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Mozilla Kerala Blog

All of Mozilla's blogs are hosted on Wordpress. Mozilla trusts Wordpress. Mozilla Kerala follows in the same footsteps and hosts its blog on Wordpress. While Mozilla trusts and hosts all of its blogs on, Mozilla Kerala hosts their own self-hosted instance on their own Virtual Private Server (VPS). The instance is connected with Jetpack and is tightly coupled with

Given below is the different levels of access that is defined by Wordpress for users on the platform.

Blog Admin

Will be Fox and be used only for things like changing theme or fixing bugs which can be done through IT request.

Blog Editor

An Editor is the highest level of privilege that a user can get on the blog. This includes creating, modifying, deleting posts and pages; uploading and managing files and images along with managing tags, categories, etc. Read more about Wordpress Editor role.

An editor needs:

  • Good language skills
  • Attention to detail in formatting posts
  • Mind atuned for quality assurance

If the above criterion are met, a user may be given elevated privileges to the Editor role.

Escalation to this privilege level is managed on a case-by-case basis looking at the number of contributions the user has made and the quality standards that the user has adhered to.

Blog Author

An author is the next level of access on the blog which lets users to create, edit and delete their own posts. They also have access to upload files and images to the blog. Read more about the Wordpress Author Role. This is the highest level of access that most users will attain on the blog.

To be a blog author, one has to write 3 drafts of good quality (where quality is decided by an editor). Escalation of a Contributor role to an Author role is done by an Administrator when the pre-requisites (below) are met.

Pre-requisite(s) :

  1. Be an existing contributor to the blog.
  2. Have at least 3 published blog posts of good quality.

Blog Contributor

A contributor is the lowest level of access on the blog. A contributor may draft new blog posts and submit them for review but cannot publish them. They are not allowed to upload files or images to the blog. Read more about the Wordpress Contributor role.

To become a contributor (getting a user) on the blog, a user has to get at least one article published on the blog. Any user may contribute a blog post by submitting the post content to an author of the blog through an etherpad.

Pre-requisite for new users to the blog :

  1. / Jetpack account (username)