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Program Description

'Kill Switch' is an FMD action that lets a user lock and factory reset a lost or stolen device.

Product Requirements:

Kill Switch Partner Requirements
Kill Switch Flow Charts

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Title BUG ID User story Acceptance Criteria
US Regulations 119046 Meta Bug See US regulations attached to the bug
2.6 Requirements Acceptance Criteria
Acceptance Criteria

Program Status

Release Milestone Date Status
FxOS 2.6 Requirements Review October 18, 2015 On Track
UX Flows and Wireframes Finalized TBD On Track
RA May, 2016 On Track
FMD Requirements Review October 18, 2015 On Track
UX Flows and Wireframes Finalized TBD On Track
FMA Update Release with Kill Switch TBD On Track

Status Key

Color Status Key
On Target The project is expected to meet its FxOS 2.6 due date.

Program Timeline

Release Timeline.png

MVP Scope

Kill Switch FxOS 2.6 Bug Tracking

Full Query
ID Summary Status Target milestone Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard Feature b2g
1181507 Support remote kill switch command on server-side RESOLVED --- WONTFIX JR Conlin [:jrconlin,:jconlin] 1084540 2.6+
1214515 [Find My Device][Kill Switch] Implement Persistent Data Block component in Gecko so it can manage partitions for Factory Reset Protection RESOLVED --- FIXED Juan Gomez [:_AtilA_] (CET/CEST) 1084540 [systemsfe] 2.6+

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Dependency Tracking

Dependency Gantt Chart.png

Detailed Program Plan

Action Item Engineering Owner QA Owner UX Owner Bugzilla ID Planned Done Actual Done
KS 2.6 Requirements review Team Jacqueline 17-NOV-2015 17-NOV-2015
Update KS Wiki to manage 2.6 KS development Michael 23-NOV-2015

Program Stakeholders

Role Name IRC
EPM Michael Treese mtreese
PM Wilfred Mathanaraj wilfred
TL (Lock Screen) Greg Weng snowmantw
TL (Gecko [FMD Client]) Alexandre Lissy gerard-majax
UX Jacqueline Savory jsavory
QA tbd
  • EPM = Engineering Program Manager
  • EM = Engineering Manager
  • PM = Product Manager
  • TL = Tech Lead
  • UX = User Experience
  • QA = Quality Assurance

UX Specs

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