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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


Axel, Chofmann, TimR, Mic, SethB, WilC, (Pascal traveling)


  • Review of last week's discussion: Tools
    • Ubuntu wants us to join their community; Mitchell say no; Axel has concerns as well
    • Open source launchpad in order for mozilla to participate
  • Fx 3 prep
    • blockers, risk, issues
    • Can we get people comfortable with idea that we start using l10n keyword so we have some way to measure the impact and size/scope of number of changes that might be coming; take extra work to go through bugs but then we can roll all those up and start to quantify changes that'd be coming down the road; place to bring that up is next fx meeting on Tuesday. For example: places 109 blocker, how many require string changes; need to have someone go through and flag as L10n impact; we'd also get a rough estimate form doing this of when string freeze might happen. when get close to coming up with that date then we can schedule smart ware testing.
    • QA challenge is to get scheduled nailed down, then get smartware involved when over tipping point of changes
    • UI wanted key word is good indication of L10n impact; once get bugs marked then can tell people doing triage to also get those bugs knocked out first so we can proceed with localization and testing on locales
    • on Fx3 call yesterday, frustrated with how we were changing priorities. they should be open to this; keep trying to invent system where don't have to fiddle with list but have to do this anyway so let's not waste time avoiding this; can use "late-L10n"
    • ACTION: Axel to drop mail to schrep, damon, connor and beltzner - because one of 4 will write summary of yesterday's call
  • QA
    • code freeze for b3 supposed to be jan 12; which would make string changes only this year
    • german, french and polish - have engineering background so can handle bugs filed, are totally able to have the necessary diff's between their work and bunch of bugs filed so they won't feel like wtf do they think we're doing cause we did on best efforts basis

ACTION let's do this across those locales to figure out what we're doing and how to get data back in. then send out a mail to these 3; mic contact de, fr, po to let them know we'll be doing this

  • Fx3 Dashboard review
    • level 1 - are they generally done so our spot checks are worthwhile (fonts, layout shouldn't be a problem)
    • level 2 - are they 80% done=smartware ready and have they communicated to us what not to look at
    • We could add these review checkpoints to the spreadsheet and make it public and possibly editable by localizer team; we should get something public for people to provide feedback - tell us what's done and not done
    • our questions need to be specific; we can use wiki; let's ensure we uses automated tools where possible for this data
    • copying over automated test to manual spreadsheets sounds like wrong thing to do
    • we don't have qualitative assessment and way to combine tools to assess readiness for Fx3 ship; we need to create a balance between need to know and want to know; where "less is more" principle should apply

ACTION: mic/axel drive dashboard requirements and mock ups