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Team Goals

Please ensure that individual goals (all or part) are contributing to our 2018 OKRs for localization. Citing the OKR that your H1 goal contributes to in your goal section is preferred.

  • Rich editor UI for FTL - Matjaz, S, Ax, Ad, Z
  • Community leadership pilot - Jeff, D, P, T
  • Fluent in Gecko - Zibi, Ax, F, S
  • Multilingual Firefox - Zibi, Ax, F, J
  • Unified effort around language resources - Jeff, F, D, P, T
  • Fluent 1.0 - Stas, Z, Ax
  • New brand translation policy - Peiying, Z, F, D
  • Translate/review modes - Adrian, M, Ax, F, D, P, J
  • String tiers - Ryan, M, Ad, Ax , F
  • AWS Migration - Axel, J, F
  • Locale data in CLDR - Flod, Z, F, D



  • [DONE][Q1] Migrate elmo to AWS
  • [CARRY_OVER][Q2] Elmo support for github and Android/iOS formats
  • [DONE][H1] Create organization understanding of continuous localization
    • prepare a slide deck
    • circulate said slide deck in the Firefox org

I'll also be acting in a supporting rule for Fluent in Gecko, Fluent in Pontoon, and Translate.Next


  • Enable “all things l10n” for Firefox for Amazon Fire TV
    • Recruit at least 5 localizers for this new project
    • Work with flod and :boek on getting Firefox for Fire TV localizable and in Pontoon
    • Create project in Pontoon
    • Locale switcher is on the roadmap and in active development
    • Test plan for the first Mozilla localized version of ffTV
    • Test l10n on the upcoming builds for ffTV
    • L10n Screenshots are on the roadmap and being developed
  • CLDR
    • Work with Kekoa/Zibi/Flod to build a mechanism to collect data for new locales and submit it to CLDR
    • Compare Mozilla and CLDR data to identify potential issues with supported locales
  • Open Innovation and Community Health
    • Clearly defined process for gathering data on l10n communities, evaluating l10n community health, proposing solutions to community issues, and measuring their impact on the community.
  • Brent Internship (not in Workday)
    • Scope out work for Brent’s summer internship
    • Initiate and share a document reflecting what that work will look like
    • Collaborate with l10n-drivers on further refining this document
  • Firefox iOS RTL (not in Workday)
    • Still on roadmap
    • Community engagement
  • GSoC idea: Android XML support for Pontoon (not in Workday)
    • Identify opportunities there. Might be more of a H2 thing - need to further investigate


Firefox Desktop

  • [BLOCKED] Start shipping updates to dot releases and ESR channel (depending on Fluent status in 60).
  • [DONE] Support migration of Preferences to Fluent:
    • FTL patch reviews and testing.
    • Run migration on l10n repositories.
    • Update and integrate documentation to cover FTL features and Pontoon UI updates.
  • [ONGOING, H2] Contribute to Project Medley with UX/Frontend/Zibi (Language Selector, multilingual Firefox)

CLDR data - Language and Region names

  • [PARTIAL] Identify holes in CLDR data that would negatively affect migration to CLDR as datasource.
  • [PARTIAL] Compare Mozilla and CLDR data to identify potential issues with supported locales.
  • [BLOCKED] Support/test switch to CLDR as datasource.

CLDR data - Other

  • [DONE] Verify plural rules for Firefox locales, comparing Gecko setting with Pontoon and CLDR.
  • [PARTIAL] Support research/work on extending CLDR data (support for seed locales, or local sources in mozilla-data).
  • [BLOCKED] Work with Kekoa/Zibi/Delphine to build a mechanism to collect data for new locales and submit it to CLDR.


  • [DONE] Support string tiers implementation.
  • [BLOCKED] Contribute to Translate.Next discussion.

Other products, tools, support for mozilla.org and mobile

  • [DONE] Centralize search engine default and search order settings, clean up region.properties and update internal documentation.
  • [DONE] Start assessing the impact of switching personal scripts and tools to Python 3.


  • [] (from Q4-2017) Identify tool to localize documentation repositories.
  • [] Identify inactive locales, reach out to them, try to find new contributors, remove them from builds if that fails (long term goal for 2017/2018).
  • [] MDN l10n docs cleanup.


My planned work (in bold items put on my H1 goals list):

  • Fluent in Gecko
    • [][P1][Q1/Q2] Moving forward with milestones (complete Preferences migration at least?)
    • [][P2][Q2] Make Fluent work with unprivileged content
    • [][P2][Q2] Make Fluent work with System Addons
    • [][P2][Q2] Make Fluent fast enough to put on startup path
    • [][P2][Q1/Q2] Support Flod in CLDR in Gecko work
    • [][P2][Q2] Mentoring Kekoa
    • [][P3][Q2] Write "Fluent for Firefox Engineers" on MDN (covering best practices, test writing etc.)
  • Gecko Intl module peer work
    • JS Intl API (2018 edition and stage 3 proposals)
      • [][P2][Q1] mozIntl.RelativeTimeFormat
      • [][P2][Q1] Intl.Locale
      • [][P4][Q2] Intl.ListFormat
      • [][P4][Q1] Intl.RelativeTime updates for stage 4
    • Gecko Intl module
      • [][P5][Q2] firstDay in OSPreferences
      • [][P4][Q2] further BCP47 tightening (ja-JP-mac normalization)
  • Multilingual Firefox
    • [][P2][Q1] Support UX/FrontEnd/Addons/Flod with Language Selector in Preferences
    • [][P3][Q2] Pursue automatic langpack installation in Fennec
    • [][P3][Q2] Instigate Firefox Installer Language Selector work
    • [][P4][Q2] Propose changes to Firefox Download page UX to improve locale discoverability
  • ECMA
    • [][P2][Q1/Q2] Pursue Stage 4 for Intl.Locale
    • [][P3][Q2] Pursue Stage 4 for Intl.LocaleList
    • [][P5][Q2] Pursue Stage 2 for Intl.UnitFormat
  • Support Stas in work on Fluent 1.0
    • [][P3][Q1] Indentation relaxation decisions and parser patches (0.7)
    • [][P4][Q2] Post-0.7 feedback round
    • [][P3][Q2] Pseudolocales implementation
    • [][P3][Q1/Q2] Semantic comments (arguments, message versioning, context)
    • [][P3][Q2] Developer productivity (useful error messages, tooling)
    • [][P5][Q2] WASM parser exploration
    • [][P4][Q2] Testing infrastructure improvements
    • [][P4][Q1/Q2] fluent-rs updates toward 1.0


  • Multilingual Firefox is on the roadmap
  • Legal, Creative, and Firefox Product Management sign-off and begin implementing our recommended branding policy changes.
  • Fluent as l10n framework for Geckoview native apps.
  • Define community health criteria with Participation to be used to evaluate health pre-leadership agreements and post-leadership agreements.
  • Define all P1 terms with UX.
  • Evaluate ways to make use of new termbase data (e.g., Memsource, or other alternatives).
  • Determine which paid MT services we'll work to incorporate into Pontoon (and a strategy for long-tail locales).



  • Drive the review of brand name localization policy
    • []Draft documentation on current practice and the reasons for change.
    • []Present 3 alternative solutions, their benefits, and implementation flows.
    • []Review the final document with Legal and Creative contacts to get their buy-ins.
    • []Drive the discussions of policy review with individual team product owners.
    • []Communicate to l10n communities on the policy change and the implementation flows for each alternative solution.
  • SLA with marketing team
    • []Service agreement with Marketing team on mozilla.org on detailed terms and other marketing projects tailored for each product team.
  • Legal documentation
    • []Review current locale coverage for Firefox desktop, mobile and Mozilla.
    • []Reference locale coverage in other tech companies of similar documentation
    • []Work with localization agency to on locale expansion, cost estimate; balance between legal budget for the year and the requested coverage.
  • Others
    • []Common Voice: be the POC for the team, communicate with the communities, set up process and have the web pages ready by end of H1.
    • []Open Innovation and Community Health
    • []Write new and update localization documentation on github


  • Release Fluent 1.0
    • Fluent Syntax 1.0 Spec is published.
    • Implementations in JS, Python and Rust are published.
    • The developer experience of contributing to Fluent has improved:
      • Fluent API documentation is autogenerated from source.
      • Test fixtures are shared between fluent.js, python-fluent and fluent-rs.
      • We have test coverage reporting in CI in fluent.js.
    • L20n is deprecated.
  • Fluent in Gecko
    • fluent-migrate is used for all Gecko UI migration work and doesn't block progress
    • fluent-migrate doesn't break localization files used in xchannel
  • Fluent in Pontoon
    • Editing source FTL is a viable alternative to using the rich editor.
  • Pontoon API
    • We have a strong foundation for building an API which will power Translate.Next.
    • The API doesn't fetch the same objects more than once during a single query.
    • The API doesn't suffer from the N+1 queries problem.


  • [Translate.Next] Rewrite Translate into a Single Page Application
    • Keep the same features as current app, do not break anything
    • Rewrite using React and other efficient front-end technologies
    • Build for flexibility, modularity and ease of maintenance
    • All new code is fully localizable
    • All new code is unit tested and has decent code coverage (> 80%)
  • [Translate.Next] Help build a rich Fluent editor for translation
    • Code infrastructure makes the integration of a rich Editor as easy as possible
    • Rich Editor supports the most important Fluent features
  • Non-Workday goals
    • Replace Suggested state with Missing and introduce Unreviewed Suggestions (bug 1377969)
    • Improve Pontoon documentation for new contributors
    • Mentor a GSoC student
  • Stretch goals
    • Expand the Pontoon API [note: only if Stas cannot do it]


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