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Make webdev's life easier and reduce our workload when it comes to internationalizing webapps.

  • Project Lead: Stas
  • Reviewer: Pascal

(Moved from Q3)


Dev version of the PHP code available on github. Little progress made for python (need to reuse code written for Kitsune).

PHP-generic todo:

  • add support for 'no htaccess' way
  • multiple gettext domains
  • locale feedback (don't go directly to en-US)
  • make use of a prefetch script


  • Let webdev internationalize their websites (php/python) by deploying an easily-customizable i18n code package.
  • A very flexible set-up allows for per-locale customizations

Non Goals

  • Content is easy for marketing to update
  • Content is easy for localizers to customize (e.g. add a locale-specific paragraph) (basic HTML knowledge is assumed)

Timeline / Milestones


These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status




Related Projects

  • bug 565165 - make services.mozilla.com localizable (PHP)
  • bug 554205 - localize javascript in Kitsune (Python, via Babel/Tower)