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This is the tooling we propose to support localization of Firefox OS web apps through github pull requests.

Phase 1

Extend compare-locales to surface a command to gather translation meta data for a web app structured like gaia is.

  • files like **/locales/*.en-US.properties
  • manifest.webapp, entries with **.locales.en-US.** in the json

Phase 2

A web site to surface those stats for a set of given github repositories.

The exact scope is TBD.

  • Log-in with github
  • List of supported repos is admin-maintained
  • Show l10n metrics for each branch head in the gh network graph


  • Allow users to fork a project
  • Edit-links to localizable files in the fork
  • Submit pull request
  • Annotate changesets with l10n metric via that gh statuses API.