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Meeting Details

  • Time and location TBD
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


  • putting a firebug on a couch, aka, hacking on a couch app to help us with outreach
  • need to redo the android entity checker, cause <!ENTITY ""foo'bar""> doesn't work.
  • outreach, in particular follow ups to previous outreach round
  • irc duty


  • I'm going to India for GNUnify in mid-February!
  • was on PTO end of last week
  • Verbatim investigation in bug 623634
  • the todo app:
    • fixed an issue with DB transactions
    • submitted a patch to django resolving a bug in 1.2's and 1.3's FormWizard which breaks todo (cf. issue 14498 in django's trac)
  • Q1 special projects:
    • intro call with Little Workshop about the Mobile campaign
    • scheduled an intro meeting with ozten about the fx4demos microsite for today afternoon
    • scheduled an intro meeting with Chelsea about the membership project l10n for today afternoon



  • Updated all p12n bugs, count of open bugs is now down to about 25.
    • Will update l10n-src-verification
  • Worked with Pike on an outreach plan for Fx 4 product
  • Created L10n Q1 2011 goals page, focusing on the Localize Projects section


  • Major update this Friday: 50 locales ready, started emailing people privately for the last locales, Polish is the last big locale missing
  • Support page for Kadir started last week: 25 locales ready to be published
  • started working on mozilla.org localization with Milos (new branch on svn, asked for a staging server to be setup). We will use the recent work on mozilla-europe.org and mozilla.com as a basis
  • migrated all localized release notes on mozilla-europe to the newer template (part of the Nova redesign)
  • Fx4 beta 9, Laura finished the whatsnew page last night, will check with her at lunch if it's really done and will then start preparing it for localization. Beta 9 may be released tomorrow.