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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


  • gandalf leading discussions about the future of pontoon
  • pootle guys liked pontoon a lot, they think it would be a good front-end to pootle/verbatim
  • localizers expressed interest in using pootle to localize SUMO

fx 4 beta program

  • no progress since b1 as far as the app goes
  • Pike doesn't think we can make b2 with l10n; b3?
  • bugs that are blocking in Pike's opinion haven't been triaged yet
  • beta1 shipped off of mozilla-central
    • no clear idea on when we should branch
    • l10n merge needs to be turned on
    • what is our policy about l10n merge?
      • for how long do we turn it on?
      • do we need a bottom threshold below which we don't ship a merged build?

partial-platform de-beta

  • fix to product-details required
  • impact on download experience:
    • all.html - listed twice? all.html#or breaks then
    • landing page - there are 3 scenarios; we'd need to choose between them depending on the platform of the visiting user
      • final builds available
      • beta builds available
      • no builds available
  • we could stop shipping the mac builds altogether.

new locales on 3.6/4

  • work in parallel will be confusing, esp. that 4 is close


  • vacation
  • hot in Berlin, little to none brain activity
  • catching up on ecosystem

Talking points: summit catchup, beta program


  • still recovering from the summit
    • good feedback about the todo app during the science fair
  • talked to Ani [ml] and Manoj [or] about debeta
  • pontoon planning

Talking points: partial-platform de-beta?



  • Whistler
  • L20n XUL patch progress (carefully removing DTD phase)
  • Pontoon planning with ozten/fred/seth/stas/walter/dwayne
  • L20n performance testing plan with Taras initialized
  • Jetpack L10n planning for Q3/Q4 with Myk

Talking point: L10n of Firefox 4 beta - call to arms?


  • Post-Summit Mortem
  • In London, set up mobile phone number, home internet, and visited a "hotelling" spot called "The Hub" as a possible "office" where I can work.


  • prepared Fx4beta firstrun page for l10n (including rtl support)
  • added video subtitling system for beta pages
  • kept cleaning up mozilla.com repository, now down to 500GB (from 1.1GB 2 weeks ago)
  • fx 2/3/3.5 in-product pages all merged to 3 folders now
  • created an oldversion folder with a call to upgrade to the latest version, used as the single whatsnew page for Fx versions no longer supported
  • fixed localized all-beta pages to handle a fallback to en-US download box since this is the first time we have an en-US only beta release


  • Got a lot of feedback on our KB from localizers during the summit, which will be reflected in the new SUMO version. New mockups here
  • We will start end user support with Firefox Beta 3