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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


WilC, Mic, Axel, Tim, Choffman, Pascal, Alix, SethB


  • QA - Fx3 prep - Tim/Axel
  • Goals - (All) preliminary review
    • check out an initial take at a set of goals, Basil asked me to start a brainstorm discussion with


    • Axel in discussion with Schrep about this
    • Team is working well - moved from just Axel to us being L10n-drivers, this is to some extent a team caring about localization in various aspects, question is whether we as a team need a structure and have team goals or whether we have individual goals like who is doing goals and who is communicating them
    • Axel - take as granted that the team is good idea - what we do about it, Axel's point of view, listening to what Lilly and Schrep have to say, see team growing; question about goals and communication around those is on table now
    • Mic - good to have team, would be good to have team goals translated to individual
    • Tim: hasn't been specific goals for L10n, lots of people, locales, does feel important to have some; hard part is lots of people where this is a small part of our time so hard to invest large part of our time; would like to have some contribution
  • AMO

ACTION: mic to create a set of requirements for chatzilla

  • Community Dev
    • 2 updates maybe 3; Stanislav working terrifically on survey tool that he can send out to community. he enlisted Seth's support to craft questions that he thought would be helpful to ask community members. Seth is adding contribution of people he'd like to survey, providing resources be evaluated from community.
    • students helping with store
    • Foss.in - working on project day back and forth with organizers; now know roster of community people submitted to talk; asked us not to do anything with that until deadline come and gone and have better sense of who has been approved; who will be presenter during project day; all people we had submit like Axel, Ankit and Arun and others likely accepted. October 20th will be finalized. Few project days look awesome, some look too corporate. More Indian community members submit talks; few people on forums asking why their presentations haven't been submitted; look good now; asked specifically no one been approved should say anything until it's finalized; we get to look at list of people for our room and if there are any glaring objections we can submit them but final decision made by Atul and team
    • Is Ankit + which localizers going to the conference?
      • L10n india mailing list - there will be people from Gujarati, Tamil and Hindi in room; Runa on vacation right now representing Bengali
    • Axel - Ankit talking about Hindi, don't have linux or max tester; chofman analysis is right; take some massaging to get the message across that they need to test on 3 platforms and think on product and QA pieces; we'll need to do some messaging; we need to message that now; even if we make make some decision now there will be decision we need to make now if we sit together and talk to more people we'll get valuable input for Firefox 3; The problem is that the new localization teams don't exepect that stuff like that happens; they translate and ship (that's world they live in) and Mozilla world is different - partly due to technical and part due to fondness to having bugs; not problem of well received they just don't know what we do so we have to tell them then it's well received
    • Chris - agree with Axel on those points; make them aware of Team 21's offer to help, resource they should leverage

ACTION: Mic working with Seth, get conference call schedule with as many teams as possible on doing ground work on what makes sense for product pieces; do that in the next week

  • Tools
    • see Axel's earlier notes
    • Mic volunteers to coordinate
    • start to get prototypes up - stuff Axel showed this morning
    • big DTD files; get text closer together
    • gather requirements
    • Chris suggested a problem solving approach, define objectives and criteria we'd use to evaluate tools
      • Start with understanding problems and objectives
      • Need some time lines
      • apart from technical need some community building - don't want to send money to any one project without clear understanding of problems and objectives we're addressing; there are a few architectural problems e.g., on web or not, off line application support, how much process/work flow in tool, should it take end user comments or not, few questions would like answered
      • more facts floating around - not sure how to ask right questions, so not sure right process to answer them
    • http://www.mozbox.org/pub/l10n/l10nzilla/l10nzilla.pdf This is the current French team's vision of what a good tool would be
  • One of our criteria needs to be, a community to support the tool afterwards
  • French team will circulate another good document early next week, as the link above on their "state of mind" may not be the end state; this weekend there is an event in France to discuss it further; some other localizers may have different ideas; we should expect a different document next week, possibly more precise

ACTION: Mic to send documents to Africa team (Dwayne and Friedel) copying Seth ACTION: read all materials for next week; be prepared to discuss it

ACTION: Mic to get search suggest url from wikipedia

    • Google not responding on requests for snippets - Pascal has mailed webmaster half dozen times; Slater has same contact

ACTION: Pascal, email Kev for help