe for native Jetpacks? Fx37? Hard to tell how long testing stuff will take.


  • Made jpm run/xpi work with old-school add-ons. Even restart-required!
  • Fixed jpm test when used with a "tests" folder instead of "test".
  • Working on tests for addons cleaning up on uninstall.

Devtools SDK

Closed panel bug. Conversation about debuggee. Not planning to unite actor & director codebases.


context-menu: hit some roadblocks but have managed to work around them. Different from current API: no content script, but a content handler and more contexts that you can pass in. Discussed ways to read objects out of the page in an e10s-safe way.

Will this replace context-menu? Right now we will call this context-menu2. We can deprecate context-menu, and eventually rename this one to context-menu.

e10s will be in Nightly for a while (36, 37, maybe 38?). We should have both APIs usable at the same time. Both should work in non-e10s, and the old context menu should check if we're in e10s, and if we are, throw a sensible error.

zombie: e10s integration for content-worker landed and is expected to stick. page-mod is mostly working in e10s. Next 2 weeks, hope to get to the end of that.