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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


  • QA update
  • Community Development
  • New localizations, process documentation wrap up
  • AMO/Language packs - improving our end user and localizer experience
  • All-Hands agenda


Mic, Axel, Clint Talbert, Pascal


  • waiting for review by RobC, no ETA currently ( https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=385987 )
  • changing stylistic search results
  • testing against partner builds, things are going well, finding stuff that's broken but keeping going
  • need progress on kind of machines we'll need (not sure if he has full spec's)
  • Axel built a tree for doing tests (mic get clarification here), some merg complexities affecting this so will test again (new version of Buildbot)

Community Development

  • Mozilla Europe - big bug in netherlands (not serving right OS version to users, just serving what's in cache); need a better system for server system and working on this (server in US and caching in Netherlands)
  • team is still in India building community, should be back this week
  • Pascal has posted bugzilla improvements suggestions in l10n.web forum - the intent of these post is to improve how to report typo feedback
  • there is an intern in Paris now who will work with JT/Ken on data gathering on how people use our websites across locales; work on some translation for MDC and important block posts (Stanislav)


  • Gerv has proposed some edits which Mic will start this week

AMO/Lang Packs

  • Current action item is on mic/madhava for workflow for build process and Paul Kim to create promotional page
  • There has been some interesting discussion on implementation of promotional page, we'll need specifications from WilC among other things. Mic to send around notes to L10n-drivers

All hands

  • We need to create our draft agenda for Friday morning, ACTION: Mic to create, currently proposed agenda items: QA, AMO/Language