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Team Goals



Define elmo's role going forward.


Create and maintain a “meta project” that tracks all Android projects part of cross-product l10n repo

  • Should track existing Github issues for at least the 5 projects initially planned for cross-product
  • Contain links to the 5 cross-functional teams’ release schedules and relevant available resources
  • List l10n main/relevant points of contacts from each team (Product, EPMs, etc)


Reduce the amount of work required by Fluent reviews for mozilla-central:

  • [] Identify tasks that can be automated via linting and tests.
  • [] Create documentation for reviewers describing common problems and expectations.
  • [] Drop the mandatory review for FTL files by end of H1.

Ensure team’s productivity and success in Q2 while standing in as a manager.:

  • [] Ensure that at least 70% of the team OKR defined for Q2 are completed.
  • [] (Personal growth) Use feedback and experience to identify areas where I need to invest for personal growth, evaluate becoming a manager as a potential career path, and use this information to define an Individual Development Plan in H2.


Publish new service level agreements for localization team.

  • Creating a new draft of the Localization Mana page around the team's purpose, processes, and SLAs.
  • Create official project request intake pipeline through standard Mozilla channels.
  • Managing feedback rounds with l10n team, eng ops leadership, executive leadership, and internal clients.
  • Refining Mana doc with each feedback round.
  • Creating comms strategy for the update.
  • Publishing doc and executing on comms strategy.


Support Adrian in releasing Translate.Next

  • [] Fix all P1-P3 bugs

Support PMs by fulfilling their data requests

  • [DONE] Active contributors for given locales, timeframes and roles
  • [DONE] Self-approval ratio for given locales and timeframe, i.e. share of strings approved without peer review
  • [DONE] Average unreviewed suggestions lifespan for given locales and timeframe

Support Jotes in upgrading codebase to python 3.6

Support Vishal in improving 3rd-party deployment experience

  • [DONE] Streamline path to setting up projects for localization
  • [DONE] Make homepage content customizable
  • [DONE] Make homepage content generic
  • [DONE] Add documentation for localizing projects with Pontoon


L10n documentation for internal customers and vendors

  • Set up customer facing documentation (on Mana)
  • Create and share l10n best practice documentation after l10n team review (on Mana)
  • Set up German localization style guide provided by Anika Dore for community (on GitHub) and vendors (on Mana)
  • Documentation on working with a self-service platform (on Mana)


Create the formatting specification for Fluent.

In 2018 and early 2019, Fluent's specification work has focused on the file format. The Fluent 1.0 milestone encompasses the syntax specification and ships with a reference implementation of the parser. In H1 2019, I will extend the specification to include the process of formatting translations from the parsed syntax.


  • A reference resolver in the projectfluent/fluent repo.
  • An inventory and description of possible errors and warnings.
  • A suite of reference test fixtures.

Stretch sub-goals

  • Update the implementation of the resolver in fluent.js.
  • Update the implementation of the resolver in python-fluent.
  • Update the implementation of the resolver in fluent-rs.


Release Translate.Next

  • Implement all missing features
  • Perform at least 3 rounds of testing with core users
  • Enable Translate.Next on prod by default for a small percentage of users

Improve development processes of Pontoon

  • Update and improve developer documentation
  • Streamline and document the release process (stage and prod)
  • Audit, document and change (if needed) the bug triage process

Theo (optional)