KITSW Fox Club

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KITSW Fox Club
University/College: Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science
City: Warangal
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: Tracy Gipson
Club Founder: Pujith Bhargav
Website: KITSW Fox Club's Website
Twitter: #
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Faculty Mentor: Nagaraju  

About Us

We are a group of geeks :p.


KITZILLA'15 was an event conducted under this club for the first time on JAN 10 2015.

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No topics. No syllabus. Most of all No spoon feeding! Open your mind 360 degrees and consider infinite possibilities. Bring us the craziest thing you discovered or stick to your curriculum that’s all upon you. Just dazzle us by your way of harnessing the power of web technology for creating something really mind blowing. So dive deep into world of possibilities and bring us something awesome! If you can do this, YOU ARE A MOZILLIAN! and this club is for you!.