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Team Goals

Please ensure that individual goals (all or part) are contributing to our 2018 OKRs for localization. Citing the OKR that your H2 goal contributes to in your goal section is preferred.

  • Fluent in Gecko - Zibi, Ax, F, S
  • Multilingual Firefox - Flod, Z, J, Ax
  • Fluent 1.0 - Stas, Z, Ax
  • New brand translation policy - Peiying, Z, F, D
  • compare-locales in Pontoon - Matjaz
  • Pontoon translate view in React/Fluent - Adrian
  • Android strings.xml - Axel, M, D




  • OKR: Android products can be rapidly bootstrapped and continuously localized.
    • We need to bootstrap new localizations on mobile faster. We’re going to experiment with at least 2 possible methods for this, and evaluate which one is more effective. I'll create a comparison of how each method went, which one(s) can scale in which regions and in which situations
    • Get at least 4 Indic locales ready to ship on Rocket for the initial India launch
    • Co-create scope document for Pre-Translation feature
  • OKR: Increase l10n community's organizational and procedural efficiency.
    • Experiment with 2 methods, and with 2 communities, to reduce unreviewed suggestions, and then evaluate and create a report on how well each of them went.
    • Organize design sprint to design a translation feedback solution
  • Not WorkDay - Probably Q1 2019 stuff
    • [Translate.Next] Spread the word and get people engaged in Adrian's A/B testing for an improved review process


Firefox Desktop

Supporting Multilingual Firefox:

  • [DONE] Finalize first iteration of language switcher in preferences (copy, userflow, design), land it in Firefox 63/64 (M1).
  • [DONE] Define, start collecting telemetry data relevant for multilingual users (M1).
  • [BLOCKED] Help designing, driving implemention and testing improvements of download page for mozilla.org (M2).
  • [PARTIAL] Define scope and actionable items for next milestones (M3-M5).

Supporting Fluent in Gecko:

  • [DONE] Support migrations to Fluent of existing parts of Gecko:
    • Review and test all FTL patches for Firefox.
    • Run migration on l10n repositories.
    • Update and integrate documentation to cover FTL features and Pontoon UI updates.


  • [NOT DONE] Start shipping updates to dot releases, pending further syntax issues with Fluent.

Supporting Increase l10n community's organizational and procedural efficiency:

  • [DONE] Design 2 prototypes for translation/review solution with Matjaz and Adrian, evaluate them in a community design sprint.


  • [DROPPED] Familiarize with CLDR Survey Tool.


  • Enable full Firefox migration to Fluent
    • Enable DTD->Fluent migration in all contexts
    • Enable fluent-react in Firefox
    • Enable properties->Fluent migration in all contexts
    • Experiment with fluent-rs in Gecko
  • Multilingual Firefox
    • Support Flod with M1-5.
  • Fluent 1.0
    • Support Stas with Fluent 1.0 release.


Workday goals

Internal terminology management workflow will be streamlined.

Corresponding OKR: Establish consistent practice of managing Mozilla terminology for all products and brand/product names.

This goal will be completed when:

  • We define requirements for a terminology management solution.
  • We evaluate at least 3 candidate solutions against our requirements.
  • We make a selection and formulate/execute a migration plan for existing terminology data.
  • We educate UX, SUMO, and others on using the solution and define an effective, streamlined pipeline for proposing, evaluating, and finalizing new terms.
  • We create a product requirement document (PRD) for terminology management in Mozilla l10n toolchain to determine the investment and its return if we were to build our own solution.

L10n team is ready to scale localization for more mobile projects on faster timelines.

Corresponding OKR: Android products can be rapidly bootstrapped and continuously localized.

This goal will be completed when:

  • Existing technical pain points in mobile l10n projects have been identified and scoped.
  • We can predict scale challenges in human overhead and technical inefficiencies.
  • We have a plan to account for scale challenges that is approved by leadership.


  • Make localizer-critical data available in Pontoon
    • [DONE] Implement support for errors and warnings in dashboards and filters
    • [DONE] Implement file-level priorities
    • [DONE] Implement file-level deadlines
  • Improve path to first contribution to localization at Mozilla
    • [DONE] Implement new Pontoon homepage (mentor a GSoC student)
    • [DONE] Create a guided tour of Pontoon (co-mentor a GSoC student)
    • [DONE] Implement the ability to request a new locale through Pontoon
  • Make Android products rapidly bootstrappable and continuously localizable in Pontoon
    • [DONE] Add support for XML file format used in Android
    • [DONE] Find source files (en-US) through project configuration
    • [DONE] Find localization files through project configuration
    • [DONE] Expose localizable files by using project configuration
  • Improve translation review & feedback process in Pontoon
    • [DONE] Co-design two translation review & feedback proposals
    • [DONE] Create prototype of one translation review & feedback proposal
    • [DONE] Choose the translation review & feedback proposal at the community meetup


  • [OKR]Brand name localization guideline, documentation and implementation
    • Make recommendations based on Firefox desktop user base to prioritize top 3 language and country for potential branding trademark registration(s).
    • Create documentation for trademarked brand names (existing and newly approved) on implementing them into products and projects.
    • Incorporate brand names (trademarked, declensed, and/or transliterated) into Mozilla terminology system and for all products.

  • [OKR] Modernize localization technology and process for mozilla.org
    • Requirements doc for mozilla.org finalized among l10n, bedrock, and marketing.
    • Redefine minimum pages/content required for a new locale: must have, good to have and optional.
  • L10n Vendor Evaluation Selection Process
    • Standardize the test content for easy comparison.
    • Create matrix template to measure each vendor going through evaluation process, and establish a scoring system with the intent to share matrix scores and the strengths of each vendor on file.
    • Expand vendor list by two more to broaden coverage of localization need.


  • Release Fluent 1.0
    • Fluent Syntax 1.0 Spec is published.
      • The reference parser is used to validate the spec.
      • The Syntax Guide is up-to-date.
    • Implementations have been updated to Syntax 1.0.
      • The runtime fluent module.
      • The tooling fluent-syntax module.
      • The python-fluent module.
    • L20n is deprecated.
    • Post-1.0 plan (end of 2017 and 2018) has been proposed.


  • [Translate.Next] Rewrite Translate into a Single Page Application
    • Key Result: All of Pontoon’s translate view UI is re-written using React and is internationalized using fluent-react.
    • All features from current Translate application are ported to the new one
    • 100% of the code uses React and other efficient front-end technologies
    • All new code is fully localizable
    • All new code is unit tested and has decent code coverage (> 80%)
  • [Translate.Next] Improve the review process
    • Key Result: Translators and managers can give translation feedback when testing and reviewing translations within Pontoon.
    • Design a better review process for translations
      • Design 2 ideas for an improved review process
      • Organize a local community meetup to test, improve, and choose the better option
      • Define scope for the implementation of the chosen option
  • Non-Workday goals
    • Mentor a GSoC student
    • Implement the review process that has been chosen with the community
    • Organize testing of the new review process with the larger community

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