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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (guest notetaker: clouserw)


Pascal, Wil, Timr, Chofmann, Gavin, TonyC, (Seth?), Mic


  • fx3 - prep: locales at risk, new locales coming on board indonesia, etc.
    • there are 2 sets of pages, for existing localization there will be only one set they have to deal with
    • existing new set; fewer pages but a bit longer, new getting started localize the content
    • for ongoing maintenance of pages to handle web changes over time, when sites become less interesting, go out of business, etc.; long time localizers are aware of this; new localizers need to be sure that changes suggested are done in the context of the long term
    • timing: put schedule up. US string freeze a week from tomorrow (21st). L10n string freeze and when build starts, about 3-4 days later; give option for opt-in after US string freeze happens i.e., by Monday (25th)
    • es-ES - ACTION: Pascal is it ok to stay up on the public beta 3 page?
  • QA countdown for Fx3
    • Part of message for Schedule for Beta 4 are expectations about what tests localizers will run and how they will report results (Litmus test still being worked on and will have test suite done by end of next week - Tony to provide)
    • Get SmartWare to outline test plan; ACTION, TimR will talk with them tomorrow and provide what we can say
    • Had Litmus tests last year; Tony made updates Axel asked for; needs a review by L10n; tests are generic, check menus, pref's dialog, etc.
    • ACTION: tony send link to L10n drivers with new test by next week
    • ACTION: TimR will do a brief overview of how to use Litmus (also by next week)
    • Timeline and Process: ACTION: mic write up a high level process document that describes all of these. One document with steps and then another document for status of each locale.
    • Minotaur update: Clint has solution to implement, so it will be able to run for Beta 1, 2, or 3; fyi - to collect B1 and B2 results has to have custom changes and somehow dind't come up before
  • Fosdem prep
    • ACTION: Pascal make sure WilC has hotel room
    • Tools: BoF will happen on Friday between 3 to 5pm at Novotel hotel (Seth will blog about this). Mic/Chofmann/WilC will be there; 4 tools developers (2 from Poland Gandalf, 1 person from Romania and 1 person from SA Friedel); objective not to make decisions but to discuss objectives etc.; Pascal suggests to double check they can be there ACTION: Seth check this out
    • Will be extension writers tonight in Paris at community event; pascal will find out if they can talk with WilC in Paris or Brussels just before FOSDEM
    • Dan Mills will talk for 40 minutes; doesn't need all that time; WilC talk with Dan to find out how much time he will use and then talk with Brian King about adding WilC to the agenda for 20 minutes on AMO (probably room in sched to share time with Dan Mills) ACTION: Wil to follow up with Dan Mills and then Brian King can cc Chofmann

QA: high level QA process to ship build

  • Technical review: ensuring build functions appropriately, nothing funky conducted by Axel
  • Web services review: ensures guidelines met, nothing funky conducted by mic/axel; then considered a candidate for build - axel/mic nominates
  • Smoke test/Litmus test conducted by MoCo QA (for Tier1 and 2) and by Localizer for Tier 3 and 4; L10n-drivers helps
  • Community review: tests for quality of translation conducted by Localizer - in tandem with Litmus test
  • Independent localization testing and feedback to ensure native language speaking review: test translation quality and provide feedback to localizer; if this can be integrated into Litmus review that would be good