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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: micberman)


  • Community Dev - updates - Seth/Pascalc
    • Tools: set up a call with WilC, Gandalf, others. Conclusion was that none of the tools projects will work with AMO off the bat, this is now an explicit goal for tools that we'll work toward this. Working towards funding for Translate.org.za
    • Poland and German event for communities coming up, watch Tristan and Gandalf's blogs for this
  • Firefox 3
    • final prep for RC1, status
      • In-product pages - Pascal sharing list now of status via email to l10n-drivers, overall not looking too bad, should be ready by week's end. Not sure what people will get updating from B5 to Fx3. Action: Pascalc to find out
      • Productization status - mic has list, mostly waiting on permission from 3d parties, or minor updates to patches, etc. deadline is RC1 looks good
      • Axel may branch a few beta's to get to firefox and open tree for them for Fx3. IF they'd be done, we'd be tempted to add a few or bunch as Beta releases when we release Fx3. Potential list is: Serbian, Persian, Malayamal, etc.
    • SUMO status, update: goal is to be done by RC1. Have some performance problems, they are working on. David is trying to finalize target timeframe for localizers, (objective is to get a sign off by week's end). Once these issues are addressed, then L10n-drivers should lobby to get volunteers from all localizers and our channels. We need some more help from David's team to do this. Action: Pascalc post to support planning on these issues
    • qa test plans
      • update on B5 testing: tchung suggested we concentrate on RC1, TimR be careful releasing new locales to be sure they don't end up being pulled, so we need to raise bar on level of testing that localization teams do and this should be the first filter for opt-in for RC1, to do this get documentation out on where holes are, what expectations are, what need to get people engaged in Action: Timr get write up on list of tests, how to record results, expectations for testing and how execute and write-up tests; Mic work with tchung to get this up and work on communication to l10n channels, we should also thank those that have done this in the past, give us a sense of any feedback channels you're watching and what it's like (like beta testers, forums, etc)
      • RTL issue for Mac, possible testing help on bug 364536
  • Fx3 parties/summit
    • Chofmann suggestion: invite localizers to the summit, what set and how we do this, Mary/Asa started this. Action: all of us can help Chris do this so we should, Chris please open a discussion thread
  • AMO
    • reviews, gone? (bug 426201) Basil has listed as Fx3 blocker
  • Round Table
    • Valencian discussion: refer our argument to the [decision] that SIL made (from wikipedia page) no non-CA top level domain code for them (they have their own suggestion), so they are a dialect, right to exist and call yourself Valencian, so can still build a language pack and get out of sandbox :)


Seth, Chofmann, Mic, Axel, Pascalc, TimR, clouserw