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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


Mic, Axel, Chofmann, Timr, WilC, Pascalc (late due to time change and dial in troubles)


  • Firefox 3 Beta 5
    • timing and prep - check out this post
  • in product pages - bug number 422418, 422425
    • on main wiki page about how people can get involved, pascal trying to do this for 5 years, it is difficult
  • productization
    • mic reviews today and review with Axel tomorrow morning EST
  • candidate builds
    • see Fx3 review document
    • send over reminder post to be sure that all know we are switched to Firefox 3
    • Mic research if we did post and send out reminder, status update of ones we think are likely of making to Fx 3, let us know if you have additions or deletions from the list
    • Here's list of locales in Fx2 that we think will ship in Fx3, here rough dates of cut off of when make date; make a call for any additions for any status updates for those locales; then do list of locales that weren't in Fx2 that we think will still make it for Fx3, any additions to that list; get them on our Radar; roughly 1 month away to make it in to Fx3 - similar deal with Slovenia apply to others; reminder about switching from trying to do any additions to Fx2 and working on Fx3
  • opt-in process: bug or group post
    • too many places via google groups where messages can be help up; bugzilla is more uniform and we can weed out extra noise
    • as Axel is the one accountable for this, he will manage through Google Groups
  • changing your colour preferences/proxy dialog - possible css or xul fix to allow string to be larger than in english, causing error across many locales - need Gavin's help here
  • Criteria for opting in to Beta 5
    • should be BFT, smoke test and Litmus - Axel will review Litmus to determine that we want that done as well

QA - update

  • can we use Minotaur for Beta 5, did Clint send out results for B4
    • really close to completing (format should now be fixed), Ctalbert should send out sample of output later today
  • automation part that's following here
    • need this stuff needs to happen on BuildBot infrastructure so Minotaur can run automatically: lack of progress is extreme, we need to get RobC to hook this up from QA to Build, ACTION TimR to write intiial email on status ping
  • Smartware - not worth the cost relative to the value is still the conclusion

Community Dev - update

  • Ukrainian - after help on spreading Firefox, Mic is on this with help from Jane, Gandalf

AMO - update

  • localization suggestions in Google Groups, Wil is promoting making our API a read/write vs read only, this would allow other websites to write to our dbase and change meta data, this would be cool and Wil expects this to happen :) Challenges are security and review of permissions. Localizing AMO is more of a tools discussion. Localizing meta data is what this discussion is about.

Round table